• Competition Voting

    So this competition was quite interesting - but also a rather tough one for entrants, and I see quite a lot started but never got around to finishing or gave up.

    I would love to here your feedback on whether you found the competition too difficult or time consuming, do you have any other competition ideas that we can use for the future, etc. Let me know.

    We started out with about 11 Entries but unfortunately it went all the way down to 4 finished entries, so congratulations to those who completed it and you will all get a complimentary +rep for me for persevering and pushing through.

    Entries are (in no particular order):

    You will need to visit the original thread here in order to vote.
    Anyone who has obtained the Entrepreneur Forum Rank or higher will be able to vote for their favorite candidate. Please evaluate them honestly and feel free to post feedback or who you voted for in this thread.

    Keep in mind the original guidelines for the competition were the following:

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    The Competition Stages:
    Stage 1: You will start off with 10gold and you need to then turn that into 200gold. You can farm - but you must find a way to incorporate that 10g into your farming, you can flip, you can vendor, but you cannot use professions. You can flip profession items but you may not craft or make anything with professions (your professions or anyone else's). You cannot however use any other gold other than that 10g and the subsequent amounts that you earned using that 10g.

    Stage 2: With this 200gold that you have now attained, you need to pick one specific niche and turn that 200gold into 2000gold. It can be a professions niche, it can be manipulating a market niche, etc. You cannot however use any other gold other than that 200g and the subsequent amounts that you earned using that 200g.

    Stage 3: Reflection. A big thing about this competition is I want it to show new players how easy it can actually be to make gold when you have next to nothing. For the last stage I want you to explain to us if you think that the niches/methods that you chose were effective and if you would recommend it to others or not.

    Some things I want you to take into account:
    The reason being is I will be issuing an additional award to the entry that to me has the most detail - regardless of voting poll results, without coming across like an essay/thesis and has the most effort or creativity put in. So just because you don't have an entire blog community backing you up in the votes, you can still win a significant prize!
    • Screenshots
    • Own comments / describe what you are doing
    • Detail! Record EVERYTHING, dates/days, time of the day or length of time it took, repair bills, postage costs, lost deposit costs, auction house cuts.
    • Item links, link any items involved so people can check out the item in more detail.
    • Addons
    • Mistakes made

    Final Comments:
    • If you are able to make more than 2000g with that method then keep going. You do not have to stop at 2000g if you don't want to.
    • Don't cheat and do something like, putting up a bottle of milk on the AH for 200g and getting a friend to buy it for you, in order to complete stage 1. - It's a simple example but you get the point.
    • Have fun, really we make these competitions so that we can increase the interaction amongst the community and for people to have fun. Don't be shy and decide not to enter because you are new to gold making, or because you maybe don't think you have enough time. Be enthusiastic and optimistic!
    Prizes will be awarded for all four entrants, just in varying degrees according to voting results, and the staff will also be awarding an extra prize to whom we personally thought understood the competition the best, was the most original and put just the right amount of effort in.

    Good luck to all contestants and once again thank you very much for participating and congratulations if you managed to make it to the end!