• Set your hearth to profit, A travel guide

    Hey All,

    Wanted to share some info on how I make some Gs with a quick trip around the world. This guide will incorporate some info from other guides and while it is written from a Horde stand point, I will make comments on alliance travel routes as well.

    Requirement: Lvl 58, with at least WOTLK installed

    WARNING: The map you are about to look at may crit your eyes for Over 9000!, so my apologies for the weak photoshop skills.

    Travel Route:


    1. Set Hearthstone to Dalaran. (starting point)
    What? Dalaran? That's so last expansion! Well, you're right but hey, where else can you find all the profession trainers, an anvil, a bank, an AH and a mailbox all within 20 yards... ya, that's RIGHT! It also has a sweet port to Caverns of Time!

    2. BLAM! You're in Tanaris at COT.
    I always like to make a quick trip down to Old Hillsbrad for a quick top up on and grab and .

    3. On to Cenarion Hold, Silithus

    If you're wondering why you're now in Silithus, it is two fold. First see Sterling's guide reguarding farming Silithus

    The second part is for a quest, a very special quest. In the main hold there are two NPCs standing next to portals.

    They have a quest to meet in Blasted Land:
    Disclaimer, you may not be able to access this quest in which case, sorry, this guide won't help you much. This however was only introduced in cata so there is a good chance the hardcores here will not have come across it yet.
    Head through the portal and you will find your quest turn in NPC. DO NOT TURN IN THE QUEST!

    You now have a reusable port to Blasted Lands from Silithus

    4. Dark Portal
    Now that you're in the blasted lands, you can head through the Dark Portal.
    From here you can either head to the appropriate faction side and use your Capital City portal to head home.

    But that would make you a quitter.

    Next I would recommend following Sinshroud's guide for profitable limited supply goodies

    When you're done there, head to Shattrath.

    5. Shattrath to Zul'Aman
    Whether the lowbie raid still stays in game is still unknown to me, but it's worth the trip out there at the moment. Have a quick read through my guide on rare recipes through Hex Sticks

    6. Finally, Darkmoon Faire.
    I'm sure just about everyone on these boards has read Duck's post and tried their luck at the DMF. The second portion of this travel route is it's ability to quickly access all three Darkmoon Faire locations. For Alliance, COT -> Tanaris -> Fort Triumph -> Mulgore is quick. For Horde, Blasted Lands -> Elwynn Forest is a short ride.

    7. Conclusion.
    So you might be thinking "Thomus, thanks for bringing up the port in Silithus, I'll try that out, but I've got my hearth set to *Capital City* and I can just use the Cata ports to get to Uldum and therefore Silithus, so what's the big deal.

    Well the point here is to allow someone, like a lvl 5 character travel at great speed and distance without having to level to 83. Well, technically lvl 5... or I should say lvl 60 DK, but that's a topic for another guide =D

    Have a better way to get around the world? Are there other ports you've encountered that aren't well known? I'd love to hear about them!
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    1. Sterling's Avatar
      Sterling -
      Cool guide!

      I used to be the only seller for those Silithus recipes, but that has definitely changed since I released the article. Still, the GPH is way up there even without the Darkrune/Runed Stygian.
    1. Sinshroud's Avatar
      Sinshroud -
      Bump to an old but still awesome thread.