• The Art of Gouging - No Supply? No Problem!

    Scenario time; you're leveling a profession and you're dead set on capping out in one shot. You've stockpiled all necessary materials, you've printed out a handy-dandy list of crafts, you even put the kids to bed early and appeased the wife with a candle-lit spaghetti dinner and tall glass(es) of expensive chardonnay.

    Bam. You're short on materials. That 400 you stockpiled wasn't enough. You're going to need 4 more stacks and the only seller at the AH wants 200g per stack. Slash Two won't help either. You bite the bullet and purchase the "overpriced" stacks.

    We've all been there. We've all been "ripped off". Can't be arsed to wait until goods appear at "reasonable" prices, right? But it doesn't have to be that way. What if you were the one strategically posting low-supply goods at extravagant prices? Pay it backward, if you know what I'm saying. I mean, someone needs to provide these services.

    Here's a nearly-complete list of low-supply goods that often follow erratic and spiky demand patterns. I've included the ridiculous prices at which I've been able to push the goods, along with a comment where adequate;

    199g | Used in motorcycleKhorium Power Core crafting.
    75g | Used for and JC leveling.
    | 299g | Gnomish teleporters, Primal Might, various enchants.
    899g | Master of Transmutation and Runed Adamantite Rod
    159g | Twink weapon enchants (agility)
    200g (stack)
    109g (stack)
    59g (ea)
    120g (stack)

    Simply set your TSM/ZA fallback very high and threshold at "normal" prices. For the first 5 goods listed, play around with prices until you've reached a happy medium where your sales are just enough to keep stocks low, but never clear out your inventory. You industrious folk can even use Undermine Journal notifications to alert you when a certain item is unavailable at the AH.

    Got more items to add here? Let me know and together we can conquer the world.

    Sterling beaming out!
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    1. Hagu's Avatar
      Hagu -
      On my server the rods are usually "stocked" but less so recently.

      I double checked and no Khorium is used to make a motorcycle; they are LK items with LK mats.
    1. Snodeath's Avatar
      Snodeath -
      The Khorium is needed to make things like Jeeves. A definate pick up when cheap item since it's not as abundant as Titanium.
    1. Sterling's Avatar
      Sterling -
      Quote Originally Posted by Hagu View Post
      On my server the rods are usually "stocked" but less so recently.

      I double checked and no Khorium is used to make a motorcycle; they are LK items with LK mats.
      Derp, yes my mistake.
    1. Vayaz's Avatar
      Vayaz -
      You could add Felsteel Bar as well, but I think there's even more!
    1. Cold's Avatar
      Cold -
      Mageroyal is a good one to gouge, especially with Children's Week Coming.

      I also like to buy up all the Black Vitriol and force players to pay 5g for 1, when I can usually by the whole lot off the AH for silvers.
    1. Namssob's Avatar
      Namssob -
      x2 on the Black Vitriol. I can also attest to Golden Draenite for JC kits. I've had similar luck with Small Lustrious Pearls and Shadowgems.
    1. Twoslot's Avatar
      Twoslot -
      During the infancy of my gold making days it was all about buying low and gouging with wool cloth. A pain to get when someone is hoarding it, since mobs that drop it also drop either linen or silk.

      Nowadays adamantite powder is easy to snatch up and hold for gouging. The people powerleveling through JC have the end in sight and get desperate there. If you have a jc you can make it the mercurial stuff and hit them even harder.

      I also have been trying my hand at selling enchanted thorium blades instead of GEEs. If you put them up for 1.5x the price of a single GEE, people buy them hoping to get two, and you dont have to suffer the "3 arcane dust AGAIN? Really?" Moments during your disenchanting.
    1. Twoslot's Avatar
      Twoslot -
      Illusion dust, not arcane. Wont let me edit on my phone, lame blackberry.
    1. Mokky's Avatar
      Mokky -
      Heheh the vast majority of this list I do pick up when they're cheap, because I can't resist a good bargain. I'm a terrible hoarder though, so they're sitting in my banks.

      I do need to start goug.. erm I mean selling them. Ty for the reminder to put them into TSM.
    1. Jinx's Avatar
      Jinx -
      Globes of water, at least before Cata, but rumor has it, you can still fetch a nice price on that.
      I even received some hate mail when listing them for 75g each and someone was too desperate obviously xD
    1. Kammler's Avatar
      Kammler -
      This is a strategy that works very well if done correctly. If not, it will implode on you.

      You have to control the crafting paths to the materials you list above to control the end-use items. For example, it makes no sense to list Khorium Bars at 199g each if you leave all the Khorium Ore in the AH at 50g each. It takes 2 ore to make one bar so you will get undercut. Same with Heavy Knothide--you have to control the Knothide and Knothide Scraps as well.

      Primal Air is usually easy to control b/c it is so hard to farm. Actually, it is just out of the way--easy to farm, a pain in the ass to get there. Controlling the Primal Air and either Fire or Water (server dependent) is key for Primal Might: you must control pricing on at least two base Primals to keep Primal Might prices inflated. Despite the relative rarity of Rugged Leather, I have found it easier to control the supply and pump prices up gradually than to just keep 100g stacks on the AH.

      Implementation of this strategy requires planning. Buy the "access mats" during the week, keeping them unavailable for everyone else. By Wed or Thur the prices on your target items will begin to rise as supplies dwindle. Buy all you can at this point. Friday am, list a few items at slightly inflated prices. By Friday night you should be able to relist at your target prices. You have to stay on top of the auctions to drive out undercutters.

      There is an equilibrium that must be maintained between the cost to buy your auction vs. the profit that can be made (which will attract other sellers). If you don't control the building blocks then people will just buy them and craft (or pay a crafter) to make the item. If you price your items too high people will say "crap, I didn't realize I could make this much gold supplying XXX--I'll farm it". Be prepared for all out AH PvP at first. You have to be prepared to buy out the undercutters to protect your dominant position.

      Most importantly, you can't do this all the time--it becomes too profitable a niche to ignore and others will enter your space. Usually a week on followed by a week off works great.
    1. Narly's Avatar
      Narly -
      [Khorium Bar]

      Ok this two ways...
      6 bars are required to make ( ie 2 Power Cores)
      24 bars are required to make (ie 8 cores)

      So if u want to control need to control, ore, bars, and power cores at the same time

      Post khorium bars stacked as threes....Its like prepackaged food, people will buy it cause it's easy
    1. ChypDaRippa's Avatar
      ChypDaRippa -
      i didnt read... sorry my ADD kicked in... i mentioned essence of air, which was already on it

      but as a note that i didnt see... make sure you add essence of water to that list... they generally sell for >10g and you can transmute them to Air's if you just pick up a recipe sold in WPL by Magnus frostwake
    1. Karpsy's Avatar
      Karpsy -
      Another item that I've found this works with are s. You can usually sell them for around 75-100g since they're always low in supply, but needed for one of the enchanting rods. Bonus is that people often don't realise their value and post them for cheap.
    1. Voltec's Avatar
      Voltec -
      That's interesting that you put Primal Might up there to a potential of 899g... I'm pretty much the only person selling it on my server and I've been pricing it at 224g up until recently, and now at 249g. Maybe I should bump it up cause it already is one of those, it sells when it sells... not high demand, but still slow steady sales. I'm wondering if 499g would be too much to try since alchemists need 4 for the transmute spec. Think 2k gold for this is too high or should I keep it at 1600g (399g ea). I know... depends on the server and I should give it a try and find out, right? lol Guess I'll try pop up 4 at 499g ea and see if they sell.
    1. Ding's Avatar
      Ding -
      It takes a tiny bit of research but is well paid off:
      Go to one of the more popular profession-leveling guides out there, and run through their mat-lists. is a good place to start - have not seen any better or detailed in a long time.

      Now for each profession, skim through the mat required, and then you have your bottlenecks figured out pretty quick.
      (oh and yea - keep a look out for the entire chain of the mats / crafting paths. The example with Khorium bars at 199g and ores at 50g says it all)
    1. hayam's Avatar
      hayam -
      Thanks for this thread, it prompted me to get my fingers in a number of pies.
      I checked, and is no longer used for the enchanting rod that it was used for. It is still used in Enchant Weapon - Spellpower, but I suspect that enchant has greatly lost it's popularity since Cata. , however, is still game, and flips very well.
    1. mentally vexed's Avatar
      mentally vexed -
      a wall I ran into when powering through alchemy this week was this is going to be 100% server dependent, but some of these low level herbs are rarely farmed. always an idea to see which herbs are underrepresented and then form a niche market
    1. Karpsy's Avatar
      Karpsy -
      Quote Originally Posted by mentally vexed View Post
      a wall I ran into when powering through alchemy this week was this is going to be 100% server dependent, but some of these low level herbs are rarely farmed. always an idea to see which herbs are underrepresented and then form a niche market
      I can confirm this. I've recently had quite a good go at flipping in particular. They pop up during the weekend (on my server) at below average prices. Since they're not in huge demand, it's also a good idea to look at bid prices. I got a whole batch of them very cheap that way.
    1. Nilaus's Avatar
      Nilaus -
      is extremely easy to farm and there are LOTS of spawns in Feralas and Swamp of Sorrows. The reason it is so rare is bacause it requires 235 to harvest it and the other herbs in that area are 150-175, so most people will not be able to pick this herb when they are in the area where it is abundant.