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    by Published on July 28th, 2015 09:54 AM
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    Moved from premium, enjoy!

    This will be the fourth installment of my Mastery Guides series. Make sure to check my signature for a full list of guides!

    Standard disclaimer: My intention was to make this guide as newbie-friendly as possible, so the steps below are fairly detailed. You should nonetheless be familiar with the very basics of TSM. For this I always recommend @PhatLewts TSM video series. Make sure to check out his blog and drop him some rep while you're at it.

    The Mastery series has been about scrutinizing and re-inventing the way in which we make gold with professions or with certain addons. When I initially set out to produce the Jewelcrafting and Enchanting mastery guides, I expected to refine my strategies. Rather, I found myself patching up gaping holes in my strategies and filling markets I didn't even know existed.

    Mining was no different. The inconspicuous profession, in my opinion, is criminally overlooked by gold-makers everywhere. This screenshot should give you an idea of what I'm talking about:

    In the right environment, I would say it's reasonable to expect 4000g in daily profits. You should expect lower profits on smaller realms (~2k), but higher margins and less volume. By the way, this is done as a casual player, so these strategies won't necessitate inordinate amounts of play time on your part (see my TUJ profile). You can pull in far more if you have the luxury of re-posting often (I don't).

    by Published on July 20th, 2015 06:22 AM
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    In TSM 3 it is possible to import items using bonus id's. This will give us the option to split items by stage and or variations. However, I've only split the items by stage 1 trough 6. The reason why i decided to not use any variations is because I had a discussion with @Muffin PvEHero, if the variations would be included the list would be immense.

    To give you an idea on how to import items with the use of bonus id's I will give a few examples.
    First of all to add a item with a bonus id use the following i:itemid:0:amountofbonusids:bonusid

    Now lets make an import string of an item with one or more bonus id(s) in the example i will use the following item
    The base id of the item is 124288 so the first part of the string would look like i:1242888. Now we will add the heroic version to the item (You can select the heroic version on wowhead and see the bonus id on the address bar of your web browser). The heroic bonus id is 566 so the import string would now become i:124288:0:1:566, now if we want to add something like warforged, socket, tertiary stat or even all the import string would become i:124288:0:4:40:561:564:566. In the last example we added warforged, tertiarty stat, socket and heroic bonus id's to the item.

    For any item that has bonus id's you can use the example above.

    If you find any error in the import string please let me know

    Blacksmithing Armor Stage 1:
    Blacksmithing Armor Stage 2:
    Blacksmithing Armor Stage 3:
    Blacksmithing Armor Stage 4:
    Blacksmithing Armor Stage 5:
    Blacksmithing Armor Stage 6:
    by Published on June 18th, 2015 12:24 PM
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    This just in - the TradeSkillMaster 3 beta will be going live this Saturday, June 20th! All goblins rejoice!

    The TSM team posted a short video on their site and an extensive changelog.
    by Published on May 29th, 2015 02:47 PM
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    WoW-GPS Shutting Down?

    It's a sad day in Goblin Land. @Kathroman , creator of WoW-GPS, accomplished goblin, and long-time moderator of our forums, announced yesterday that he has no plans to develop WoW-GPS any further. Our blog section isn't exactly super visible, so I figured I'd give it some exposure here.

    WoW-GPS has been one of my favorite gold-making tools since its launch in 2012 (yeah, it's been 3 years!). The Crafted DE module, for one, remains one of the most creative and unique tool I've had the privilege of working with. In fact, it's still fully functional and relevant today! Give it a whirl, you never know what you'll discover.

    Now, it would be criminal to let WoW-GPS die off without any effort on our end to keep it alive. Kathroman is open to the idea of handing over the project, so shoot him a PM if you're interested. Should hosting expenses be of concern, let me know and I'll help cover those costs.

    Feel free to discuss this further with Kathroman in his blog post. At the very least, drop by and thank him for giving us the great tool that is WoW GPS!

    Ayssa's Profession Crafter Spreadsheet

    Bad news should always be paired with good news. That's where @ayssa comes in.

    Over the past few years, @ayssa has been quietly racking up reputation points with awesome contributions throughout the forums. That includes the newly released Profession Craft Spreadsheet

    We've seen our share of spreadsheets throughout the years, there's no doubt about that. But this is something else. I haven't seen an extensive spreadsheet like this since Pliaksi's Goblin Crafter back in 2011.

    Ayssa's spreadsheet features profession craft analyses, a full garrison spreadsheet, and a super neat server transfer sheet. The latter helps you find items that can be moved profitably from one server to another. As far as I know, it's the first spreadsheet of its kind!

    You can check out the original thread here. Make sure to drop ayssa some rep while you're at it.

    Elen is still MIA

    As a quick closing note, our friend Elen is still MIA and has not been active online since El's Anglin went offline several months ago. The nature of this disappearance is still unknown, but for now it's best to assume Elen has moved onto greater things.

    Elen; if you're reading this, I'd like to thank you on behalf of this community for giving us El's Anglin' (and much more). You made the game we love so much better.

    Or as they say; so long, and thanks for all the fish.

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