• Contest Deadline Extension


    This post was supposed to go live on the 30th, but apparently I made a boo boo and it never made it live...

    I'm extending the contest deadline to January 15th. The holidays are busy times and I understand that many of you probably didn't have the time to work on a contest entry. We've got about 15 entries so far, so keep them coming!

    The holidays were very busy on my end as well and Santa was good to me, but now it's time to get my nose back to the grindstone.
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    1. Sinshroud's Avatar
      Sinshroud -
      Bump, looking forward to the contest finishing and seeing all the awesome entries!
    1. Zenit's Avatar
      Zenit -
      Can I turn in another post? I'm expecting a delayed work start on a server reset day.....what am I to do between 5am-7am?
    1. Sinshroud's Avatar
      Sinshroud -
      You can enter as many as you wish I believe.