• Tip: Khorium Bars, A Rich Man's Commodity?

    A few months back Markco hosted a JMTC carnival asking "what is your favorite niche market?". At the time, I didn't really have anything interesting to say other than "derp derp, sell engineering pets", so I abstained from participating in the carnival. Around that time, I started experimenting with a very niche market, in fact a market consisting of only 1 item: .

    What I found was interesting. The price at which Khorium moves is startling. is very rare, and it's not like players go out of their way to farm it. is still needed for some old-world recipes, namely which requires 48 (!) ore. So what prices can we expect for those bars? At first, I shot for the "sky" at 70g each. All the bars sold, and I thought I scored a lucky one. I pushed the price to 85g on my next "flip" and again, all the bars sold.

    I kept doing this until I found my sweet-spot price: 149g. At this price, bars tend to move just fast enough to be replaced by new ores found at the AH. It usually takes 1-3 listing per batch to sell. I haven't yet tried selling the bars as s instead, but I imagine this would be a good alternate strategy if you've got a higher volume of bars on hand (though I think most of the demand comes from engineers making the cores themselves).

    That's my little tip for today, don't splurge too much with all the gold you make!

    Sterling beaming out!
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    1. undercutting's Avatar
      undercutting -
      I've been in the Khorium market for a while and you are spot on Sterling. I found that prices work best around 140-150g.
      I'd be interested if there is more profit in the Power Core as well.

    1. Kammler's Avatar
      Kammler -

      This is a great market and one I have pretty much exclusively on my server. Pre-Cataclysm I was flipping bars at a healthy clip, around 90g per bar. Post 12/7, IF I can find them they go for 150g easy.

      Farming the ore is a pain but I'm thinking of spending a day to see how much I can gather.
    1. fade's Avatar
      fade -
      If it survived the Cataclysm, a friend of mine was telling me about how he was ravaging the Isle of Quel'Thanas for Adamatite and Khorium. NOBODY goes there, its an old daily quest hub for TBC but its small and packed with farmables.
    1. calianna's Avatar
      calianna -
      I've been out there recently. The real downside with the Isle is that it's ground mount only. However, you are correct, there is no competition.
    1. Tcbskater's Avatar
      Tcbskater -
      Quote Originally Posted by calianna View Post
      I've been out there recently. The real downside with the Isle is that it's ground mount only. However, you are correct, there is no competition.
      It's still ground mount only even with Flight Master's License? That's quite a downside, but you really can't complain when you essentially have the whole zone for yourself.
    1. calianna's Avatar
      calianna -
      Yup, ground mount only while on the Isle. Nevermind that there are guys flying everywhere over your head on dragonhawks...
    1. Gnomage's Avatar
      Gnomage -
      The hard part of this market, is actually getting the bars (and ore) to do it. I've checked a few times and there is never more than 5 khorum ore, and 2 khorium bars up.

      Unfortunately, I'm no farmer. Just too lazy. Guess I'll have to stay away from this one.
    1. Ayo's Avatar
      Ayo -
      I have been working this market for a long time and it has always been a very good seller. I haven't been farming the isle (or anywhere actually for the ore) but I still know where all the nodes are from my daily farming days from bc.. damn I made those rounds so many times. lol

      I have the ore and bars in my snatch list and make sure to pick it up when it is well below market but you remind me sterling to farm the isle.

      For the farming adverse, I happened to find 11 stacks of ore for dirt cheap and worked that for a long time, so you can make some nice profits just with snatching the ah too.
    1. fade's Avatar
      fade -
      Quote Originally Posted by ayo View Post
      i have the ore and bars in my snatch list and make sure to pick it up when it is well below market but you remind me sterling to farm the isle.
    1. Antikythera's Avatar
      Antikythera -
      i get twitchy whem people mention Khorium (and to a lesser extent Eternium). prior to the release of epic gems i made the wrong assumption that epic gems would be prospectable from the uncommon ores. i put perhaps 40% of my cash into buying stacks of ore on two servers. this is at a time when only 1 of my toons had epic flying.

      after realising my error i banked it all. i slowly sold eternium enchanting rods for an expansion and a half. every day i had at least 3 on the AH. the khorium ore was consolidated onto a single server when i server transfered my vanilla mage to my BC server (still my current home).

      it was only at the end of Wrath that i shifted the Khorium. Engineering boomed and i finally had a market with little competiton. i sold at a high profit margin but someone can probably calculate the opportunity cost of a bag slot for an expansion and a half.
    1. Drrwho's Avatar
      Drrwho -
      Not much of this on AH on my server... time to take over the market and increase prices
    1. ChypDaRippa's Avatar
      ChypDaRippa -
      ive been looking to getting out of farming more and into flipping so this seemed like a great idea until i realized that ore was going for 30g and bars were going for 55g
    1. Zerohour's Avatar
      Zerohour -
      It's got limited availability making it attractive to niche marketing. You could reasonably flip them as you don't have a bazillion people out hunting it down. A false floor could be established if you maintain the monopoly. Engineering is white hot right now among raiders because it's a preferred profession among most DPS classes. The enchants put it into a BIS position in many cases. More engineers means more need for Khorium.

      Khorium is ridiculous though, it's one of those metals that I always "groan" when I need it because I don't have any lying around.
    1. bobic's Avatar
      bobic -
      I've tried this out on my server:

      Ore is 50g each
      Bar is 100g each
      Primal fire is 15g each
      Power Core = 3 bars + 1 primal fire

      I've sold 7 power cores in 3 days for 900-1000g each

      Have i been lucky selling at those prices or have anyone else experienced something similar?