• The Return of [Formula: Enchant Weapon - Crusader]

    On the 24th of January I made a post in The Consortium's Stormspire Wind Trader Section about the no longer dropping, apparently since Cataclysm's Launch.

    JMTC also did a post about it no longer being obtainable.

    Well on Friday, Verelyse made a post about it now possibly dropping again, so I decided to go and confirm. (be sure to give him a fat slice of +rep if this helps you)

    Low and behold, after 20 minutes of farming it dropped. I feel sorry for those who have bought it recently from the AH for up to 15,000g. Happy Farming all.

    Try get some farming done before anyone else catches on.

    [WARNING] There is a quest line in lower Tyre's Hand Vacinity that starts with the quest Victory From Within and ends in Like Rats that when completed, the good guys basically take over the undead in Tyre's Hand and you won't be able to see or kill the Archmages that drop the formula anymore.

    I just found out the hard way by doing the quest line inbetween clears waiting for the mobs to respawn.

    Edit: I've now made 17,000g from 3 Formulas in 1.5 hours of casual farming and trade barking.
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    1. Traumatic's Avatar
      Traumatic -
      Not to say I told you so, but
    1. Sinshroud's Avatar
      Sinshroud -
      Quote Originally Posted by Traumatic View Post
      Uhm, we didn't ever say it WOULDN'T be added back into the game, almost nothing in WoW stays gone for good, it's been proven over and over again.
    1. snazzk's Avatar
      snazzk -
      Thanks for posting this Sin already found two gonna bark em tonight see if i can move em for 5-10k.
    1. Cold's Avatar
      Cold -
      You can also jack up the prices of Righteous Orbs and Large Brilliant Shards. I sell my LBS for 75g each and I'm the only seller.
    1. Mugsley's Avatar
      Mugsley -
      I've been trying to snipe Orbs and Shards in anticipation of this recipe. I still have yet to get it to drop (Bangkok Bill has met similar success -- or lack thereof). I'm going to try to do a round of about an hour or so tonight and see if I'm finally able to shake the three hard enough to get the apple to fall.

      My prediction: I'll get two within 10 kills of each other.
    1. ArizonaTea's Avatar
      ArizonaTea -
      Luck is hell sometimes, heaven other times. One dropped after 30 kills for me, so I stayed around to try for two. 20 kills later another dropped. Learned one and selling the other. I was running back and forth killing everything. I came back three times to see how lucky I was the first time and after over 100 kills each time, nothing.
    1. Dbn's Avatar
      Dbn -
      Yesterday I farmed those for 2 hours with ZERO drops. At the end my bags were full of green BoE's and cloths but no recipe. I will try it again later, I won't surrender......yet!
    1. ArizonaTea's Avatar
      ArizonaTea -
      I logged in a couple days ago, forgetting where I was. I was still there, on the third kill another dropped. Lol!