• Zoxy's Link Directory Competition - Win a Tabard of Brilliance!

    Zoxy from Trading With Zoxy is running a competition! The rules are simple. Nominate your favorite gold post anywhere, and have a chance at winning one of three TCG loot cards! You can nominate a blog post, a thread, or even a comment. If you're a Consortium member, you can nominate a Consortium post for your chance to win a Tabard of Brilliance, which Zoxy has so generously reserved for our community! You can PM Zoxy your nomination, but I'd recommend hitting up his site. Take a look around and make your nomination as a reply on this page.

    I'll start with one of my own nominations. Duck's unique post about the Darkmoon Faire and Dense Stones has been of particular interest to me. Though it's not the most profitable in terms of GPH, the "darkmoon lottery" is a whole lot of fun and churns out rare recipes to boot!

    So get out there and make your nomination!
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    1. Rorstchach's Avatar
      Rorstchach -
      I nominate Kammler's King Aurther and Opportunity Cost (yep, even with the misspelling).

      In 2 years of gold making i think its the most compelling and eye opener piece of insight on why we do what we do on the AH. It has even help me make understand the cost opportunity concept to another person who I'm kind of coaching on gold making here at work.
    1. Zoxy's Avatar
      Zoxy -
      No one else got any Links especially for This forum ?
    1. calianna's Avatar
      calianna -
      It's not what I would call a traditional gold making post, but I would choose Sterling's post about latest deals and steals. It can be seen here. I realize it isn't a traditional "gold making post" but there are a lot of reasons I have enjoyed it. First, it is the longest running active post (edging out my own Snatch List sticky by one day), it has three times the replies of any other post and more views than any other post on these forums. Second, it is (as Sterling described it when he started it) a "feel good" post. It's a list of lucky grabs, excellent flips and other AH successes. It is also a community effort. Everyone has an opportunity to contribute and most of us have at some point. Finally, you can learn a lot by reading through the posts. You can find new businesses, new items to add to your snatch list and similarities and differences between economies on different servers. I always love to see new updates to this post and fortunately, there are usually several each day!
    1. Riscoco's Avatar
      Riscoco -
      If theres one post that really helped me get my gold stash up it was Calianna's Items you should have on your Snatch list really helped me in many areas including the setup of a snatch list
    1. Namssob's Avatar
      Namssob -
      I vote for this thread, the shuffling spreadsheet that killed them all. I would wager this has made more gold for people in Cataclysm, overall, than anything else. Not individually, but across the community. I'm talking hundred's of thousands of gold. Oh wait, that's just me.....

    1. Zoxy's Avatar
      Zoxy -
      Congrats to Calianna for being Winner

      PM on the Way with the code
    1. calianna's Avatar
      calianna -
      Woo hoo!