• Optimal Profession, Class and Race Combination Theory

    Most serious entrepreneurs aim to max out every profession in-game, as it provides substantial gold-making benefits. When it comes down to deciding which character I should slap (or swap) a profession to, I try to reason out where said profession would be most optimal. The same logic can be used for starting an alt from scratch with the sole purpose of leveling up professions. Today I'll share with you my logic - and I look forward to tips others may provide as well.

    Herbalism & Mining
    Recommended class: Druid, Paladin, Deathknight.
    Recommended race: Tauren, Night Elf.

    First, if you're going to pick up a gathering profession, you might as well slap 2 onto the same character. This makes farming more efficient, and allows you to put 2 production professions onto another character, which has its own benefits as well. Druids excel at farming, as [spell]swift flight form[/spell] is instant and the time spent mounting up can really add up. [spell]Prowl[/spell] allows druids to bypass mobs in caves, where nodes are often left undisturbed. Paladins and Deathknights have [spell]Crusader Aura[/spell] and On a Pale Horse which present clear farming benefits.

    Where race selection is concerned, Night Elves' [spell]Shadowmeld[/spell] is extremely handy for dropping mob aggro and Taurens' [spell]Cultivation[/spell] makes gathering even faster.

    Recommended class: Any.
    Recommended race: Worgen.

    Skinning is never a bad profession to grab temporarily as you level up. You'll be killing hundreds of beasts from 1 to 85, so why not cash in on that opportunity? Skinning isn't so bad on a main or co-main, instance runs give plenty of leather and generally you'll be the only skinner in the group. Since resilience no longer reduces the chance to be crit, PvPers shouldn't be so afraid to pick up skinning anymore.

    Let's not forget that Worgen can skin faster thanks to [spell]Flayer[/spell] AND don't need to purchase a skinning knife. That's a whole 82 copper and a bag slot. 82 copper might not sound like a lot, but if you purchase 10,000 skinning knives, the gold quickly adds up.

    Recommended class: Any.
    Recommended race: Goblin.

    Where gold-making is concerned, you can never have enough alchemists. Goblins make a good choice here thanks to [spell]Better Living Through Chemistry[/spell] especially if you're into PvE, now that mana consumption can be an issue. Alchemy makes a great profession for semi-active alts, since you don't really need to grind any reputations or farm any special recipes to take advantage of alchemy perks.

    Recommended class: Any.
    Recommended race: Any.

    s are still very valuable, and I've been very satisfied with this profession on my main. If you run instances frequently, you can take full advantage of blacksmithing, even moreso since the recent need roll hotfix on orbs.

    I'm particularly fond of blacksmithing because it's one of two professions that allow you to increase your resilience beyond the usual cap thanks to socket gloves/bracers. I'm sure you PvPers understand the importance of resilience at the moment...

    Recommended class: Hunter, Prot Paladin, Deathknight.
    Recommended race: Blood Elf.

    Enchanting is a peculiar profession. A good portion of your revenue from enchanting will come from old-world recipes, often requiring you to grind reputation or farm old-world bosses. Some of these bosses are tough to solo - so it makes sense to put enchanting on a character that can take down old raids on its own. I know that prot Paladins, Hunters and Deathknights make very good solo classes, others like enhance Shamans and Feral druids might also fit the bill. Let's not forget, if you enjoy soloing old instances for fun and profit, enchanting is the way to go, since you can disenchant whatever you farm.

    Blood Elves benefit from +10 enchanting, but that's not a really big deal.

    Recommended class: Any.
    Recommended race: Gnome.

    When you slap engineering onto a character, make sure to stick with it. You need to farm several recipes to make this lucrative, and if you end up finding you REALLY don't want to drop it. Engineering isn't such a bad choice for a main, since you can make uber helmets and gadgets like rocket boost which really help out for some encounters. Gnomes get +15 engineering, and again that isn't such a big deal.

    Note that engineering is great for twinks, and you can still rake in some serious cash even on a level 39 or 44 character thanks to vanilla pets.

    Recommended class: Any.
    Recommended race: Any.

    Another great profession for those lowbie alts. Even without fancy glyph recipes, you can still "print money" using common glyphs. Furthermore, high-level inscription isn't that lucrative in comparison to other professions.

    Recommended class: Any.
    Recommended race: Draenei.

    The second profession you should slap onto your PvP character, as allows you to equip more resilience than other professions would. Combined with Blacksmithing, you can have a total of 161 resilience extra.

    Draenei gain +5 to jewelcrafting, handy for maxing to 525 since those last 5 points are particularly painful.

    Recommended class: Any.
    Recommended race: Any.

    Same idea as blacksmithing, but without the PvP perk. If it's at all possible, make sure to have leatherworking or blacksmithing on each of your "main" characters (anything that runs heroics) to assure you don't miss out on any orbs.

    Recommended class: Any.
    Recommended race: Any.

    s aren't really needed for tailors, so this is another great alt profession. Not much to say here, just remember that tailors benefit from extra cloth drops from humanoids!

    My current setup is not perfect, some of these characters are ancient and I can't be arsed to drop & swap. If anyone cares, here's how I'm set up:

    Blacksmithing & Jewelcrafting: Night Elf druid, main & PvP character.
    Leatherworking & Skinning: Worgen Rogue, co-main.
    Engineering & Enchanting: Dwarf Hunter, has most rare recipes for both professions including , , etc.
    Alchemy & Inscription: Human Warlock.
    Alchemy & Tailoring: Draenei Shaman.
    Mining & Herbalism: Human Mage.

    And a spattering of lowbies with assorted professions.

    What's your setup like?
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    1. fade's Avatar
      fade -
      85 Orc Warrior - JC & BS, main/PvP guy
      85 Orc Shaman - Mining & Herb - never switched off the leveling professions. Actually leveled this one to 85 first just for the farming.
      80 Goblin Priest - Alch & Herb, transmute monkey
      80 Blood Elf Warlock - Enchanting & Tailoring very fond of this alt for PvE & PvP
      80 Tauren Druid - Mining & Inscription - weird combo, had rolled him originally to stealth mine Dark Iron in Vanilla. Has every Inscription technique though.
      71 Troll Hunter - Skinning & LW - casually leveling this alt over the last 3 years.
      16 Tauren Paladin - Mining & Herb will replace the Shaman eventually
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Why in the world would you buy 10,000 skinning knives?
    1. calianna's Avatar
      calianna -
      85 Night Elf Warrior - JC & BS, main
      82 Draenei Death Knight - Ench & Mining - casually leveling to 85
      80 Dwarf Paladin - Alch & Herbalism - casually leveling to 85
      80 Human Mage - Inscription & Tailoring
      80 Draenei Priest - Eng & Tailoring
      80 Gnome Rogue - Alch & Eng
      70 Night Elf Druid - Skinning & LW - will probably level to 85 after DK and pally
      70 Night Elf Hunter - Skinning & LW

      Some strange combos and things that need to be switched around when I get back to leveling some of the other characters.
    1. Z-Man's Avatar
      Z-Man -
      85 Warlock - Alchemy/Jewelcrafting
      83 Shaman - Alchemy/Inscription (leveling through archaeology)
      83 Tauren Druid - Herbalism/Mining (leveling through farming, Realm First Herber)
      80 Paladin - Alchemy/Enchanting (instance farmer, next in line for questing)
      75 Hunter - Alchemy/Skinning
      65 Warrior - Alchemy/Blacksmith (450)
      65 Rogue - Alchemy/Leatherworking (450)
      65 DK - Alchemy/Jewelcrafting (450)
      65 Priest - Alchemy/Tailoring (450)
      1 Goblin Mage - Herbalism/Engineering

      Mage is an experiment, replacing the old level 65 Mage in that slot. He may reroll to Alchemy at 75/85 unless Volatile Air farming turns out be more profitable more than the extra Alchemy transmute.
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
      Why in the world would you buy 10,000 skinning knives?
      I'm guessing that was a joke... =)
    1. Brouck's Avatar
      Brouck -
      85 Human Warlock - BS/Tailor -> Raiding Toon
      82 Human Prot Pally - Enchant/Miner
      81 Gnome DK - JC/Alch
      80 Night Elf Druid - Herber/Skinner
      64 Dwarf Hunter - Scribe/??? Either another Alch or Engineer
    1. Gnomage's Avatar
      Gnomage -
      85 Gnome Mage - Tailor / Enchanter (Main, raider, spent 99% of my time on here, have all the twink enchants, +4 stats, +15 agil to wep, MC enchants etc.)

      81 Dwarf Paladin - Mining / JC

      80 Draenei Shaman - Herbalist / Alch

      80 Gnome DK - Herbalist / Alch

      74 Gnome Warrior - Mining / BS (Blacksmithing isn't actually max, I'm lazy..)

      1 Gnome Mage - AH skillz. Most of my money is made on this toon. I don't farm at all (Regardless of how it made look, since I have one miner and two herbalists). I don't go out and pick herbs for hours on end, the only "farming" of herb or ore I do is when I'm leveling up and see one questing. That's it.
    1. Antikythera's Avatar
      Antikythera -
      Eng / Miner - Druid
      (dont forget that mining only provides stat bonus for tank classes. Eng was the last profession i ever leveled.)
      JC / BS - Paladin
      (been feeding items to my Disenchanter since BC)
      LW / Skinning - Rogue
      (skinning is best on a DPS class. Even better on an AoE class. melee might be better than ranged because with melee you never have to run to the mob to skin it. they always die at your feet.)
      Alch / Scribe / Archaeology - DK
      (was a 68 alt in wrath. purely to be high enough to get transmute mastery. inscription made me gold capped. now archaeology has leveled it from 73 to 85. still no Vile of the Sands)
      Alch / Tailor - Hunter
      (alchemy mana pot was nice while leveling. tailor was to have a 3rd cloth CD. will be rerolled in Cata)
      Enchant / Tailor (x2) - mage (x2)
      (my mages were on different servers. always had them as these profession since vanilla.)
      Herb / Miner - Warrior
      (tank has stam bonus. herb bonus was pretty much useless)
      Scribe / Enchanter - 65 priest
      (was on the opposite faction to all my other toons. Enchanting for self sufficency. Scribe to ensure i dominated the glyph market on both factions. 100k from the priest alone)
    1. Zerohour's Avatar
      Zerohour -
      85 BE Paladin - Enchanting/Blacksmith - Raiding Main, and ring enchants are sexy. BE's get 525 so much easier, too. Blacksmithing remains one of the most profitable professions in the history of the game, while I tank dungeons a ton I always have access to lots of mats.
      85 BE Mage - Engineer/Miner - Probably going to make her a tailor whenever I decide who will mine for me. Having something to do while waiting on 40 minute queues is a benefit.
      85 BE Priest - Alchemy/Tailor - This is my Vanilla main. She has every recipe in the game for both and at the moment is transmute specced.
      83 Tauren Druid - Scribe/Herbalist - I've toyed with the idea of making her my miner since I'm not raiding on it anymore, but the thought of relearning all those glyphs makes me shudder.
      83 Orc Deathknight - Engineer/Jewelcrafter - A raiding toon, engineering was ridiculous in Wrath for tanks, and with new benefits will make tank gearing more interesting - that is when I get around to raiding him again.
      81 BE Hunter - Skinning/Leatherworker - My TBC/Part of Wrath main, has all the LW recipes. She was JC/LW because there were decent benefits to having both at one point. Since she's good for looking smokin' in Org with her old titles and afking on Ironbound Proto, she'll serve her use as I queue for randoms.
      80 BE Warrior - Alchemy/Miner - A throwaway fun toon. I love the class but not enough to raid on it.
      80 Goblin Shaman - Alchemy/Miner - A bank alt
      80 BE Rogue - Alchemy/Engineering - A BG twink dating back to Vanilla. Two hour flasks while twinking is win.
      80 BE Warlock - Alchemy/Enchanting - My old TBC Arena toon

      One can never have enough Alchemists. I've got a second account that I'll eventually level some toons on just for more Alchemists...
    1. vdh's Avatar
      vdh -
      I have started on a new server to play with some IRL friends a month ago, I'm currently sitting on 10K on my main and have alchemy maxxed. I am curretnly leveling a bunch of alts to get other professions maxxed, but i was wondering; what professions should I level first in priority?
    1. vigilpriest's Avatar
      vigilpriest -
      85 Taur ProtPally: Eng/BS - Goggles and Since people actually BUY tanking services on my server I can pretty much make profit running instances and get paid to roll on orbs
      85 UD Priest: Scribe/JC - My original main Scribe was honestly cause I hated shoulder enchant rep grinding. JC was for the easy meta gems.
      82 UD Rogue: Herbalist/Transmute Alch - I leveled them together for synergy
      71 BE Mage: Ench/Elixer Alch - I leveled him originally just to be my Disenchanter, but no he makes all my raid flasks.
      81 Orc Warrior: Eng/Miner - My pvp toon for the old stun resistence but now he's mostly just gathering dust.