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    by Published on April 1st, 2014 05:55 AM
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    Long time members of the site will notice that we're not huge fans of promoting other gold guides and have turned down many requests through the years. However, this time is different. Phatlewts' Ultimate Gold Guide is the biggest development in gold-making since the discovery of Savory Deviate Delights, and is about to shake the world of goblincraft to its very core.


    If that name sounds unfamiliar, you need to start paying attention. Phatlewts is not just another Wind Trader on our prestigious forums. He's a suit-wearing gold-making genius, youtube celebrity, and video editor extraordinaire.

    Bring all of that together, and you get Phatlewts' Ultimate Gold Guide.

    What Can I Expect From Phatlewts Ultimate Gold Guide?

    Phatlewts doesn't promise gold, he promises Gold Cap - and with good reason. By any standard, Phatlewts' Ultimate Gold Guide is absolutely massive. Phatlewts' Ultimate Gold Guide literally contains hours upon hours of manuals and tutorials that will run through the whole process of learning and eventually mastering gold-making. Nothing is left out, and Phatlewts takes you by the hand, revealing the smallest details about every aspect of gold-making. It's 100% foolproof.

    In fact, I held myself in high regards until Phatlewts sent me a review copy of Phatlewts' Ultimate Gold Guide. And now, for me, it's back to the drawing board. Phatlewts' Ultimate Gold Guide has changed the way I do everything. In terms of presentation, the writing style is light and easy to read with many detailed diagrams, vivid pictures and a clean and crisp user interface. The content is cutting-edge, accessible and practical.

    In this regard, Phatlewts' Ultimate Gold Guide does not disappoint. True to his word, Phatlewts is zealously focused on taking the tactics and strategies of the top goblins in the world and making sure that it is relevant and applicable to every player. It reminds me so much of the Goblineer's gold guide in that it forces you to sit back and think through your actions and not just feeding you the correct play but more importantly, why its right (or wrong.)

    I tried really hard but ultimately I couldn't find anything I could realistically disagree with in Phatlewts' Ultimate Gold Guide and actually learned a thing or two myself. As a long-time player who has been present since Beta, I believe that speaks volumes about the quality of Phatlewts' Ultimate Gold Guide.

    He managed to capture all the detail I've always looked for in a gold-making guide, and he managed to make it simple, accessible and effective, eliminating the interminable volume of useless fluff that is present in most other guides.

    I don't recommend these products often - who wants to spend more money when they pay a monthly fee already - but for the sheer amount of time you save and the understanding of the class you will gain, you could do a lot worse than giving this guide a look-see.

    Phatlewts Exclusive Forum Access!

    For a limited time only, get your copy of Phatlewts' Ultimate Gold Guide and receive exclusive access to the Phatlewts Private Forums here at! What's more? Phatlewts Gold Guide Exclusive members receive the following perks;
    • INFINITE private message storage space.
    • A 10% discount on limited-edition Phatlewts t-shirts (available in XXL and XXXL only)

    • Super cool username neon glow:

    • Sneak-peak preview of TradeSkillAdvanced!!!

    So what are you waiting for? Stop slaving away and join the club today. That's Phatlewts' Ultimate Gold Guide!
    by Published on March 13th, 2014 11:22 PM

    We have been working very hard over the past few months on a major upgrade for the TradeSkillMaster Application, and we're finally ready to invite more people to try it out. So, we're planning on starting a closed beta phase for the new application within a matter of days (pending catastrophic issues). What's new? As you may know, the TSM app has recently had issues getting data from Blizzard. This new application fixes that and provides exciting new data to TSM_AuctionDB.

    New Global Prices for AuctionDB

    In addition to updating AuctionDB's market value and min buyout prices for the realms you have selected, the application will update AuctionDB with a handful of new global market prices. These are based on horde and alliance across US and EU combined.

    New "Global Sale Price"

    This tells you exactly what people are paying for a given item. The way we are determining this is unique to TSM, and extremely accurate compared to TUJ and similar websites. More details about this will come in the near future (once we're convinced it'll work at scale), but suffice it to say: we don't make this claim lightly.

    How to sign up?
    There are a few limitations of the beta version of this new application:
    • Does not yet do any deal notifications.
    • Currently, only Windows is supported (no mac version).

    We hope to fix these limitations ASAP, but if they don't bother you, and you'd like to sign up for the beta, you can do so by signing into your account at, clicking on the "My Account" link in the top-right, going to the "TSM Apps Auth" page, and clicking on the link there.

    Future Plans
    There are many other things which are still in the works, and there's still lots to do to ensure the stability of the new features we've already implemented. The new application obviously can't get all of this data directly from Blizzard, so the app now goes data through a new TSM server we have setup to process the data from Blizzard and provide it to our users. This new server is expensive (10x our previous server costs), so if you enjoy TSM, and want to help ensure our continued progress on new features such as this, please consider supporting us financially.

    Feedback / Comments / Lack of NDA
    Please use this thread for any feedback, comments, or questions regarding this new version of the TSM Application. There is no NDA here. You're free to share any information / screenshots / etc you want if you're invited to the beta.
    by Published on February 14th, 2014 08:53 AM
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    Moved from premium, enjoy!

    This will be the second installment of my Mastery Guides series. Make sure to check my signature for a full list of guides!

    In a recent poll, Enchanting ranked first as the most popular profession amongst goblins. It is a profession every goblin should have, no matter how ambitious his or her goals. Indeed, as a standalone profession, Enchanting offers great perks such as disenchanting and a handful of profitable crafts. For the ambitious, the full potential of Enchanting can be unlocked through tremendous investments in both time and gold. Though it may be intimidating to most, these "gated" profits are what make Enchanting so lucrative.

    As with my sniping mastery guide, you will find the instructions here to be quite detailed. My goal was to make the guide thorough enough for beginners, and complex enough for experienced goblins alike. Whether you plan to use Enchanting on a lowbie alt or on your main, this guide will show you how to master the profession and make oodles of gold while you're at it. Onward!

    Read on...
    by Published on January 2nd, 2014 02:10 PM
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    When people ask what Santa got me for Christmas, I tell them about the sweet Sniper functionality Sapu94 built into TSM_Shopping.

    For me, sniping was the one feature missing from TSM 2.0. At the moment its potential is massively under-appreciated - hopefully this article changes that. Back in 2010-2011, sniping was one of my major source of income. Sniping is a lost art in goldmaking, one that died alongside Auctioneer when TradeSkillMaster was borne unto this world. Earlier this year, some attempts were made at developing a Sniper module for TSM, but the addon wasn't very functional the the project eventually died. Last week, in blazing and glorious fashion, Sapu stepped in and wrote Sniper functionality into TSM_Shopping. You can view the original thread here.

    What is sniping? Sniping is a strategy where you look to pick off cheap items from the Auction House moments after they're posted, or just before they expire (bid sniping). It's effective because it allows you to get the best possible deals. TUJ's Great Deals page and WoWuction's Bargain Hunter are awesome, but the deals shown on these pages can be several minutes old. True deals sit at the Auction House for mere seconds - these are the deals you're after with Sniper.

    Read on... ...

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