• Become a Wind Trader

    The Wind Traders are a proud and exclusive group of individuals keen on sharing ideas and discussing the finer points of gold-making. Due to the sensitive nature of the information contained within the private forum, applications may be veto'd should the applicant's server slot be occupied by a Wind Trader at the time (though very uncommon).

    See the member list.

    In the grand scheme of things, we look for 3 qualities within a Wind Trader (in order of importance):
    • Personable: enjoyable and friendly personalities are a big plus.
    • Knowledgeable: your knowledge of WoW economics must be above-par.
    • Active: you must maintain some sort of activity on the forums and make regular contributions. We don't expect anything outrageous, but make sure to check in every few days.

    Think you would fit in? Read on!

    Guidelines, Tips & Requirements:

    1. Be comprehensive. We've received amazing applications in the past - the bar is set high. Take your time, and put together something worth reading!
    2. Be comprehensive. This necessary cliche is meant to emphasize the fact that we take kindly to thorough applications. Here's an example of an application that was turned down.
    3. Be specific. What have you recently flipped? What is on your snatch list? How do you make use of your professions? These are just a few questions that your application should answer. We understand the basic concepts of making gold - we'd like to hear about your specific methods.
    4. Make good use of the English language. Use proper formatting and show some sense of humor!
    5. The Consortium is strongly opposed to hacking, botting, and scamming. Applicants are advised to avoid such topics.
    6. We take kindly to users that show early promise. Being active in the forums, even without Wind Trader status, is a huge plus. If you have not been active since registering, your application will most likely be rejected.
    7. To give applicants a better idea of what we expect, we now provide sample applications. You view them here and here. Keep in mind that the application questions may be different for you.

    As of November 2/12, it is a requirement for applicants to have at least 75 quality posts OR 8 rep on the forums before applying. Your registration date and contributions will also be considered.

    The Application Process:

    The entire application process will take approximately 2-3 weeks. During this time, the current Wind Traders and Staff members will review your application. We take into account things such as your forum posts, any discussions you have started, any contributions made, your general attitude, etc.

    General timeline for applications:

    1. Your application is submitted to forum staff for initial screening. (1-3 days)
    2. Your application is moved to the Applications forum, where you may discuss it with Wind Traders. (7-14 days).
    3. Wind Traders will deliberate in private and make a final decision on your application (up to 7 days).

    Should your application be turned down at any point, you will be notified.

    Your application thread will be open for discussion and only visible to the applicant and other Wind Traders. Within the application thread, Wind Traders and site staff may ask follow up questions. These follow up questions are meant to get more insight about the applicant. The process is more personal and also serves as a means to establish a friendly relationship.

    Should you chose to apply, it's in your best interest to check your application thread frequently to answer any follow up questions that may have been asked.

    Remember, within the applications forum, you can only see your own thread and discussions!

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