• Quick Guide: Make the Most of The Undermine Journal

    The Undermine Journal is easily my favorite tool as an Auction House goblin. Following a brief hiatus, the site is back and better than ever. You may have noticed the newest forum here at The Consortium, Official Forum of The Undermine Journal. There, you can make suggestions, report bugs, and discuss goblinism and The Undermine Journal as a whole.

    As a quick reminder, The Undermine Journal is still a free, donation-driven service. Erorus often digs into his own pockets to fund the site, so all donations are appreciated. You can check out the donations page here.

    Back on topic, here's a short guide describing how I use The Undermine Journal to its fullest potential;

    1. Track item price trends...

    TUJ allows you to examine the price over time and availability over time for any item. This can help identify trends of demand for markets you're investigating and help optimize sale times or profits. Let's look at a practical example; . Here's how I would interpret the graphs provided by TUJ;
    • Even during raid time, the price for flasks remains steady due to price walls. The wall does not hold up on thrusday, and the price spikes roughly 30%. Despite this, I can assume there are ample competitors in this market.
    • At 8-9 o'clock (raid time), the supply of flasks dries up quickly. This indicates very high liquidity for these flasks around this time.

    The analysis for flasks is relatively straightforward. You can use TUJ's graphs to investigate more obscure markets, such as leathers or old-world goods.

    If you need help pricing an item, TUJ also lists "other markets", the price of said item on other servers. This information is now displayed as a scatter graph, with both of your realm's Auction Houses represented by red and blue dots:

    Click to view the original image

    Click to view the original image

    2. Track sellers, and explore new markets...

    If you find that you're being undercut heavily by a select few sellers, you may want to consider a more tactical approach to posting your own goods. This is especially true for the glyph market. The post activity heat map indicates when your competitors log in to post their goods. If possible, you can modify your own posting times to counter theirs. Personally, my posting times are inflexible (7am, 4:30pm) and if my competitors chose to adjust based on TUJ data, they would find it very easy to destroy most of my revenue from glyphs.

    TUJ also lists the goods your competitor is listing. If you're looking to set foot in other markets, investigate successful competitors for possible new markets. This is how I originally expanded my own snatch list, though I did this using auctioneer general searches.

    Click to view the original image

    3. Set notifications and "remote" snatch lists...

    As you know, TUJ can notify you when an item appears at the AH under a certain price threshold. This can be used as a snatch list of sorts. Even better, you can use a remote internet connection to make purchases on the fly, as described in this article. You'll want to copy some of your snatch list items over to TUJ's notifications. Personally, I keep this list short and add extremely rare items only (limited to my server);

    Calianna made a thread that goes hand-in-hand with this. This thread explains how you can bookmark snatch list items for quick RAH access/purchase.

    4. Identify profitable crafting markets...

    Last but not least, TUJ lists nearly every craft for all professions. Looking to expand your horizons with a new profession? TUJ gives a good indication of what sells and what doesn't. Take a look at the following blacksmithing analysis, for example. It quickly shows that most micro markets are not profitable for blacksmiths, while epic crafts are generally profitable ventures.

    Click to view the original image


    In a nutshell, that's how I take full advantage of TUJ! I only scratch the surface here, expect more discussion to take place in the official forum. How do you make use of The Undermine Journal?
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