• Insane Profits Through Enchanted Thorium Blades

    A few days ago we discussed the price trend of and . I thought the prices had skyrocketed on my server (45g/9g or so), but some users reported prices far beyond that, sometimes as much as 100g per Essence.

    Valdron made a quick comment about disenchanting , which prompted me to investigate. I had checked these out a long time ago, but along with most 55-60 crafts, they were not profitable. Definitely not the case anymore.

    The mats:

    Breaks down into:

    Right now, thorium is dirt cheap. Ores are often found at 75s each, bars hover around 1g. Dream Dust is nearly free. If you do the Dense Stone shuffle, I'm sure you know this. Luckily, players like to craft a bunch of these and dump them at the AH, in fact I just picked up a couple stacks for 4g each. Rugged Leather is the most expensive component here, running at 1-3g on average. That said, I can generally craft a blade for 10g or so. Not bad, considering the DE results:

    75% - 1.5
    25% - 1.5

    Using my (apparently) low server prices of 45g/9g, the revenue per craft is 54g. So get out there and flood the market before your competitors read this!

    Alternative crafts also include (Zerohour), (Zerohour) and (Markco). Can you think of any more?

    Sterling beaming out!
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    1. Drrwho's Avatar
      Drrwho -
      I'll have to give this a try.

      Bought some Enchanted Thorium Bars for less than the cost of a regular Thorium Bar... 31 to be exact. There were all 70s to 75s each, and Thorium Ore/Bars are 1g at the cheapest.

      I also just bought 15 GTE's that were listed up for just under 29g each and relisted at 55g, which is the price I have a couple other GTE's listed for. Now mine are the cheapest again
    1. guberry's Avatar
      guberry -
      Definitely going to have to check this out thanks for the tip.
    1. calianna's Avatar
      calianna -
      This is definitely not universal. I'm seeing 10g for GEE's. Illusion Dust is much rarer, however. I was able to take a few that were underpriced and relist at 10x.
    1. Gnomage's Avatar
      Gnomage -
      Quote Originally Posted by calianna View Post
      This is definitely not universal. I'm seeing 10g for GEE's. Illusion Dust is much rarer, however. I was able to take a few that were underpriced and relist at 10x.
      Same situation here.. 10g GEE's and 1-3g at the most for dusts.
    1. Meyer's Avatar
      Meyer -
      I have always used a "cost focus" strategy on my Heirloom enchants. I use my energy in getting materials at the lowest posible price, and then sell at an unercutting price. I have forced a lot of other enchanters out of the market this way, by putting pressure on their prices - and when they are gone, i go back to making 4-800% ROI on the heirloom enchants.

      The Enchanted Thorium Blades DE trick is nice to use when you need Greater Eternal Essence (weapon = 75 % Essence).

      I have a HUGE stock of runecloth aswell wich i use for Runecloth Headband (Armor = 75% Dust).

      My server is normally trading at 20G / 4G, so looking at the project as pure DE for sale it's not worth the my time, but it's always a nice thing to have in mind if you have an extra half an hour some day.
    1. Deater's Avatar
      Deater -
      The materials to make there is almost the same cost as the mats you get. GEE and Dust are cheap on my server horde and alliance.
    1. Vanditor's Avatar
      Vanditor -
      Although by DE blades you get more essence I still find DE tailored goods a lot cheaper because of the mats. It is less time consuming (1 profession vs. 2 for enchanted thorium) and yield a respectable profit. Alternatively you can use the dust for chant-scrolls and make money that way.
    1. Mooseknucks's Avatar
      Mooseknucks -
      so I've been doing this for quite some time now and its great since a stack of thorium is only about 30g most of the time and enchanted thorium bars are always going up cheap, but I hate seeing that DE loot screen come up with 1 illusion dust
    1. Nilaus's Avatar
      Nilaus -
      I want to resurrect this thread to give bring it to peoples attention again, should it have slipped from your mind over the last months.I was short for and looked at AH only to find these at 40g. I've bought a few at this price before, but this time I wanted a cheaper option so I decided to give the Enchanted Thorium Blades a go. With Bountiful Bags it becomes even more profitable than the original estimate from @Sterling. Good advice doesn't go out of fashion it seems +rep
    1. Tangster's Avatar
      Tangster -
      Ironically i shuffled these for the first time in awhile yesterday. A guildie was leveling enchanting and needed more essence and i had some thorium lying around. He sent me back the 8 he didnt need (thank you guild perk) and they all sold for 40g each in about an hour.

      I wanna urge new goblins to give this a try. Not only is it very profitable but it teaches two good lessons
      1) Dont count out old world/BC/WotLK crafts
      2) You're professions work much better together then alone.

      This is the first thing i tried when i first came to the consortium :: nostalgia::
    1. Reiga's Avatar
      Reiga -
      I regularly prospect Thorium Ore to sell the gems people need for leveling jewelcrafting up to 300. All of the gems sell really well apart from Blue Sapphires. To get rid of those I buy some cheap Thorium Bars, Essences of Undeath and make Sapphire Pendants of Winter Night which mostly disenchant into Illusion dust but also give Greater Eternal Essences. Then I use those materials to craft heirloom enchant scrolls and sell them for greater profit.
    1. Valdron's Avatar
      Valdron -
      Here's a very basic image that shows what you can do with excess thorium ore. Usually aren't the best choice, but they have a greater chance of than the blades do.

    1. Undercata's Avatar
      Undercata -
      The image could be expanded with , in my opinion the only worth use for arcanite bars.
    1. MarthiusIT's Avatar
      MarthiusIT -
      Just a quick point depends on the prices of Rugged Leather, I made a youtube video a while back about Rugged Leather in Dire Maul, you can pull in 200 Rugged Leather with the guild perk, so it'll sort you out for a while. I have an alt just sitting there. This video is directed mostly at some of my guildies, for helping them out.

      Hope this helps as Rugged Leather can on my server cost lie 80g a stack at times.