• Don't Auto-Loot That Lockbox... It Could be Worth a Fortune!

    Good Monday morning fellas! It's the start of a brand new week, the intense egg hunts are over and Snuppy's birthday party was a huge hit. But of course, you're here for gold tips and not links to weird science experiments.

    The weekend was a busy one, and there wasn't much time for WoW other than some mid-level instance grinding on an alt. Nonetheless, I did learn something this weekend. Apparently, even when repeatedly smashing Scarlet Monastery, there are opportunities for striking it "rich".

    As we're discussed time and time again, rare recipes are valuable to collectors and this is why we buy and flip them. Some recipes are farmed, some are purchased and others are learned. Most BoE world drops have a very low drop rate, while most BoP recipes have a high drop rate. This relationship can be observed in most cases. In some rare cases, world drops are BoP and have a low drop rate. This means the collector must farm for days on end in order to obtain said recipe. How does a goblin profit from this? Simple.

    These recipes can be found in containers. For example, is found in containers such as and (presumably) . Wicked Mithril Blade is actually the only "rare" recipes I've found to fit this criteria so far, but I'll be doing more research tonight.

    It's not like you'll be going out of your way to farm lockboxes. The idea here is that you should disable auto-looting and check container contents before looting everything (you should be prompted if the item is BoP, anyway). The tough part is actually finding a buyer, given that you're limited to trade chat and realm forums to advertise the sale... short of posting the lockbox on an alt named "Wickedmithrilblade".

    Know of any recipe that may fit these criteria? Let us know!
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    1. Verelyse's Avatar
      Verelyse -
      A wowhead search of BoP recipes obtained from opening an object got one more hit: , from or . The other one was the from , which you'd already mentioned.

      I'd assume other recipes are similarly obtainable but haven't been picked up by wowhead in the process, which would potentially put all world-drop BoP recipes on the list. According to wowhead, the the only recipes that fit that criteria (BoP and only obtainable as world drops) are the two recipes above. I'd imagine there may be others, but I'm not sure what they might be.

      The number of lockboxes you could potentially churn-through trying for one of these recipes seems like it would be immense, but I definitely imagine there are people out there who would do it if they know about the opportunity.

      // edit //

      It looks like is farmable off High Inquisitor Whitemane in the Scarlet Monestary (or at least was before the Shattering). So I got nothing.