• Guide: Selling Darkmoon Faire Rep

    The Darkmoon Faire week is my favorite time of the month. Not only does it open up the door to Dense Stone Turn-Ins, it also allows you to turn in decks you've stockpiled. Lately, I've dabbled with selling Darkmoon Faire rep, and it sure looks like it's about to pay off. Selling DMF rep is no simple feat, it requires a strategic approach and a very orderly method. Today I'm going to lay out the approach I took in selling DMF rep. We cover:
    1. The basics: why Darkmoon Faire rep, how it works, various decks, their reagents and rewards.
    2. The logistics: inventory management.
    3. The numbers: establish buying points for all associated goods using the DMF rep spreadsheet.
    4. Finding a buyer: where to advertise and how to secure a buyer.

    1. The Basics

    Exalted with the Darkmoon Faire is one of the requirements for the coveted Insane title. This rep grind in particular is one of the most expensive and demanding feats in-game. Depending on the size of your server, you can expect a few players to be actively pursuing the title at any given time. These players are generally;

    • Very dedicated to the game.
    • Wealthy and willing to shell out dough OR silly and willing to farm herbs for weeks.
    • Antsy to complete the DMF rep grind as soon as possible.

    Sounds like the type of player to do business with!

    In case you're wondering, leveling DMF rep is a 2-step affair. All players start at 0/3000 neutral, and can use low level turn-ins to reach 2000/6000 friendly. This includes the Dense Stone turn-ins, Thorium Widget turn-ins, and similar quests. More info at WoWWiki: Earning Tickets. Reaching 2000/6000 is the easy part. Going forward, the only reasonable approach to gaining rep is to turn in Darkmoon Decks. As you can imagine, this can be a very costly operation. Decks return 25 or 350 rep depending on quality. The total rep from 2000/6000 to exalted is 37000, which translates to 1480 "minor" decks or 106 "major" decks. The following decks give 25 reputation:
    - Show quoted text -

    • created by , makes Ace to Three.
    • Rewards: .
      • .
      • or x1.
    • created by , makes Ace to Four.
    • Rewards: .
      • .
      • x2 or x4.
    • created by , makes Ace to Five.
    • Rewards: .
      • .
      • x2 or x4.
    • created by , makes Ace to Five.
    • Rewards: .
      • .
      • x2 or x4.

    All other decks (the epic decks) grant 350 rep:
    • Created by , makes Ace to Eight.
    • Rewards: .
      • .
      • x5 or x5.

    • Created by , makes Ace to Eight.
    • Rewards: .
      • .
      • x3.
      • x3 or x3.

    • Created by , makes Ace to Eight.
    • Rewards: .
      • .
      • x3.
      • x6 or x12.

    , , and also give 350 rep, but for our purpose there is no sense crafting these decks only to sell rep. You can definitely sell the rep from Deck -> Card conversion though.

    2. The Logistics

    I know what you're thinking. Managing the decks, materials, and crafting can be an absolute nightmare. You're going to need a character dedicated to holding all goods (preferably a scribe). I suggest equipping said character with 1-3 . They are cheap, requiring only 8 (there is no Cataclysm alternative). Arcinventory can definitely come in handy for keeping everything clean, and Altoholic should be used to track all inventory across characters. If you're using TSM or ZeroAuctions, make sure to set up automatic mailing.

    Another alternative to storing the decks is simply to mail them back and forth between characters, just keep in mind that certain inventory addons such as Altoholic have trouble tracking items past the inbox limit (51). Store epic decks directly in bags, and common decks in the mail. Better safe than sorry!

    3. The Numbers

    First, you need to determine your buying/selling points for rep and associated crafting materials and deck rewards. My target selling point was 1.2g/rep, though I'm not sure if this is on the high or low end. One thing to keep in mind is that the more aggressive you are with buying rep, the more feasible high selling points become (as you're removing a large portion of rep accessible to your potential buyers). I've secured myself a buyer at 1.1g/rep, or 40700g for DMF exalted (but don't tell him I've only assembled 1/3 of that, doh). Decks are often found for cheaper than this - the buyer is paying for the convenience of having the rep now.

    Of course, no goblin operation is complete without a handy spreadsheet. This entire scheme can get really confusing if you're doing it strictly on brainpower (for mere mortals like myself, anyway).

    You'll notice that the spreadsheet asks you to input prices for deck turn-in rewards, which brings me to my next point. The buyer is probably not interested in collecting rewards - at least not as much as you are. If he/she wants to recoup some losses, adjust your price accordingly. The spreadsheet includes a yes/no option for collecting these. Do not underestimate the value of these items, most players are very willing to spend heavily on their low-level characters. The milling rates found on the spreadsheet were taken from this thread.

    The spreadsheet may seem a little confusing at first. I found it difficult to establish a definitive logic to the value of milling -> inks -> decks -> rep. When you mill herbs, you're going to end up with a bunch of extra common inks. The spreadsheet assumes that you sell these extra inks at a user-defined price. Then, it subtracts the value of these inks from the cost of the stack of herbs. Since the leftover uncommon inks are all used to craft cards, we can easily determine the value of a milled stack. Example:

    Cost of 1 stack of Mageroyal: 20g
    Milled inks: 5 common, 2 uncommon.
    Extra common inks: 5 common.
    Sell extra 5 inks @ 2g each: Recoup 10g (through glyphs or other means).
    Cards produced: 2 x Rogues cards.
    Calculated Rogues card value: 7g (as computed by spreadsheet).
    Value of cards: 14g.
    Net value: 14g + 10g - 20g = 4g

    In this case, the cost of Mageroyal is too high to warrant milling into cards (you're only making 4g per stack). Since we're all GPH freaks, you're going to want 10g++ to make this a worthwhile exercise.

    To buy at the AH, you can either set a snatch price for all goods, or search the AH in the following manner:
    • Search "of" under quest. Sort by cheapest item and buy out cheap cards.
    • Search "ink" under trade goods -> parts. Sort by cheapest and buy cheap inks.
    • Search "pigment" under trade goods -> other. Sort by cheapest and buy cheap pigments.
    • Search "deck" and buy out good deals.

    For reference, here are the goods you are snatching (besides cards):

    4. Finding a Buyer

    Make a /2 macro or link The Insane achievement when advertising (does anyone know how to link and achievement in a macro?). Realm forums are great for this kind of business as well. Make sure to be courteous and friendly in your realm post and ignore the trolls. You're looking for someone to pass you a large amount of gold - the last thing you want is to look unprofessional or untrustworthy.

    It's a good idea to ask for all the cash up front, unless the buyer is well-known on the server. If the buyer is not keeping the rewards, ask him/her to trade rewards for each subsequent batch of decks. In the event that the buyer is skeptical about the transaction, you can stuff a guild bank full of decks and prove him/her that you're legit (this is assuming he's ok with temporarily leaving his guild). You will need to dedicate a couple hours to trading cards to the buyer.

    Useful links:
    1. The spreadsheet.
    2. Milling macros by Sinshroud.
    3. Darkmoon Ticket Turn-Ins
    4. Dense Stone Turn-In thread.
    5. Milling Rates.

    In closing, keep in mind this is a relatively new venture for me. Consider all of this experimental for now. I will report subsequent successes/failures when the DMF comes around.

    Sterling beaming out!
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    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      I like how you make this blog post and a spreadsheet. With out noticing that no darkmoon card requires a single common ink. That BankAlt site is out off date.

      Also this fits the glyph industry very well. Since you only need the common ink for that. So finding a glyph maker and buying rare inks from him can be profiable.
    1. Sterling's Avatar
      Sterling -
      Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
      I like how you make this blog post and a spreadsheet. With out noticing that no darkmoon card requires a single common ink. That BankAlt site is out off date.

      Also this fits the glyph industry very well. Since you only need the common ink for that. So finding a glyph maker and buying rare inks from him can be profiable.
      I hadn't crafted my own in a long time, I've been mainly snatching things up, so thanks for catching that. Fixing the spreadsheet as we speak. Common inks still have to remain part of the equation though.
    1. Snodeath's Avatar
      Snodeath -
      Having done this FoS already, I know I would pay much more than 40k. I spent thousands of gold and hundreds of hours getting the DMF to exalted.

      Excellent idea though. I will for sure be doing this with the left over common ink from glyphing.
    1. Zerohour's Avatar
      Zerohour -
      Nice guide, Sterling. Not to divert the discussion, but as a person that’s done the grind, I will touch on additional things people need to know so they learn a little more how to market to grinders.

      I did Insane, old school, back when it was uphill both ways. I could earn a title like "Darynn the Most Awesome of Azeroth and Better Than You" and still never remove the Insane title because I am THAT proud of the achievement. I've had the title for 6 months and am still as thrilled as the day I got it. Insane grinders are committed players and are prepped and ready to spend the gold. Do it the right way and Insane can make you tens of thousands of gold.

      Several things about it were nice and people fail to understand that Insane grinding is still available and is a month 'round endeavor - it took me 2 months of intense afterwork "work" to get it done in time, and DMF was actually the easiest part of the grind for me. Since I was stocking up for Glyphmas all summer, I was flooded in the old Wrath uncommon inks. I was actually getting my money back from the trinkets that I was spending on Shen-rep. Shend'ralar was actually the most ridiculous part, and that's now out of the game.

      I made contact with everyone that was doing Insane while I was doing it. I'd recommend sending a tell to people you see killing guards in Booty Bay. Back then /who Dire Maul would tell me who to talk with. I'm not sure now but I'm sure Free Knot still exists or at least the ogre suits. Even if you’re just looking to make decks for trinket resale, these people will typically be flush in cards of their own so they are excellent short term trading partners.

      One thing I noticed during my grind, a person doing it will rarely buy completed epic decks to make it happen, but they will definitely craft them or have them crafted. Some will tip others to turn in completed decks. But for the most part, I was always trading cards of all decks with others whenever they acquired new cards. The majority of trades are going to be in the current content, keep in mind. Insane grinders are going to be your best resource of missing cards so you can complete decks of your own to sell. They are motivated more by “Get it Done” rather than “Screw the other person out of gold” so they should be trading fairly, and if they aren’t then move along.

      In between Faires, grinders are also going to be heavily seeking out Rogue decks because these are easiest to complete and can be turned in without the faire being in town. I made over 100 decks to complete the achievement (and max out exalted) because I was not going to wait another month. For me, it was Stranglekelp. 1K Needles is now bursting with it, but back then it was my Druid and the Wetlands. This produces Hunter's Ink and is the most abundant herb for it. A person grinding it can offset the costs by selling the rewards, as I was getting 8-25g per chest piece (depending on mods) because they are actually really good for levels 10-19.

      One thing to add (not DMF related but a little tip for those needing to scrape together some gold and have a Subtlety specced rogue) that is Insane related, and if you are a cheap SOB like me that’s been known to make coppers scream in pain. Ravenholdt still requires hundreds of boxes, and I personally pickpocketed every single one of them on my rogue over a week's time to complete my rep. I've seen prices at 15-30g each being offered on my server, and if you want to make some extra gold when you’re bored do the LBRS cycle (YouTube it, it's a mindless but fast rotation). Unlock all the boxes and take everything except one thing from them (otherwise they disappear). Sell the unlocked boxes to people for whatever as extra gold. When a person needs about 1260 boxes, that’s 18.9-37.8k gold in opportunity and NO auctionhouse cuts. Stick the extras in a guild bank somewhere for when the right buyer comes along, you’ll make their frickin’ day.

      Those boxes commonly contain vendor junk and poisons, but they ALSO can contain Star Rubies (as do the pockets of the mobs) and the occasional DE Green or pattern. You also get lots of silver off the mobs and vendorables. 1 Star ruby + 4 Dream Dust + 6 Bolts of Runecloth = Wizardweave Turban = Enchanting Mats that become 700-1000g Enchant Weapon - Mighty Intellect scrolls. Ridiculously easy gold, and I’m still working through over 3/4 of a Guild Bank tab worth of GEE from my Insane grind efforts and that was over 6 months ago.

      Have fun!
    1. Valdron's Avatar
      Valdron -
      Make a /2 macro or link The Insane achievement when advertising (does anyone know how to link and achievement in a macro?).
      Do the same thing as said in this post, but link the achievement instead of the item.

      Btw, I'm not sure if this would help or not, but you could edit the achievement before you put it in your macro so it looks like you've actually completed getting the DMF rep.