• How to Prepare For The 4.0.6 Jewelcrafting Gold Rush

    Tip of the day: (alliance) and (horde) have no faction requirements and can be sold cross-faction! I googled this tip before posting it, and sure enough Miss Mediocre beat me to it, check out here article The Magic Lamp & Enchanted Lantern.


    According to 4.0.6 patch notes, all epic crafted items will be receiving a socket in exchange for stat reductions. In all cases, multiple stats are sacrificed, which means the gear can be optimized toward whichever stat is best. Come to think about it, this change is a big deal. A really big deal.

    Truth is, most players are using crafted epics. When the patch hits, these players will find themselves short 40 stats or more, and will need to gem their gear immediately. What's even better is that a several of these pieces will become best-in-slot pre-heroic raid, so expect mid-range raiders to switch back to their banked crafted epics. Here's a short list of confirmed changes:

    Yellow socket, strength bonus.
    Yellow socket, strength bonus.
    Blue socket, dodge bonus.
    Blue socket, parry bonus.
    Yellow socket, intellect bonus.
    Yellow socket, intellect bonus.

    Red socket, haste bonus.
    Red socket, intellect bonus.
    Red socket, intellect bonus.
    Red socket, haste bonus.

    Take note, several pieces are not listed yet, or blizzard has reversed their stance on changing all pieces. Either way, before servers go down before the patch, make sure to list as many popular gems as you can. What popular gems, you ask? Wowpopular was recently updated to include Cataclysm gear, and here's a short list of the most popular gems, per color:

    BLUE: Solid, Rigid, Sparkling
    RED: Brilliant, Bold, Delicate
    ORANGE: Reckless, Potent, Adept
    GREEN: Puissant, Lightning, Piercing
    PURPLE: Purified, Veiled, Glinting
    YELLOW: Quick, Fractured, Mystic

    Forget not, new meta gems are being introduced, and they look very sexy (agility +3% crit?). This will spark even more demand for gems, but not immediately as the servers go up. Just be sure to stock up on uncut gems before the servers go live. If your supply is small (ie; 5 of each color) post a few gems at an average cost, and 1-2 at cutthroat prices.

    How do you plan on profiting from 4.0.6?

    Sterling beaming out!
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    1. Aeg's Avatar
      Aeg -
      Way I see it is the meta demand will be very strong as a majority of the players will be replacing thier metas. Even if I can't get my hands on a cut for whatever reason, I plan on ensuring a decent profit as I am stockpiling now.
    1. Rhoelle's Avatar
      Rhoelle -
      Have in mind the new meta designs are world drops. They're not gonna be available immediately.
      That said, I have hundreds of shadowspirit diamonds waiting for me to get my hands on whatever design I can get