• WoW Marathon & Tuesday Lowbie Frenzy

    Before we get started, I'd like to let everyone know about a special group of players seeking world-first 85. I normally wouldn't plug anyone like this, but this one's for charity. Vitality of Ner'zhul will be streaming their attempt to world-first 85, while collecting donations for their hard work. The proceeds from their venture will go directly to Free Wheelchair Mission, an organization that provides (you guessed it) free wheelchairs to the less fortunate throughout the world.

    I kindly ask my readers to take a few minutes and check out their site. If you can, support these folks with a small donation.

    On December 6th, the First Annual Video Game Marathon will attempt to become the world’s first level 85 character. We will be playing for 48 hours straight, hosting various contests, and information about our journey. We will also be helping to raise money for Free Wheelchair Mission.

    Visitors are encouraged to come watch a team of dedicated gamers race through the new expansion for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Visitors will also be encouraged to donate money through the site to Free Wheelchair Mission, a nonprofit organization that provides a low-cost wheelchair, free of charge, to people with disabilities living in developing countries.

    We have set up various levels of donations to help entertain and encourage donations for our viewers. We will have various contests throughout the marathon, and plenty of free gifts for our viewers, that will be sent out to the winners at the conclusion of the marathon at no charge to them. We will be streaming live, and interacting with the community via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and our online live stream chat.
    For more information, go to

    December 6th, 2010 @ 9 AM PST

    In service since 2001, Free Wheelchair Mission has sent over 500,000 specially-designed wheelchairs around the world, providing the gift of mobility free of charge to people with disabilities in 77 developing countries. For just $59.20, a wheelchair can be manufactured, shipped and distributed… changing a life, forever. To learn more, please go to

    Blizzard posted a public poll on asking players what they would be doing immediately after the shattering, and the results were not only surprising, but very relevant to any entrepreneur;

    About 40% of voters said they would roll a new alt this coming Tuesday (or at least, it is strongly suspected that it will drop this Tuesday). For one, I love that Blizzard is ramping up the events like this. This is a perfect "primer" for alt leveling, and expect many players to return to these alts once they get bored with 85 content.

    Until the expansion hits on December 7th, expect some markets to open/close;
    • Look out for low-level snatches at the AH such as and .
    • Look to sell low-level BoEs, particularly epic weapons.
    • Make sure you're selling the right enchanting scrolls.
    • Monitor the herb market. This might be a good time to stock up on items like , depending on which way the market goes.
    • Certain glyphs are insanely good for leveling. Make sure you've got these posted at the AH. We might even see a mini-glyphmas, in fact you could start advertising glyph kits now.
    • It might be a good time to unload all of those Deadmines greens (turning blue on Tuesday?). I'm not sure if this item change will occur with 4.0.3a, anyone care to confirm?
    • Feast of Winter Veil will require loads of . I could see prices dropping - but again, this is hard to predict. Check out this thread for everything Winter Veil.

    There's just so much to take in. I'm feeling a little giddy as we approach huge revelations such as the fate of Dirge's recipe. If I missed anything here - as I'm sure I did - please share.

    How are you preparing for the shattering?
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    1. Zerohour's Avatar
      Zerohour -
      The Fate of Dirge's recipe. LOL. I love that.

      For me, I'll be actively seeking out Deathwing to stand in the fire. The past 2 months since I called raiding for my guild has been nothing but achievement and rep grinds. It's been a blast raising 16 BC/Vanilla factions to Exalted in that time, I've only got a handful left to finish out. I'm one run away with AQ40 and Black Temple before hitting max exalted with each. And last night I finally scored a after thousands of casts (the exact number of casts last night was 37 until bing!). I've got my and my Shen'dralar rep ready to roll for the incoming FoS. The only thing I'm missing are legendaries.

      So once the Shattering happens, I'm going to continue as normal, because it's a long 2 weeks before they release the thing.
    1. mekender's Avatar
      mekender -
      New races wont be available until Cata goes live
    1. calianna's Avatar
      calianna -
      But the new race/class combos for existing races will be available, such as human and undead hunters, dwarf shaman, etc.
    1. Zerohour's Avatar
      Zerohour -
      I am wondering who will roll Dwarf Shaman.... I mean having that Stoneform thing is a huge benefit. Rarest combo in the game - female dwarf shaman.
    1. Namssob's Avatar
      Namssob -
      I'm with you Sterling - very giddy! My only concern after the shattering is knowing where I'm going and getting the "lay of the land". Once Cataclysm hits, I don't want to be wasting time trying to figure out where to go, and how to get there.
    1. Krof's Avatar
      Krof -
      It might be a good time to unload all of those Deadmines greens (turning blue on Tuesday?). I'm not sure if this item change will occur with 4.0.3a, anyone care to confirm?
      All the items should be changed with this patch, they are blue on the PTR as it is now.