• Quick Update & First Batch of Wind Traders!

    Just letting everyone know that we're very happy with how the site is coming along. The community has been growing steadily and it's very satisfying to see hard work pay off. Speaking of hard work, we've been busy sifting through heaps of applications. So if you haven't heard back from us, hang tight. I think we had 30 unread applications last I checked..

    On the same token, I'm pleased to introduce our first batch of Wind Traders!

    Sykez of Emerald Dream EU.
    Moravec of Dragonblight EU.
    Leviosa of Area 52 US.
    Ocho of Nordrassil EU.
    Valokai of Wyrmrest Accord US.
    Allaphon of Mal'Ganis US.

    Please, a round of applause for our Wind Traders!