• Reflecting on Past Cataclysm Speculation

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    I suppose this is a good time to let everyone know I'm moving into a new apartment that is currently internetless, so my web access is limited. The neighbor has allowed me to occasionally hop onto his connection to pay bills, check emails, and of course, re-post auctions and run a few heroics. Cataclysm has been very good to me so far, a few folks have been discussing results in this thread. I suppose I should weigh in on this as well. I speculated a lot here, and I think it's a good time to look back and evaluate my performance. Let's take a look at my past articles and what predictions I made, right or wrong;
    • Capitalizing on the Big Inscription Change: In this article I discussed the idea of stockpiling glyphs while they were cheap. At the time, glyphs could be made for under 2g, which is amazing considering their current price. I eventually stockpiled over 10,000 glyphs, and current cashflow is about 3500g/day from glyphs alone.
      Investment - 24,000g. Profit - 400,000g (at a modest 40g per glyph).
    • The Break We've Been Waiting For: I speculated that would become unavailable. The post sparked heated debates about the investment, some even labeling it as "stupid" (no hard feelings). A clever goblin attempted to sabotage the investment, claiming the recipe was "confirmed" to be sold by Dirge himself. I had my suspicions about this falsified information, and was right in the end.
      Investment - 20,500g. Expected profit - 69,500g (15,000g each, a modest figure).
    • BoE Stockpiling - An Opportunity Overlooked: This post discussed stockpiling low-level BoE items to feed the current demand for leveling items and twinks. This was a safe investment, BoEs are raking in 300-1000g per day and are showing no sign of slowing down. I also stockpiled 461 Deadmines greens (see Cold's Nine 10-19 Bracket Items Going Blue) which were also in the very-safe-investment category. I'm moving 3-5 per day at 80-110g each. This article was also the first ever mention that was unobtainable in Cataclysm and so far, this has held true.
      Deadmines greens investment - 1000g. Profit - 37,000g.
    • Dear Inscription - It's Not Me... It's YOU: I expressed my discontent with inscription, and described its bleak-looking future when put in contrast with early profits that Leatherworking and Blacksmithing offer. Tailoring recently joined the club too, since Dreamcloth is BOP, but the weekly profits are limited to the 4-5 Dreamcloth you can produce in this time frame. Entry-level crafted epics are selling for insane amounts right now, so much that you can probably pull off 100-200k profits if you work hard enough in the weeks to come. Leatherworking actually takes the cake here, since you can apparently buy s for 10 . This offers huge diversification opportunities for any dedicated leatherworker out there. The second prediction I made in this article was that inscription would produce the epic recipes for crafting professions, but I was wrong about that. El called me out, too.
      El: 1 - Sterling: 0.
    • Stockpile Report - Part 2: 700k And Counting: In this article I posted my entire stockpiled inventory. There are several items here that are still holding steady at their WotLK price, but until current stocks are liquidated we won't see prices move;
      • Investment - 6,000g
      • Investment - 25,000g
      • Investment - 3,500g
    • Some items have already shown profits or losses:
      • , , and are already moving at 1000/1200/1000/1800 respectively.
        Total invested - 38,150g. Profit - 108,000g.
      • can now be fished up. Oh well. Bought these at 200-500g and I can probably dump them for 100g.
        Investment - 5950g. Losses - 4250g.
    • Others are better held as long-term investments:
      • 2x, 2x, 2x, 1x.
      • 12x.
    • Bored? Go Slay a Dragon!: We discussed farming old-world dragons for soon-to-be extinct recipe. Recipes were my 2nd largest investment (200k) and so far it looks like the return will be very good. sold for 5k yesterday through trade (screenshot tonight), and a Leatherworker swept a full set of ToGC leatherworking recipes for 3.5k each. There were a few busts, including and but I had under 5k invested there. I think I can easily double or triple my investment on these, but let's call it +100k for now.
      Investment - 200,000g. Profit - 100,000g.

    In terms of Cataclysm profits, I'm in the same boat as everyone else. Farming has been awesome and netted me 100k, unfortunately I never had the time to farm as much as I wanted. Enchanting scrolls have been very profitable as well, notably , , and really any decent leveling enchant. Lady luck smiled upon me on my very first dungeon pull, netting me a pair of epic cloth gloves which immediately sold for 15k (in hindsight, should have gunned for more). , and sales on days where these gems are needed for the Jewelcrafting dailies holding steady at ~1k per day.

    Overall it's business as usual, don't forget that TODAY is where PvP kicks off, throw some PvP crafted gear at the AH!

    Sterling beaming out!
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    1. calianna's Avatar
      calianna -
      Some great results there, Sterling. On my server, I have noticed only a couple key differences.

      Despite the fact that can be fished, it seems to be fairly rare. I have seen a few listed at any given time, but they are sitting at 3k or more.

      On the flip side, has completely tanked in price. Three weeks ago they were at about 1000, a week ago they were 700 and this morning there are several under 200g.

      Finally, after an initial crash, has recovered a bit on the Alliance side. As a result, I'm able to move the few that have been popping up on the Horde side to Alliance for a 20g to 200g flip. I can't say the same about the 30+ I picked up. But, that was a total investment of less than 200g.
    1. Stede's Avatar
      Stede -
      Glad to see that's worked out for you, Sterling. It's interesting to see how you focused your strategies. A lot of these were huge investments to any casual player, but the time commitment seems pretty reasonable.

      Hardened Elementium Bars are going at 590g on my server... if only I could get 1.8k for each one...
    1. Gnomage's Avatar
      Gnomage -
      Tailoring is working out great for me, personally.
      Although my initial tailoring investment was 55,000g (I was realm-first, I could have done it cheaper, but wasn't really trying to save money at that point), I have recovered a good amount of that money. After I hit max I helped my guild leader get max tailoring also, only spent maybe 10,000g on that, so let's call it 65,000g in the first week spent on tailoring.

      The gear I made (Blue, level 81-85) sold for 1,000g - 2,000g (81-83) and 2,000g - 3,000g (85 PvP gear), I sold at least 15-20 of these pieces in the first week. Since then I've been crafting only the blue 85 PvP gear, which I move 2-5 pieces a day at 1,000-2,000g each, while each piece costs me roughly 300-500g each to make (Buying all mats, I don't farm).

      As far as epics go, you can make 6 dreamcloth per week. The 359 epic pants recipe's cost 6 of these cloth, so 1 week is 1 pair of pants. The 359 belt costs 4 to make, and the epic intellect "spellthread" are 1 each. The estimated cost at current server prices is 800-1,000g per dreamcloth to make.

      There is a down-side to the epics only being able to be crafted ONE a week, it means slow out-put, with HIGH demand. However, on the flip side, since it is an entire week cooldown on SIX recipe's to make ONE pair of pants, tailors can sell these for however much they want. I would say 20k per pair easily for at least a month, maybe two. (Me being a main-raider in my guild, I have to take 2 weeks to craft these epics for myself, then comes the money).

      I have no idea how much the spellthread will be selling for at this point. At 800-1,000g, with a week cooldown on each dreamcloth (and) spellthread.. I have no idea. I would price these at 2,000g, but I don't know if people would actually pay this for the upgrade of 30 spellpower and 35 stamina / spirit. If not, I'll just make pants / belts, and let people buy the blue spellthread. (Sorry for no WoW-head tags in my post, running short on time right now! I'll fix it later)
    1. Krof's Avatar
      Krof -
      s buyable for leather? I think that's a misunderstanding...
      Leatherworkers can buy for 10x
    1. Sterling's Avatar
      Sterling -
      Quote Originally Posted by Krof View Post
      s buyable for leather? I think that's a misunderstanding...
      Leatherworkers can buy for 10x
      My source was off, I don't have a maxed LW and didn't think it would be datamined either.

      Luckily I dodged this one with careful wording .