• Pimping your Banker - Noble Style

    Noblegarden is right around the corner, and my girlfriend pointed out that this can actually be done with a fairly low-level character... such as a banking alt! Think about it: you have your complete banker's regalia*, what could be better than adding the Noble title?
    *: I put a suggested complete Banker's regalia at the end of the post.

    So here's a small guide to getting that title. This should be doable at virtually any level, though you will, at the lowest levels, need help from some friends.

    Noble Gardener: a banker's guide.

    • I Found One!: this one is quite easy. The eggs are found near the low-level cities near the capitals (Goldshire, Dolanaar, Kharanos, Bloodhoof Village, etc.). Even as a level 1, you can easily get there and pick an egg up.
    • Noble Garden (A)/Noble Garden (H): another easy one. Spend 5 to buy a from a Noblegarden Vendor (A) / Noblegarden Merchant (H), and just place it in Stormwind or Silvermoon. Be sure to pick your egg up for an extra chocolate (thus effectively reducing the cost of the egg from 5 to 4 chocolates).
    • Chocoholic: simple, stupid. Get to the nearest egg town (cf. 1st achievement in this list), and pick those eggs up. Best done at some ungodly hour when no one is connected, as you'll be having a lot of competition for the eggs. Make sure to do this achievement very early in the list! Each time you loot an egg, you have a chance of getting either a chocolate, either something else such as a tux, robes, a rabbit, all items you will be needing later on for other achievements and that cost a ton of chocolate to buy. Doing this achievement early one should ensure that you get at least one or two of the required items.
    • Blushing Bride: very easy. You can either loot the tuxedo shirt and pants in the eggs, either buy them. If you've done your Chocoholic achievement, you'll probably have got them by then. Just ask a friend to don a white dress, enjoy.
    • Shake your Bunny-Maker: now this one is somewhat trickier because of the opposite faction. If, like me, your mule isn't level 1 but actually a bit higher (mine is 35 for various reasons), then just hit a BG. Otherwise, ask a friend with a 2-person mount to drop you off at Orgrimmar/Stormwind. You'll get the living daylights beaten out of you, and it will take time, and you will probably punch your screen in rage. One alternative, assuming you have a willing friend (tossing in a few hundred gold will probably make them very willing) is to ask them to reroll a Death Knight of the appropriate race. This is especially useful if you're just one race away from your achievement. If you're patient enough, you can get all five enemy races this way.
    • Desert Rose: unless you're level 60 or unless you're absolutely insane, you'll need a friend with a 2-person mount. Just ask anyone with a sandstone drake, give them 500g to take you on a tour, you're done. You will need to do this, which you can, once again, either get through the eggs, either buy with chocolates.
    • Hard Boiled: this one may be the toughest one. I recommend you pair this up with Desert Rose; just make sure your designated drake-driver has a . Get to Un'Goro, get zapped, and cluck-cluck hippity-hoppity lay an egg.
    • Spring Fling: easy, but you'll have to farm quite a few eggs. You need a , which you can either get from an egg, or buy for 100 chocolates. My recommendation is to keep this one for until you've no more eggs to farm. Once you have your rabbit, get it next to someone else's, and whatch it ra... er, I mean, enjoy a fling with the other rabbit.

    And voilŕ! You are now a Noble Banker! Congratulations, I hope you enjoyed the guide, and thank you to my beloved Pajkä for suggesting I look into this!

    Bonus: the Banker's regalia.

    This is just a suggestion of course, but here's how you can deck out your mule to actually look like a banker. Note that the sky is the limit here; you can always imagine a pimpier, pimptastic set (and I've seen some pretty awesome ones). This one is a sobre, reasonnably cheap and easy to assemble set. Enjoy!

    • Head: , obtained from the Shattrath fishing daily.
    • Neck: , sold 35g by Griftah at Shattrath.
    • Shoulders: considering you'll be either wearing a suit or a formal dress (ladiiiies!), I find it more elegant not to have anything equipped in this slot.
    • Chest: , 250 tailoring ()
    • Shirt: (my favourite – Noblegarden) or (tailoring 240, )
    • Wrists: , Shattrath fishing daily
    • Hands: I find gloves to be ill suited to a tuxedo, so I didn’t put any there.
    • Waist: the tuxedo pants already have a belt, which is of course perfectly matched with the rest of the suit.
    • Pants: (tailoring 245, ) or (Noblegarden) for the set
    • Boots: Two possibilities here: , 250 tailoring (), or , which drop off level 2-6 mobs; personally, I just exterminated a minefull of kobolds around Goldshire and got them easily enough.
    • Rings: lots of choices here, but I’ll just list a few I like:
      - , sometimes contained in the crate of meat from the Shattrath cooking daily
      - – no introductions required
      - , actually makes your hand shine every now and again; best bought at Booty Bay rather than from Haris Pilton, as you can get a discount from the goblin over there
      - for the insane among you who are ready to grind their banking alt to 70:
    • Two-Handers: , from the Dalaran fishing daily, or if you’re in a hurry or very unlucky with the drops, has the exact same skin, but without the occasional sparkle.
    • One-handed: I recommend either a rose (Bernard Gump sells them in Stormwind, Brunda in Orgrimmar, as well as plenty of other NPCs), either a glass of wine (red or white, both sold by Christi Stockton in Dalaran).

    Edit: Nammsob just inspired me. Let's have some pimptastic fun!

    Double Bonus: the Banker Pimp's regalia.
    Time to show the world how awesome you are. Let the faint of style stay away from this list!
    For a quick check, here is your purple pimp banker. I will list the gear below if you don't want to / can't follow the link. I will also list alternatives below, if your banker is higher level and can equip awesome gear.

    • Head: - Shattrath daily fishing quest; high-level alternative: - LW 350, pattern drops from Blackheart the Inciter
    • Neck: , sold 35g by Griftah at Shattrath.
    • Shoulders: you don't want to hide the awesome suit with shoulder pads
    • Chest: obtained from the from the Love is in the air event.
    • Back: . Why? Because it's purple. That's why.
    • Shirt: (my favourite – Noblegarden) or (tailoring 240, )
    • Wrists: , Shattrath fishing daily
    • Hands: , drops from level ~15 mobs and requires level 15 to equip (but if you're going for the ultra pimp style, these are pretty nice)
    • Belt: , same as the gloves.
    • Pants: (tailoring 245, ) or (Noblegarden) for the set
    • Boots: Three possibilities here: , 250 tailoring (), , which drop off level 2-6 mobs, or if you want to stick to the calico set,
    • Rings: if you're going to be pimp, I recommend these two:
      - - see above
      - , because I find the light blue of the sapphire reflects the purple silk of your suit rather nicely
    • Weapon: , from the Dalaran fishing daily - no substitutes accepted for a pimp set. The only tolerable alternative is because of sheer rarity.

    Feel the pimp flow through you!

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      Cuprum -
      I camped Burgy Blackheart today and got for my bank alt.
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      Bump! It's finally Noblegarden, who got their Noble title?