• PvP Driven Demand?

    As far I can tell there has been no indication that consumables will be disabled in Rated Battlegrounds, as they are currently in arenas. It seems obvious to me that any dedicated battlegrounds raid will seek to maintain its competitive edge by requiring every member to flask and/or make use of consumables. The more important implication of this change is the relative price of herbs in Cataclysm. With the majority of players seeking to optimize performance in battlegrounds - will there be an explosion in demand for herbs? I suspect guilds will be more inclined to participate in rated battlegrounds as well, further stressing demand for said consumables. This is great news for alchemists, as there may be wider margins and increased volume of sales for potions, elixirs and flasks. As opposed to arenas, Battlegrounds are more forgiving to the average dragon farmer, catering more to the glass-canon, 7k gearscore obliteration machine. But I digress.

    The next question is pertinent to us, as entrepreneurs: will there be demand for items currently in-game? Could these be stockpiled now for a profit later? Some candidates immediately come to mind, including and . These are rarely seen in battlegrounds due to their cost Ė who wants to spend 20g on a single potion, when there is no real end reward, besides extra honor? This will all change with Rated Battlegrounds; guilds will be spending thousands on consumables to achieve that competitive edge. As hard-headed as Blizzard can be, Iím sure theyíll eventually fix this. But the question remains: how to prepare now?

    Letís check out some items that are likely to be used in battlegrounds:

    Believe it or not, scales with spell power, and silences all players in target area for 5 seconds. This one is game breaking! I could foresee this item becoming of standard use in high-level battlegrounds. For now, I'm picking up any cheap and . I may actually end up using the items myself, as I'm an avid PvPer.

    At the very least, if you plan on using these competitively, I suggest stocking up now. If there are any other items missing from the list, please do contribute!

    Ta-ta fellas, Sterling out!
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      This is an old news but it should still be noted that this won't be the case, actually:

      Short: Rated BGs will follow the same rules that arenas follow now.