• Illusion Dust And GEE's Going Through The Roof

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    Quick and painless tip for you guys today - and prices are going totally crazy right now. They're low supply, spiky demand items, so what does that mean? Same idea as s; sell them slowly as there's no need to have the lowest auction up. I've been posting GEE's for 49.99g and they're moving. Illusion Dust is moving at 7g. What are prices like on your server?

    If is cheap, you can craft + DE . Same goes for and . I haven't looked into conversions, but I imagine there's a profitable option there as well, seeing how Thorium has fallen below the 1g mark (keep in mind though, Thorium Ore has a high floor value due to prospecting). Also watch for the collateral effect this will have on some enchants, notably 2h Agility, 1h Agility, Mighty Intellect and Spellpower.

    Auctioneer's Disenchant module is also super handy here - most players using the Disenchant strategy aren't aware of current GEE prices, since they're still using an averaged price from WotLK. You can either clear prices for GEE and Illusion Dust, or jack up the search price % for both goods in the Disenchant pane. This will yield DE results showing a small profit margin based on false GEE and Illusion Dust prices, likely 12g and 3g, or something along those lines.

    So is this viable on your server? Have you adopted a similar strategy for other enchanting goods?
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    1. Belzebutinov's Avatar
      Belzebutinov -
      I unloaded my (modest) stocks about two weeks ago. I sold about 100 dusts and 50 essences, ad the awesome price of 20g per illusion dust, and no less than 90g per GEE. Protip: is usually the only other vanilla essence to hit high prices (25-50g depending on the day on my server).
    1. Zerohour's Avatar
      Zerohour -
      This is why I stockpiled every single one of these things prior to Cata, I have a bank tab of GEE. They were a biproduct of my Strat Baron runs - All runecloth was turned into either Wizardweave Turbans (provided I had the Star Rubies) or a Runecloth Headband. They are hardly used for anything except for the exclusive rare enchants which are modestly priced right now. I was hoping the value of these enchants would go up post Cata but they have not really. Blizzard's change in cost of the 1-80 BoAs have something to do with this I suspect so people are going with what they find in LFG dungeon runs.
    1. fade's Avatar
      fade -
      Very upset I didn't stock up more on the GEEs. Illusion and Greater Nether have always been consistent sellers, but the GEEs were crashing hard pre-cata and even a week into it at ~5g each with a huge inventory. Now I can barely find a GEE or Illusion for less than 500% market.
    1. Valdron's Avatar
      Valdron -
      I'll occasionally craft when I can get my hands on piles of thoriums and need more essences.
    1. undercutting's Avatar
      undercutting -
      Thanks for the great tip. Like others, I didn't stockpile Illusion Dust or greater eternal essences. I did however, run to the AH with my Disenchanter and buy up anything disenchants to those materials. I bought up everything under 10g which was about 70 pieces for 350g. I have since sold 14 eternals for 100g per and 2 stacks of dust for 600g per stack.

    1. Kammler's Avatar
      Kammler -
      I stockpiled a bunch of Infinite Dust and Abyss Crystals at the end of Wrath, buying any Dust below 1.5g and any Crystals below 8g. At the moment, I don't recall how many I had but it was close to two guild bank tabs full. Also, I bought a bunch of Dream Shards and Greater Cosmic Essences but I don't recall the price point for those--and they filled another tab.

      I didn't produce any scrolls with those mats because I wanted to see which chants would be worth the most.

      Since Cataclysm roll out I have discovered the best scrolls and crafted as many as I could with the mats I had on hand.

      But a strange thing happened--these mats began appearing on the AH cheaper than they were in Wrath. So I bought slowly, setting maximum thresholds for all mats. Now, a month into the new content, I pretty much own the Infinite Dust and Abyss Crystal markets.

      I am buying any Abyss Crystal below 15g and if I re-list them it is for 30-40g. Most of the time I just use them or Abyssal Shatter them for Dust I can use.

      When I do list dust it sells fairly well. Market value of Infinite Dust has gone from 2g/unit up to 5.5g (as of today). It is not unusual to see that I'm the only person listing these auctions.

      Undercutting happens quite a bit so I usually list a couple of units from an alt to set a "floor" price but they go so quickly I may stop that entirely.

      The value of Wrath scrolls has begun to rise--Berserking was around 400g last weekend but I'm selling 2 or 3 a day at 525g. Same 20-30% increases for Massacre, Spellpower and other pricey chants.

      If anyone else plans to replicate this effort the easiest way to make sure supplies stay thin is to buy all the green armor in the AH for item levels 164-185, essentially the higher end Wrath stuff. By focusing on these items I usually buy for less than 15g per item--each with a 5.5x Infinite Dust DE value (80%). At 5g per dust, I'm staying within a reasonable ROI--and prices are still going up.

      With the continued erosion of Hypnotic Dust and Celestial Essence values on my server I'm finding better, more profitable and more consistent sales with these Wrath materials.

      Oh, and Vellum is going for 2g per unit now, so for Scribes this may be a good income source.

      I need to focus on Greater Planar Essences and Illusion Dust as well as GEEs. Thanks for the timely post--this should be a profitable niche for a while.