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    Guide: Gold-making Opportunities at the Darkmoon Faire

    Step Right Up: Gold-making Opportunities at the Darkmoon Faire

    The Darkmoon Faire is a weeklong event beginning the first Sunday of every month. It takes place on Darkmoon Island, a zone only accessible during the week of the Faire. Whereas most folks see it as fun and games, the Faire provides many options for the auction house opportunist to take advantage of.

    Section 1: Obtaining Prize Tickets

    s can be used to buy a variety of items during the Faire. Many of these items can fetch a good price on the auction house, which we will cover later in the guide. First, we’ll discuss ways to acquire prize tickets. If you have yet to attend the Faire on a particular character, there is a quest giver in each major city where you can obtain The Darkmoon Faire. Turning in the quest will reward 5 prize tickets and a copy of . DMF profession quests and item drop quests can only be completed once per month, but the mini-games can be done daily while the Darkmoon Faire is available.

    Profession Quests

    Quests are available for each profession at the Darkmoon Faire, including secondary professions. Each quest will award trade skill points as well as experience, reputation, and prize tickets. These are a great way to get additional experience and skill-ups on a leveling character. You will need to have a skill level of at least 75 to pick up the profession related quests. They can be done at maximum level and profession skill, so you may still want to complete these for prize tickets at level 100.

    Crafting Profession Quests:
    Alchemy- A Fizzy Fusion, requires x5 and x5.
    Blacksmithing- Baby Needs Two Pair of Shoes, no required mats, but you may want to bring along with you.
    Tailoring- Banners, Banners Everywhere!, requires , , .
    Leatherworking- Eyes on the Prizes, requires x10, x5, and x5.
    Jewelcrafting- Keeping the Faire Sparkling
    Enchanting- Putting Trash to Good Use
    Engineering- Talkin' Tonks
    Inscription- Writing the Future, requires x5.

    Gathering Profession Quests:
    Herbalism- Herbs for Healing
    Mining- Rearm, Reuse, Recycle
    Skinning- Tan My Hide

    Secondary Profession Quests:
    Archeology- Fun for the Little Ones, requires 15 fossil fragments.
    First Aid- Putting the Carnies Back Together Again
    Cooking- Putting the Crunch in the Frog, requires x5
    Fishing- Spoilin' for Salty Sea Dogs

    Quest Drops

    The quest Test Your Strength, started by Kerri Hicks, requires you to bring 250 . You can obtain these by killing appropriate level mobs as long as you have in your inventory. There are also multiple rare items that drop from dungeons, raids, and PvP if you carry the adventurer’s guide on you. The rare quest drops are tradable and auctionable. If you have a shopping list set up to buy these items cheaply, you can profit off of them by either gouging the prices while the Faire is in town, or turning them in and using the resulting tickets for pets or gear to sell.

    Rare Quest Drops:
    - Starts The Master Strategist (15 tickets)
    - Starts A Curious Crystal (10 tickets)
    - Starts An Exotic Egg (10 tickets)
    -Starts An Intriguing Grimoire (10 tickets)
    - StartsA Wondrous Weapon (10 tickets)
    -Starts Tools of Divination (10 tickets)
    - Starts A Captured Banner (5 tickets)
    - Starts The Enemy's Insignia (5 tickets)
    -Starts The Captured Journal (5 tickets)

    -Starts Denmother’s Demise (10 tickets), 100% droprate for each person from Moonfang. I don’t believe you need the guide for this one to drop.

    TSM Import List

    Mini-games award and can be completed daily while the Faire is available. Each game prize will always contain a and may also contain pets and other Faire related items as well.

    He Shoots, He Scores! available from Rinling
    It's Hammer Time available from Mola
    Tonk Commander available from Finlay Coolshot
    The Humanoid Cannonball available from Maxima Blastenheimer
    Target: Turtle available from Jessica Rogers
    Firebird's Challenge available from Ziggie Sparks

    Pet Battles

    Successfully battling Jeremy Feasel will get you a sack of , which contains 5 tickets and some pet related items. Beating Christoph VonFeasel rewards , which will net you an extra 10 tickets. These quests are account-wide, so you can only complete them on one character per day.


    is a new addition to the black market auction house with Warlords of Draenor. Each pack contains several hundred tickets, with a starting bid of 5,000g. The downside is that you won’t get XP or reputation from this method of acquiring tickets.

    Faded Treasure Map

    Galissa Sundew sells for 100 . The treasure map begins the quest Silas' Secret Stash which rewards . The box contains 100 prize tickets and some random Darkmoon potions.

    Section 2: Items to Auction

    Darkmoon Cards, Past and Present

    Trinkets can be one of the harder slots to fill for new raiders and alts, so many will simply purchase a DMF trinket to get started. Scribes are able to craft various Darkmoon cards. Collect cards ace through eight of a certain suit to form a deck; when you have a deck, you can exchange it at the Faire for a trinket from Thaddeus Paleo. This expansion has brought a bit of twist; while previous expansions required you to turn in your decks for the trinkets AT the Faire, it seems you can convert a WoD deck to a trinket without needing to visit Thaddeus or the Faire. Another new addition is the joker card. There is a random chance to receive a joker like when crafting Darkmoon Card of Draenor. These cards can be exchanged for a card of your choosing from the appropriate suit from Thaddeus Paleo, so you will need to visit the Faire if you are hoping complete decks using joker cards to fill the gaps.

    Vanilla trinkets
    , , ,

    Beast Cards:
    Elementals Cards:
    Portals Cards:
    Warlord Cards:
    B.C. trinkets
    , , , ,
    Furies Cards:
    Lunacy Cards:
    Blessings Cards:
    Storms Cards:
    Wrath trinkets
    , , (multiple versions)

    Chaos Cards:
    Undeath Cards:
    Nobles Cards:
    Prisms Cards:
    Cata trinkets
    , (two versions), ,

    Stones Cards:
    Hurricane Cards:
    Waves Cards:
    Embers Cards:
    MoP trinkets
    , , (two versions),

    Tiger Cards:
    Oxen Cards:
    Crane Cards:
    Serpent Cards:
    WoD trinkets (Again, these do NOT require the Faire except to trade Joker cards):
    , , ,

    Moon Cards:
    Visions Cards:
    Iron Cards:
    War Cards:

    Darkmoon Pets

    Vendor Purchased
    The following pets can be purchased from Lhara for 90 tickets each. They are sellable as companion pets, and may also be learned and caged to sell as battle pets. Most of these pets sell for an average of 1-2k each, but you can use The Undermine Journal to determine the going rate for each on your realm.
    , , , , ,

    is available from Galissa Sundew for 50 . This pet cannot battle and is NOT cageable, but the companion pet version before learning can be traded or sold on the AH. costs 100 and can be sold as either companion or battle pet.

    Flik sells two frog pets for a gold each, and (limited supply of 1). You can usually get a few times what you paid for them by posting on the AH.

    Boss Drops
    There are two raid bosses on Darkmoon Island, both of which drop a pet.

    has a guaranteed drop off of the dreaded Darkmoon Rabbit boss, but you will need to roll against other raid members for it. The Darkmoon Rabbit is an “in demand” pet for both collectors and pet battlers. While a collector typically won’t worry about the breed, an avid battler will prefer the S/S breed. The rabbit will typically sell within a 25-35k range, with the S/S breed being on the higher side and possibly going for much more if you can find the right buyer. An S/S rabbit will show stats of 1400/228/358 at level 25, and 152/9/14 at level 1.

    is looted from Moonfang, and has a small chance to drop for each individual who kills the boss, rather than being rolled on as raid loot. Moon Moon’s median value on TUJ is around 5k, but expect less on high population servers where there may be several posted.

    Pet Battle Rewards
    Battling Jeremy Feasel rewards , which has a chance to contain . Darkmoon Eye has a median value of around 8k. Challenge Cristoph Vonfeasel to win and a chance at . Syd the Squid tends to go for around 16k, but as a fairly newer pet this price will likely go down a little with each Faire. I expect the price to settle around 8-10k in a few months time.

    can be fished up off the shores of Darkmoon Island. Sea pony is a fun little seahorse in a bubble, and you can expect it to sell around 1k, give or take.

    As a side note, while the Jubling pet is not cageable, it does require s to obtain. These are only sold by Plugger Spazzring in the Grim Guzzler section of Blackrock Depths, for 6s apiece. If you happen to be out that way or have a , these can be sold on the auction house for around 5-10g each to people wanting to catch Jubjub.

    Replica Gear

    “Replica” pieces of the some of the old dungeon sets that no longer drop can be purchased from certain Darkmoon vendors for prize tickets. These pieces, like , have no stats, but are BoE and useable for transmogrification. They are visually identical to the pieces from Dungeon Sets 1 & 2.
    Replica gear can be purchased from Barum (Dungeon set 1 replicas) and Baruma (Dungeon set 2 replicas). Replica gear costs either 55 or 75 tickets apiece. While Replica gear can sometimes be slow to sell, prices are typically around 2k or higher, with some going for over 5k. Pieces costing 55 tickets will typically be worth a little less than those costing 75 tickets. With so many Replica items available from the vendors and the ticket cost being high enough to prevent the likelihood of purchasing more than a few each month, it is possible to have little to no competition on a given item. With some planning and a solid TSM setup, Replica items can be quite profitable for a transmog dealer. If you have multiple alts, it is possible to get a couple of items with each alt from every Faire, with the added bonus of granting XP and profession skill-ups from the various quests to obtain tickets. According to comments on Wowhead, you do need to be at least level 54 to purchase Replica items from the vendor, however.

    TSM Import of Replica Gear:
    group:55 Tickets,78186,78187,78192,78193,78196,78197,78202,78203,78207,78208,78210,78211,78215,78217,78218,78219,78222,78223,78224,78229,78232,78233,78235,78236,78240,78241,78243,78244,78246,78248,78251,78253,78255,78256,78257,78259,78262,78264,78265,78266,78271,78272,78274,78277,78278,78279,78283,78285,78289,78291,78292,78293,78295,78296,78297,78298,78302,78303,78304,78309,78310,78311,78314,78317,78318,78319,78320,78321,78326,78327,78329,78333,group:75 Tickets,78188,78189,78190,78191,78198,78199,78200,78201,78204,78205,78206,78209,78212,78213,78214,78216,78225,78226,78227,78228,78230,78231,78234,78237,78238,78239,78242,78245,78247,78249,78250,78252,78254,78258,78260,78261,78263,78267,78268,78269,78270,78273,78275,78276,78280,78281,78282,78284,78286,78287,78288,78290,78294,78299,78300,78301,78305,78306,78307,78308,78312,78313,78315,78316,78322,78323,78324,78325,78328,78330,78331,78332
    Transmoggable RP Gear

    Chester will sell you , , , , and . These items are tradable cosmetic gear and can be posted on the auction house. The appearance of these pieces can be used for transmogrification and they have no level requirement. This is a huge selling point, as these items can be marketed as both RP/banker gear and transmog items. The chest and leg items are 75 tickets each, the boots are 55. If you deal in transmog gear (or have a surplus of tickets), you may want to consider getting a few of these pieces the next time the Faire rolls around.

    TSM import of Nobleman’s/woman’s pieces
    Gelvas Grimegate also has a few transmoggable pieces to sell, and .

    TSM import of DMF flair items
    Gelvas sells a non-transmoggable frill as well. does not bind on use and costs a mere ticket.


    There are only two bind-on-use toys available from DMF, both of which are dropped by Moonfang.
    and . While neither item sells for a lot, you may as well post any of these you obtain while killing Moonfang for her pelt or pet drop.

    TSM import of DMF toys
    Items to Sell During the Week of the Faire

    Quest Drops
    The quest drop items typically sell for more while the Faire is active. This may vary server to server, but usually demand on these is highest while the Faire is in town, with the possible exception of Moonfang’s Pelt. If you plan to re-sell the quest drops rather then turn them in yourself, this is normally the best time to do so. If you choose to resell them, you may want to include “avgbuy” value as part of your minimum sell price using TSM. An easy example would be something like “max(110% avgbuy, 100% dbmarket)” (picks the higher of the two, and posts using that value as your minimum).

    Traditionally, prices on herbs and inks needed for Darkmoon cards would go up during the week before and week of the Faire when scribes would rush to finish decks, but with WoD not requiring the Faire to be in town to convert the newest decks into trinkets it may not hold true for this expansion. You may still be able to sell herbs/inks for older decks at a slightly higher rate these weeks, but demand may be low and testing will be needed to determine if the Faire will continue to have any correlation on herb and ink prices.

    These fish are needed to buy pets, toys, and recipes from the vendor added to the Darkmoon docks in 6.2. If you have extra, or aren't interested in using them to buy pets to sell, you may want to consider putting them on the auction house.

    Section 3: What to Buy During the Off Weeks

    Stocking Up On Quest Items

    The aforementioned quest drop items like are typically much cheaper mid-month then at the start of the month when Darkmoon Faire is active. Use the TradeSkillMaster website, The Undermine Journal, or Wowuction to determine the “normal” price range for these items on your realm, and create a shopping list to pick them up at a bargain.

    I find it easier to have all my vendor purchased items needed for profession quests (like and ) ready to go before the Faire starts, or else I tend to forget something. The only ones that can be purchased at the fair grounds are and .

    Purchasing Cheap Herbs and Inks

    Trading Down Inks
    Each major city will have an ink vendor, usually next to the inscription trainer. These vendors allow you to trade in at a 1:1 ratio for any other common ink such as , or at a 10:1 ratio for uncommon inks like . This can be useful in some cases if you are crafting cards for decks/trinkets from previous expansions to sell to leveling characters and twinks. Not all uncommon inks are available from the vendor; you’ll only be able to trade for uncommon inks that are Northrend or higher and are not included. If herbs for crafting Warbinder’s Ink are significantly cheaper than the herbs for the ink you need, you can craft the Warbinder’s and trade it down (keeping in mind the 10:1 ratio on trading for uncommon ink).

    Hiring Gatherers/Buying C.O.D
    Scanning the auction house for deals is all well and good, but sometimes you may not be able to find as many herbs as you need or current prices may be higher than your usual target buy price. This is where hiring a “farmer” may come in handy for you. Have a friend or guildmate that likes to gather herbs to sell? Tell them to mail it C.O.D to you instead of putting it up on the auction house. You can offer to buy all they have, whenever they go out gathering, at a price slightly under the usual AH going rate. By selling directly to you instead of using the auction house, your farmer won’t need to factor in the 5% AH cut, what you offer them is what they get. They’ll also have the benefit of knowing they have a guaranteed sale, with no need to worry about undercutting and deposit fees. This makes it a lot simpler for those folks that want a little gold but don’t want to “bother” with AH competition (and we all know someone like that). You can also bark in trade chat or on the realm forums that you are looking to hire someone to gather for you. If a potential farmer balks at the notion of selling to you for less than they could get on AH, remind them they’d lose a portion of the profit from the AH cut and may have to deal with the prices dropping from undercutters/botters. With you, they know they’ll get a quick sale and they know exactly how much they’ll get from it.

    Looking For Cheap Cards To Complete Decks

    If you find crafting tends to leave you short a few cards you need and with a surplus of others you already have, there are a few options.

    1) You can simply sell your excess cards on the auction house, and purchase the ones you need. If you go that route, make sure to keep an eye out for cheap bid prices. You can potentially save a lot of gold by bidding on all the cards you want instead of buying them out, if you have the patience.

    2) Arrange a trade. You can use trade chat or realm forums to set up a trade with other scribes who are also looking to complete decks. DMC trading is done fairly commonly among scribes, so you likely won’t have trouble finding someone interested. Keep in mind that some cards are valued higher than others, so you may see one high value card exchanged for two less valuable ones in some cases.

    3) Use joker cards to fill the gaps. This is only a good strategy assuming you either proc one from the suit you’re building, can trade one you don’t need for one you do, or can find one on the AH for less than the cost of the card you are missing. If you do proc a joker when crafting, you may prefer to sell it if the value on the joker cards is higher than the value of the card you are missing. Keep in mind joker cards can only be exchanged for A-8 cards from Thaddeus Paleo while the Faire is active.

    4) Sell off all of your cards without bothering to buy/trade to complete decks for trinkets. In cases where the last card or two you need happens to be the most expensive, you might come out further just selling what you have than sinking too much gold into that last card or two to make a deck. If you can sell each card for an average of 1/8 what a trinket sells for, you won’t be losing gold. If you have the means to do so and aren’t risk adverse, you can also buy out all cards under your threshold, and try to drive up the prices.

    For a full list of items and fun activities at the Darkmoon Faire, check out this guide on Wowhead: Wowhead's Darkmoon Faire Guide

    For a look at some of Consortium’s DMC related discussions:

    (Outdated, but still interesting)

    For guides and discussion on selling pets:
    Guide to Profiting From Pets

    For help setting up transmog groups with TSM:

    Something I missed? Feel free to leave a comment and contribute your tips and tricks. Helpful comments will be given +rep.

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    Amazing guide! Thank you for giving the overview!

    On a side note, I'm currently thinking about buying up cheap jokers to exchange at the faire to the more expensive cards, or even buy 8 of them for a whole deck. For example on my server I'm seeing several visions jokers being posted at 200-300g a piece, while the deck is posted at 4.6k and trinket at 7.4k (Thought about flipping form deck to trinket, but the trinkets at 7.4k doesn't seem to sell, so I'm staying out of it) and the most expensive cards in the deck are going for about 1.8k. Would this in your opinion be a good idea? Can't really see why the prices of the more expensive cards should drop or the price of the deck that is.

    EDIT: Forgot to give you +1 rep. Deserved for this really comprehensive guide :-)

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    Excellent work!

    Bookmarked for future use. I always find myself scrambling to figure out what is needed for the profession quests when the Faire rolls around. Nothing more annoying than getting there and needing to buy some junk from vendors in Elwynn.

    I've dabbled a lot in Replica gear, it's quite valuable even on my PvP server. Obviously, chest/head/shoulders make better sellers. There are some exceptions where there's a green BoE alternative though, so be careful. I have a spreadsheet somewhere with an analysis on every piece available, which details what is desirable or not. I'll have to track it down.

    The part about Noble gear is new to me, not sure how profitable it will be on non-RP realms though.

    As a closing note; everybody needs to be flipping the quest items. I pick some up for 1-5g all the time, and resell for 500% profit easily. Get in on that gravy train!
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    If you're like me and forget who you've done the DMF quests on (curse of the altoholic), there are addons like SavedInstances that can keep track of it for you.

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    6.1 will be adding in a new cageable battlepet from DMF: Race Minizep
    It will be available through the achievement Big Rocketeer: Gold

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    Noticed a few mistakes on import lists and did some editing.
    -Replica gear was missing pieces, those pieces have been added in and the groups separated by ticket cost.
    -Noble pieces now have the correct item ID's.

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    I tried an addon called DMF Quest today, and it seems to work pretty well. It shows up when you enter Goldshire or Mulgore, and tells you which profession mats and quest items you need on that character to do DMF quests, and will auto-buy the mats when you visit a vendor.

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    It appears there was a stealth change of the Nobleman's/woman's items. They are now cosmetic instead of cloth armor, and can be transmogged on other armor types. I just tested Noblewoman's Skirt on a plate wearer. It still didn't bind when used for mog, I was able to mail it off to another character afterward.

    It should be noted that the appearance of these pieces also changes by gender; the coloring on a female character is cream with gold and dark brown/blackish detailing whereas on a male, the coloring is black with golden trim.
    This seems to have been altered as well, with the Nobleman's items now black/gold on a female and the noblewoman's cream/black/gold on the men.

    I don't know if gender still plays a role in which items show up in the vendor window, I'll have to check next time the faire rolls around.

    Edit: it looks like the boots are still cloth instead of cosmetic for some reason?

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    Anyone else notice an increase in drop rate for the items dropped when running dungeons? My first level 100 heroic after the patch I got an item on all except the last boss. Right now I'm trying to sell them until people catch on about the increased drop rate. I'm wondering at what point it becomes more cost effective to turn them into tickets and sell something purchased with those tickets.

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    With timewalking dungeons being active I have acquired almost 2 or more of all dungeon related ones, additionally soothsayer runes now drop again from hellfire citadel unsure about other WoD raids.

    The only quest hand ins that are maintaining value on the servers I play on are the pvp items



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