• Realm First Attempt Results!

    Well folks, Cataclysm launch has come and gone, what a whirlwind it was! You probably guessed that I've been grinding away at the new content this whole time - you're partially right - I've put all my time toward farming. A friend asked me how the new content is like, and I couldn't really answer his question. All that matters right now is that gathering is very profitable. But we'll get to that.

    My realm first attempt went well. I had voiced my concerns about the competition earlier the evening of release. Fused, the server's top guild, had 35 members online at 7pm, and I suspected that my main competitors would be from this group. I was definitely right about that. There were several serious competitors in the race:
    • 3 dungeon groups from Fused.
    • 2 dungeon groups of assorted guilds.
    • A handful of solo levelers from Fused.
    • Several known, skilled players from various guilds.

    The dungeon groups immediately built a substantial lead. While everyone was busy fighting for mobs in Hyjal, these groups were clearing instances and gaining some serious ground on everyone else. By the time I was 81.25, the two fastest dungeon groups had already hit 82.

    One of the Fused groups, lead by the Shadowmourne-wielding Shundara, used a very interesting hybrid leveling plan. They jumped from dungeon grinding to leveling, meaning they would have to rely on each member to complete the intermediate grinds quickly in order to resume dungeon grinding simultaneously. Their plan paid off, as they were able to snatch up 5 Realm First 85 achievements. A big round of applause for them!

    Fortunately, none of these 5 players were druids, so I still had a shot at that particular realm first. Almost exactly 14 hours after launch, I reached level 85 and earned myself the sparkly feat of strength Realm First: Level 85 Druid, beating every dungeon group and solo quester on Thunderlord. Some screenshots:

    1 - Ding
    2 - Grats spam

    Looking back, I only wish Blizzard hadn't dropped the ball on XP gains. At the stroke of midnight, players were instructed to restart WoW in order to activate Cataclysm content. One would assume that this would activate post-80 XP gains, but nope. I handed in 4 daily quests before I realized I was not gaining XP. 30 minutes later, the problem was fixed, but this whole time hundreds of players had traveled to Hyjal and Vash'ir, meaning I would start behind the pack no matter what. 80-81 took me 2 hours 20 minutes, versus 1 hour 5 minutes on my best beta run.

    A couple folks here showed their appreciation for the realm first guide, attributing part of their success to the guide itself. That meant a lot to me! Anyone else around here snatch some realm firsts? I'd love to see some screenshots.

    Now that Cataclysm is in full swing, you can expect some juicy gold-making schemes to be posted here again, in fact I better get back to making copious amounts of gold .

    Sterling beaming out!
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    1. Zenit's Avatar
      Zenit -
      Let me be the first to congradulate you on your druid realm first!

      A few of my guildmates were BRC grinding the first few hours and that worn off about T+7hrs. They later switch to questing at 83+ and they reported that what killed their momentum was the 9 mil XP for L84-85 and were running out of quests in Twilight Highlands. Server first was a warrior and the last class to come in was a priest.

      I will be using your guide when I get to level. Great job once again.
    1. Ahdude's Avatar
      Ahdude -

      BTW - Is there a way to see what realm first have been accomplished? I wondering if some crafting ones are still not done yet?
    1. Zerohour's Avatar
      Zerohour -
      Grats on it.

      It takes me 2.5-3 hours to log in nightly because of queues. I predict I'll be 85 sometime this weekend. Last night I didn't get finally logged in until like 9:30pm my time so when I got in I was actually tired. Someone I knew invited me to run a dungeon or two with them, and then they all logged out after. I'm almost 82. I only get 2-3 hours of playtime when I get in because of bedtimes, too bad. I didn't feel like questing after so I pulled out my miner.
    1. Chans's Avatar
      Chans -
      Nice job. Your planning and execution made this all possible. Well played!
    1. Zenit's Avatar
      Zenit -
      @Ahdude, Kaliope the crafting blogger is trying to put together the realm first for every category, but I'm sure everything is taken except for JC which can only be obtained in day 4 due to the 515-525 points. The 1st and 2nd JC will be a photo finish once the daily resets.
    1. calianna's Avatar
      calianna -
      If they are within a minute of each other, don't both people get it? I remember on Windrunner, there were 3 people that got realm first DK's at the start of Wrath. Not sure if that is still in effect, however. If so, there could be several realm first JC's.
    1. Sinshroud's Avatar
      Sinshroud -
      Big congrats Sterling, all your effort indeed paid off
    1. codymac's Avatar
      codymac -
      I was at mining 523 when someone else on our server got it. #fail
    1. Meyer's Avatar
      Meyer -
      First of all congratz on the realm first Druid. It’s a big accomplishment, and even if it’s not THE Realm first, it’s still very impressive, and I honestly mean that.

      I would also point you that I have enjoyed reading your “realm first attempt ports on the forum”.

      Even if I wasn’t going for anything realm first of anything (besides “Realm first herbs at 1.000G/stack on AH”) it was very fun and inspiring to read your preparation – that’s also why I made a 50$ prize to the website if you made it “realm first”.

      Well as impressive as it is “realm first druid” isn’t realm first – but I’ll donate 50% of the original amount to the project “First Monthly Contest - Win Cash Prizes and Other Goodies!“ as a thx of a very interesting insight to your project. There is no doubt that if I had to vote for “best post on the forum the last month” it would be yours.

      PM me a paypal account or something like that, and I’ll transfer 25$
    1. Riscoco's Avatar
      Riscoco -
      From a fellow druid, FANTASTIC. It's a real honor to be associated with you and our fellow "Windtraders" I think ive lost complete control over the AH though. Should have gone for a Realm 1st rather

      Keep up the good work and excellent writing.
    1. Leviosa's Avatar
      Leviosa -
      Huge grats!
    1. Zenit's Avatar
      Zenit -
      @Cali, your right, I did see 2 JC on my server get realm 1st and my guildmate (who we were all waiting until 3am were cheering for) came in 3rd with a minute behind due to the last 2 point not procing. The meta cuts turned green at 520.

      Screenshot when later as I got it on my home desktop.
    1. Env's Avatar
      Env -
      I made it! Realm first 85 as a lock.
      I had no serious competition though, the realm 2nd came about 3 hours later.

      I was leveling alone the whole time, even hyjal was empty. I made it there first through the goblin engi port to everlook and then flew to hyjal without the 5 minutes drake ride. That gave me my headstart
    1. Ayo's Avatar
      Ayo -
      Very nice all realm firsts!

      And Sterling, much appreciation to all of your work putting together the very excellent cata guide. Congratulations.