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    Make 3000G in 15 minutes (Cross Faction option)

    A lot of people are currently working on the 200 recipe achievement IronChef, and if:

    1. You are able to create an Alliance toon;
    2. You can move items cross faction.

    You'll be able to make some nice gold in 15 minutes' work.

    The whole point is to get which is a reward from an Alliance only Quest, but since you only need to be level 4 to accept the quest, it's very fast to create and level a new toon - do the quest, sell the recipe and start over.

    What to do:
    1. Create a Draenei hunter and log in (hunters are probably the fastest to level).
    2. Accept the quest [quest]You Survived![/quest] right in front of you as you enter. Turn it in.
    3. Accept [quest]Replenishing the Healing Crystals[/quest], do the quest and turn in. Accept [quest]Urgent Delivery![/quest] - but don't turn it in yet.
    4. Run a little west and accept: [quest]Volatile Mutations[/quest] (just kill the mobs, no need to loot) - when done turn it in.
    5. Accept [quest]What Must Be Done...[/quest] and [quest]Botanical Legwork[/quest] (right next to the NPC) - run west and do these. When done run back and turn them in (don't accept new ones).
    6. Run inside the house and turn in [quest]Urgent Delivery![/quest] (don't accept the new one).
    7. Go to the Hunter trainer, train Steady Shot.
    8. Accept and do [quest]Steadying Your Shot[/quest] - when done - turn it in.

    At this point you are close to level 4, and you head out west. When you cross the river you run on the south side of the road and kill 6 Stags for 6 x

    When you have 6 you run to Azure Watch and accept the quest [quest]The Great Moongraze Hunt[/quest] - turn in the 6 items and you'll get .

    Mail it to your banker, log out and delete your toon.

    All this is possible to do in less then 15 minutes.

    12 minutes and 50 seconds - and i have sold 2 of the recipes on the horde side the last 4 days alone each at 3000G.
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    Very nice find and an awesome GPH there Meyer! +rep
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    Awesome, never realized how easy it was to do this recipe. Front-paged!

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    @Aeg, you never should have left man! We could have made a deal on this one!

    @Meyer, you didn't think of putting this into the Stormspire forums?!?! ;-)
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    Glad its here

    Looks like fun too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Namssob View Post
    @Meyer, you didn't think of putting this into the Stormspire forums?!?! ;-)
    It was in the Stormspire for a couple of days before he posted it in the public forums.

    Good guide though.
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    This really is a great way of making gold, at the moment just this week I have sold 4 recipes for the suggested price of 3000g which utterly blew me away when I saw myself gradually sell out and had to quickly farm a couple more.

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    Great guide but sadly this doesn't work for me , I dunno if it's about the low population of hordes on my realm or just because 3k is too much for them. My recipe was up for about 2-3 weeks now noone even offer lower price via mail. Gonna try and put it on something like 2.5 even 2k and see how it goes.

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    Been doing this for 2 weeks now, soley by buying the patterns on the alliance side and sending them over to horde. It would seem someone has picked up their popularity on the alliance side and i can now pick up at least 1 a day for 120g.

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    Man, I started posting one at 3k. The next week another guy joined me and we have been slowly undercutting each other, and now are at 1200g. 0 sales. Really frustrating. I was wondering if I should try and sell it through trade and barking it as alli only? :\



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