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    Guide to Profiting From Pets

    Since Mists of Pandaria was released, there have been multiple ways to make gold by selling battle pets. Not only can you profit from selling rare pets, but you can also make gold by leveling them, selling them on other servers, and even helping players with their achievements. While all of these methods are explained in this guide, the following subjects are not explained here.

    • How pet battles work
    • Leveling your initial pets from one to 25.
    • Locations of specific pets and low level trainers.
    • PVP pet battling.

    Note - There are links at the end of this guide that cover some of these topics.

    Table of Contents

    1. Useful Addons
    2. Powerleveling Pets With Tamers
    3. Powerleveling Pets in the Wild
    4. Level 24 vs Level 25
    5. Get Yourself a Safari Hat. Now.
    6. What's In the Reward Bags and How You Can Profit.
    7. Raiding With Leashes
    8. Cross Realm Pet Selling
    9. Other Useful Information

    1. Useful Addons

    Auto Safari Hat - Equips your before any pet battles so you always get 10% extra experience.
    Battle Pet Tactician - If you have trouble keeping track of enemy cooldowns, use this addon to see how many turns they have left.
    Daily Tamer Check - Quickly displays which tamers you have defeated today.

    1. Powerleveling Pets With Tamers
    One of the fastest ways to level a pet is by defeating the tamers in Pandaria. If you go to wowhead and try to look at strategies for each trainer though, you'll find that every strategy requires different pets. With my strategy though, you only need three pets to defeat all of the trainers and pandaren spirit trainers except the [npc]thundering pandaren spirit[/npc] (discussed later in the guide). Below are the pets you'll need, the order to use them in, and the strategy to use for each trainer.

    Before fighting these tamers, I suggest leveling up the pet you're powerleveling so they have around 500 hp. This will help prevent your pet from dying so it can gain exp. It is also important to remember that because of critical hits, misses, dodges, etc, sometimes you will have to improvise for a turn or two to get back on track. And as a final note, you can always level up other pets to make these battles more efficient. I'm just suggesting these three because they work for almost every tamer and are good for people that don't have many pets.

    • [npc]Anubisath Idol[/npc] (Drops from [npc]Emperor Vek'lor[/npc] in The Temple of Ahn'Qiraj)
    • [npc]Chrominius[/npc] (Drops from [npc]Chromaggus[/npc] in Black Wing Lair)
    • [npc]Onyxian Whelpling[/npc] (Rewarded during WoW's 5th anniversary. A similar alternative is [npc]Spawn of Onyxia[/npc].

    Tip - You can display the location of all pet trainers on your map by going to your map options and enabling "Show Pet Trainers"


    [npc]Aki the Chosen[/npc] - Vale of Eternal Blossoms
    Pets to use - Anubisath Idol, leveling pet, Onyxian Whelpling
    [npc]Chirrup[/npc] - Begin with stoneskin, and reuse it any time it only has one turn left while Chirrup is still alive. Otherwise just use crush to defeat it.
    [npc]Stormlash[/npc] - Use deflect on your first turn and whenever it comes off cooldown. Otherwise use crush until Stormlash dies.
    [npc]Whiskers[/npc] - If your anubisath idol is still alive, use stoneskin and then deflect. Then try to do as much damage as possible until your anubisath idol dies. Switch in your leveling pet, then switch to your onyxian whelpling. Finish off Whiskers by healing yourself, lifting off on the same turn he dives, and tail sweeping when everything else is on cooldown.

    [npc]Burning Pandaren Spirit[/npc] - Townlong Steppes
    Pets to use - Anubisath Idol, leveling pet, Onyxian Whelpling
    Crimson - Use crush, stoneskin, deflect, and then crush until Crimson dies.
    Pandaren Fire Spirit - Deflect his first move and then crush until the spirit dies too. If you miss, use deflect on the turn after it comes off cooldown.
    Glowy - Your anubisath idol should be able to live through this entire fight if you didn't have too many misses, so make sure to bring in your leveling pet sometime if things are looking good. Otherwise, just bring in and out your leveling pet after it dies, and then finish Glowy off with your whelpling by tailsweeping, healing, and lift-offs.

    [npc]Courageous Yon[/npc] - Kun-Lai Summit
    Pets to use - Chrominius, leveling pet, Onyxian Whelpling
    [npc]Piqua[/npc] - Use arcane explosion for the first two turns and then heal on the third. Continue to use arcane explosion and heal yourself whenever ancient blessing goes off cooldown. When Piqua gets below 195 hp, use ravage to finish it off.
    [npc]Lapin[/npc] - Use arcane explosion and then ancient blessing for your first and second turn. Then following the same process as against Piqua for as long as you can. When chrominius dies, switch in and out your leveling pet and then finish him off with your onyxian whelpling.
    [npc]Bleat[/npc] - Since he should be low on health, he should easily go down with a couple tail swipes. Obviously if you need to heal, heal yourself.

    [npc]Farmer Nishi[/npc] - The Valley of Four Winds
    Pets to use - Anubisath Idol, leveling pet, Onyxian Whelpling
    [npc]66718[/npc] - Begin with a deflection, sandstorm, and then crush Siren down.
    [npc]toothbreaker[/npc] - Use crush three times, and then deflect. Then just crush him down.
    [npc]Brood of Mothallus[/npc] - Your anubisath idol could probably live through this entire fight, but just let it die. Switch in and out your leveling pet, and then defeat the Brood with your onyxian whelpling by tail sweeping, healing, and lifting-off on the same turn that he burrows.

    [npc]Flowing Pandaren Spirit[/npc] - Dread Wastes
    Pets to use - Onyxian Whelpling, leveling pet, Anubisath Idol
    Marley - Do a tail sweep, lift-off, and then tail sweep for the kill.
    Tiptoe - Heal yourself and then do tail sweeps until your onyxian whelpling dies (if you are able to get in a lift-off, you can use that too). Switch your leveling pet in and out and then use crushes from your anubisath idol to defeat Tiptoe.
    pandaren water spirit - As long as your anubisath idol has 300 hp, you can win this. Crush for the first two turns, deflect the whirlpool/geyser, and then crush the spirit until it goes down.

    [npc]Hyuna of the shrine[/npc] - The Jade Forest
    Pets to use - Abubisath Idol, leveling pet, Onyxian Whelpling
    [npc]skyshaper[/npc] - Begin with stoneskin, crush, deflect, and then use crush to defeat Skyshaper (renew stoneskin when it hits one turn left).
    [npc]Fangor[/npc] - For as long as your anubisath idol is up, just try to use crush and deflect his burrows. When your pet dies, bring in and out your leveling pet, and then defeat Fangor with tail sweeps (and heal if needed).
    [npc]Dor the Wall[/npc] - As long as you heal whenever you can, you can just use tail sweeps and lift-offs to defeat him.

    [npc]Mo'ruk[/npc] - Krasarang Wilds
    Pets to use - Onyxian Whelpling, leveling pet, Anubisath Idol
    [npc]woodcarver[/npc] - Use tail sweep, lift-off, heal, and then tailwhip until Woodcarver goes down.
    [npc]lightstalker[/npc] - Heal, lift-off, and tail sweep Lightstalker down, but don't actually defeat it. When it gets one hit away from killing, pass on your turns so it defeats your onyxian whelpling, switch in and out your leveling pet, and then crush it with your anubisath idol.
    [npc]needleback[/npc] - Deflect on your first turn, and then use crush and sandstorm to finish him off.
    NOTE: Mo'ruk can sometimes be hard, so I usually save him for when my leveling pet is in the 20s so it can do a bit of damage if I need it at the end.

    [npc]Seeker Zusshi[/npc] - Townlong Steppes
    Pets to use - Onyxian Whelpling, leveling pet, Anubisath Idol
    [npc]diamond[/npc] - Use lift-off, heal, and then tail sweep down Diamond.
    [npc]mollus[/npc] - Heal if possible on the first turn otherwise use tail sweep. Then lift-off on the second. From there, use lift-off and heal when they come off cooldown and tailsweep in between.
    [npc]skimmer[/npc] - If your onyxian whelpling has survived this far, just deal as much damage as you can with it. When it dies, move in and out your leveling pet, then use your anubisath idol. Deflect and pumps that Skimmer uses, and then crush him for the win.

    [npc]Wastewalker Shu[/npc] - Dread Wastes
    Pets to use - Onyxian Whelpling, leveling pet, Chrominius
    [npc]crusher[/npc] - Do three tailwhips, lift-off to avoid the whirlpool, and then tail sweep Crusher down.
    [npc]66723[/npc] - Heal yourself on the first round and then heal/tail sweep Pounder as much as you can until the whelpling dies. Switch in and out your leveling pet, and then bite/heal with chrominius until Pounder dies.
    [npc]66722[/npc] - Bite Mutilator and heal yourself until he has less than 700hp. Then use a surge of power to knock him out.
    (An alternate strategy can be found here)

    [npc]Whispering Pandaren Spirit[/npc] - The Jade Forest
    Pets to use - Leveling pet, Chrominius, Onyxian Whelpling
    Dusty - Have your leveling pet perform a move and then switch it for chrominius. Heal yourself on the first move and every time it goes off cooldown. In between heals use arcane explosion. When dusty drops below 430 health, eat it with ravage.
    Whispertail - Whispertail should be very low on health, so try to just keep using arcane explosions and heals to deal as much damage as possible. When chrominius dies, bring in your onyxian whelpling to tail sweep for the kill.
    pandaren air spirit - If chrominius still hasn't died, continue dealing damage with it. Otherwise, finish the spirit off with tail sweeps from your onyxian whelpling.

    So what about [npc]Thundering pandaren spirit[/npc]? Well, I'll admit, I couldn't beat him with these three pets. If you head on over to wowhead though, many users have submitted some great strategies for beating him. So if you plan on adding this tamer to your list, I encourage you to go find a combination of pets that works for you. Click here to view the strategies.

    3. Powerleveling Pets in the Wild

    Top image - Valley of Four Winds
    Bottom image - Vale of Eternal Blossoms
    So maybe you've completed all of your tamer dailies, but you still want to train some more pets because you're working on [achievement]pro pet mob[/achievement]. The next best way to train your pets is doing pet battles in the wild.

    While there are an infinite amount of ways you can powerlevel your pets off of other pets, here are some tips to consider to become more efficient.

    • Use two level 25 pets.
    • The first pet you use should be good against the pets you are attacking (ie use a beast against critters).
    • Your first pet should be able to heal itself.
    • Powerlevel your pets close to a town so you can quickly reach a stable master if you have to.

    So for example, a [npc]Chrominius[/npc] would be a good pet for fighting critters in the area shown in the top half of the image to the left. Bite would deal 33% extra damage to the critters you fight, ancient blessing could heal you, and ravage would deal an extra 33% damage and heal you. And in the event of needing to go to a stable master, there is one only a few seconds away in Halfhill.

    As another example, a [npc]pterrordax hatchling[/npc] would be good in the area shown in the bottom half of the image because there are so many aquatic type pets in the area, the hatchling can heal, and it's near both faction capitals.
    When compared to powerleveling via tamer dailies, grinding in the wild is a slower process. From 1 to 25, tamers can take less than 45 minutes while grinding can take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. In my opinion, the only reason to really do this is if you don't have any dailies left. You can receive s in small quantities from grinding, but it's not a very efficient source.

    4. Level 24 vs Level 25

    At first glance, it may seem like you should be leveling the pets you want to sell to 25 so they are the max level. With some experimenting though, you might notice that only leveling them to 24 is the better option. Why? As previously mentioned, the [achievement]pro pet mob[/achievement] achievement requires the player to level up 75 pets to 25. What's nice about this achievement is that it does not require the pet to go from 1 to 25. As long as the pet dings level 25, it counts towards the achievement. So if you're willing to do all of the hard work, some players out there are willing to buy pets that are already level 24 so they can quickly complete the achievement. Additionally, players that simply want high level pets for battling can simply buy these level 24 pets, level them up once, and then be happy as well.

    So essentially by only powerleveling pets to 24, you're opening up your doors to more people to buy your product.

    5. Get Yourself a Safari Hat. Now.

    One of the rewards from pet battling achievements is the , which increases experienced gained by pets by 10% in both battles with tamers and wild pets. To earn it, you must complete [achievement]taming the world[/achievement], which requires you to defeat 40 different tamers around azeroth. Now unless Blizzard makes a change, there are only 39 tamers that each faction can defeat. Luckily, you can create a character on the opposite faction to challenge one more tamer to complete the achievement. If you need to create an alliance character, the easiest trainer to get to is [npc]julia stevens[/npc] in Elwynn Forest. If you need to create a horde character, the easiest trainer to get to is [npc]zunta[/npc] in durotar. Before you go fight either of these trainers, make sure to go to [npc]63596[/npc] (alliance) or [npc]varzok[/npc] (horde) so you can get the quest needed to challenge these two.

    (Click here to be able to zoom in)

    6. What's In the Reward Bags and How You Can Profit.

    When you complete any pet dailies in pandaria, you'll get a reward bag such as , and . Below is a list of the items you can receive from these bags and what I suggest doing with them.

    • Vendor junk - vendor it.
    • Family Battles Stones - when you get a family battle stone, you can either use it on one of your open pets to upgrade it, or on someone else's tradable pet. Usually if I've caught a rare pet that's of low quality, I'll use my stone to upgrade it. With my extras, I'll usually advertise in trade chat that I'll upgrade other people's pets for 500g.
    • - Do not use this on your pets! Since it can be sold, sell it on the auction house. According to The Undermine Journal, the average realm price is [tujprice]flawless battle-stone[/tujprice].
    • - If you don't already have you, you can learn it and then cage it up to sell on the auction house. This guy is pretty rare, so his usually price is around [tujprice]porcupette[/tujprice].
    • Pandaren Spirits - The spirits are not even close to the porcupette in rarity, and I usually see their prices range anywhere from 500g to 2,000g. They're not too shabby for pet fighting, so you could always level one or two of them to 24/25 to get rid of them (and save yourself some gold so you don't have to buy a pet to level). These can only be found in .
    • Panda Pets - Any of the four pandas that can be found in are worth more than the pandaren spirits but less than the porcupette. Unlike the pandaren spirits, they are not that great for pet battles, so just try to get as much gold as you can for them off the AH.
    • and - Obviously they increase the experience your pet gains for 1 hour. Something to note is that both of them stack with each other and the , which means you can get up to 85% extra experience. These only drop from and .

    7. Raiding With Leashes.

    For those of you that don't like pet battling, there's still gold to be made for you too. In patch 5.0, [achievement]Raiding with Leashes[/achievement] was added to the game, and in patch 5.2 [achievement]Raiding with Leashes II: Attunement Edition[/achievement] was added as well. Each one requires the player to obtain pets found in old world raids such as Molten Core and Karazhan, which have about a 10-15% drop rate. While some of the easier to acquire pets are no longer worth much, some of the harder to get ones like [npc]coilfang stalker[/npc] can be worth a pretty penny. Below is a chart that shows all of the pets, as well as their difficulty to obtain. Some classes like death knights may be able to easily obtain all of the pets, but the difficulty is based on a class like a rogue trying to solo their way to the boss.

    Part 1
    Pet Boss/Location Difficulty to Solo
    [npc]Mini Mindslayer[/npc] [npc]The Prophet Skeram[/npc] in The Temple of Ahn'Qiraj Easy
    [npc]Anubisath Idol[/npc] [npc]Emperor Vek'lor[/npc] in The Temple of Ahn'Qiraj Hard
    [npc]Viscidus Globule[/npc] [npc]Viscidus[/npc]] in The Temple of Ahn'Qiraj Easy
    [npc]Giant Bone Spider[/npc] [npc]Maexxna[/npc] in Naxxramas Easy
    [npc]Stitched Pup[/npc] [npc]Gluth[/npc] in Naxxramas Hard
    [npc]Fungal Abomination[/npc] [npc]Loatheb[/npc] in Naxrammas Easy
    [npc]Death Talon Whelpguard[/npc] [npc]Broodlord Lashlayer[/npc] in Black Wing Lair Medium
    [npc]Chrominius[/npc] [npc]Chromaggus[/npc] in Black Wing Lair Medium
    [npc]Untamed Hatchling[/npc] [npc]Razorgore the Untamed[/npc] in Black Wing Lair Medium
    [npc]Harbinger of Flame[/npc] [npc]Sulfuron Harbinger[/npc] in Molten Core Easy
    [npc]Corefire Imp[/npc] [npc]Magmadar[/npc] in Molten Core Easy
    [npc]Ashstone Core[/npc] [npc]Golemagg the Incinerator[/npc] in Molten Core Easy

    Part 2
    Pet Boss/Location Difficulty to Solo
    [npc]Lil' Bad Wolf[/npc] [npc]The Big Bad Wolf[/npc] in Karazhan Easy
    [npc]Fiendish Imp[/npc] [npc]Terestian Illhoof[/npc] in Karazhan Easy
    [npc]Netherspace Abyssal[/npc] [npc]Prince Malchezaar[/npc] in Karazhan Easy
    [npc]Menagerie Custodian[/npc] [npc]The Curator[/npc] in Karazhan Easy
    [npc]Coilfang Stalker[/npc] [npc]Lady Vashj[/npc] in Serpentshrine Caverns Hard
    [npc]Tideskipper[/npc] [npc]Morogrim Tidewalker[/npc] in Serpentshrine Caverns Easy
    [npc]Tainted Waveling[/npc] [npc]Hydross the Unstable[/npc] in Serpentshrine Caverns Easy
    [npc]Pocket Reaver[/npc] [npc]Void Reaver[/npc] in Tempest Keep Easy
    [npc]Phoenix Hawk Hatchling[/npc] [npc]19514[/npc] in Tempest Keep Easy
    [npc]Lesser Voidcaller[/npc] [npc]High Astromancer Solarian[/npc] in Tempest Keep Easy

    Once you collect each pet, you can sell it on the auction house. If you like you keep your pets though, another way to make gold is to sell the achievements. To do this, cage up all the pets needed for an achievement and advertise in trade chat that you will lend players the pets for a fee. When someone is interested, make sure to restate how the trade will work, and that they must give the pets back to you once they get the achievement. By doing this, you are able to make some gold while the other player is able to save gold by not having to buy all of the pets for the achievement.

    It is important to note that since this trade requires some trust, players can steal your pets. A game master may restore them for you the first time, but after that they more than likely will not.

    8. Cross Realm Pet Selling

    And now for the part of the guide that is for the people that don't like pet battles nor old world raiding. This can be both the hardest part of the guide, yet the most rewarding.

    So to begin, you should hopefully have an idea of which pets are valuable and which are not. If you have the Auctionator addon, you can import this shopping list to quickly search for valuable pets.

    *** Pet Shopping
    Ashleaf Spriteling
    Azure Crane Chick
    Blackfuse Bombling
    Coilfang Stalker
    Crawling Claw
    Crimson Whelpling
    Dandelion Frolicker
    Darkmoon Eye
    Death Adder Hatchling
    Direhorn Runt
    Disgusting Oozeling
    Dragon Kite
    Droplet of Y'Shaarj
    Ethereal Soul-Trader
    Eye of the Legion
    Fiendish Imp
    Fox Kit
    Gooey Sha-ling
    Gregarious Grell
    Guardian Cub
    Gulp Froglet
    Gundrak Hatchling
    Gusting Grimoire
    Harmonious Porcupette
    Hippogryph Hatchling
    Hyacinth Macaw
    Jademist Dancer
    Ji-Kun Hatchling
    Landro's Lichling
    Lesser Voidcaller
    Lil' Bad Wolf
    Lil' Bling
    Living Fluid
    Living Sandling
    Magical Crawdad
    Menagerie Custodian
    Moon Moon
    Netherspace Abyssal
    Ominous Flame
    Pocket Reaver
    Purple Puffer
    Pygmy Direhorn
    Rocket Chicken
    Rotten Little Helper
    Ruby Droplet
    Searing Scorchling
    Skunky Alemental
    Son of Animus
    Spawn of G'nathus
    Spectral Porcupette
    Spineclaw Crab
    Sprite Darter Hatchling
    Stitched Pup
    Tainted Waveling
    Tiny Blue Carp
    Tiny Green Carp
    Tiny Red Carp
    Tiny White Carp
    Tuskarr Kite
    Vengeful Porcupette
    To import a shopping list to auctionator, go to an auction house, click on the buy tab, and then click on "Manage Shopping Lists". Then click on the import button, paste the above code (ctrl+v), and then click "import". Now on the buy tab if you click the drop down menu at the top left side, you can select your shopping list and then search for all of the items in it.

    Once you have your shopping list, go to the auction house on the server you have initial gold on and run it. Once it has searched for every item, it should look something like this.

    During the time that it is scanning your auction house, switch windows and go to and select the realm you plan on selling pets to and later buying pets from. I think it's best to select a large realm and a good sized medium realm, but it's up to you. At the top of the page, mouse over the "Great Deals" tab, and then click "Battle Pet Auctions".

    On this page, narrow the results down by clicking on the rare section of the "quality" pie graph. Now you can easily compare your realm to the realm you plan on selling to without having to switch back and fourth between auction houses. On The Undermine Journal, focus only on ones that are in the shopping list. Usually I'll look at auction house that I'm currently on and see if there are any good pet deals that would be good on my own realm. If you look at the screenshot that I took above, there are two [npc]disgusting oozeling[/npc]s up on the auction house for 2,500g. This is a pretty good deal on my realm, so I'll check it out on TUJ to see if it's a good deal on the other realm as well. In this case, it was worth about 4,000g on the other realm, so I would buy it, cage it up, uncage it on the other realm, and then post it.

    Once I've made some sales on the other realm, I can repeat the process, but use the shopping list on that realm and use TUJ for my main realm.

    Tip - Large population realms tend to have an abundance of trading card game pets, which means you can get them relatively cheap. This tend to be good items to transfer back to smaller realms.

    If you plan on getting into this business, I highly encourage you to stay organized with something like Excel. Even if all you are doing is writing down which realms you have pets on and how much you bought them for, it can save a lot more energy than trying to remember everything.

    9. Other Useful Information

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    I'm not really into pets (and probably won't be in near future), but +rep nonetheless for the read
    I fail to see the source of your certainty.

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    I never got into the whole pet thing then I looked at the AH and saw big GOLD signs. As I never looked into I was a bit lost, this is a great guide. Im not interested in the whole battle pet concept but the selling bit I'm completely behind. Thanks for the post.

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    Fantastic guide. Just what I needed to get back into pet battles, cross realm selling and enjoying the side effect of not grinding dailies or the barens for coins.
    Twitchie Enterprises | @twitchietgw

    Posting in the transmog market? TSM has you covered!

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    Awesome guide! I noticed however, that you did not include Wastewalker Shu from the Dread Wastes. My recommendation would be to use Spawn of Onyxia, a leveling pet, and Anubisath Idol. The Spawn should tail sweepx3 then lift-off to dodge the whirlpool, heal, and finish off Crusher with tail sweeps. Next, Shu sends out Pounder. Continue using your Spawn, healing, tail sweeping, and using lift-off to dodge rupture (or sandstorm) when possible, until either pet dies. Next, send out your leveling pet for a round and then swap it back to your Anubisath Idol. If Pounder is still up, deflect any upcoming ruptures and pound it into submission. Once Shu sends out Mutilator you should continue using Pound until Pounder's last sandstorm fades, then cast Stoneskin and resume using Pound until Stoneskin has only one round left, at which point you should refresh it. This can be a tricky fight depending on RNG with Pounder stuns and how soon you have to send out your idol. You may want to save this fight for when your leveling pet is 15+ so that it can finish off Mutilator if need be.

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    Thanks for the heads up. I actually had a strategy in my notes for Wastewalker Shu, but I must have missed over it when copying it into the guide. I agree, he can be a tough one to beat sometimes, but I think if you use a chrominius as your third pet instead of the idol, it's a bit easier. I've decided to put a link in to your post though, incase people decide to try your method instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valdron View Post

    Thanks for the heads up. I actually had a strategy in my notes for Wastewalker Shu, but I must have missed over it when copying it into the guide. I agree, he can be a tough one to beat sometimes, but I think if you use a chrominius as your third pet instead of the idol, it's a bit easier. I've decided to put a link in to your post though, incase people decide to try your method instead.
    Happy to help! I didn't consider using surge of power, that seems like a good strategy. I opted for the Idol because I found Mutilator's counterstrike to be quite brutal against the dragonkin.

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    Just a note on the Raiding with Leashes table, the Netherspace Abyssal from Prince Malchezaar in Karazhan is easy to get.

    However, some people still have trouble with chess, even though it was nerfed(so can't reach Prince) and others just won't bother since Kara is a pretty long instance.

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    Thank you for this well written and informative guide. Personally I'm still kind of new to pet levelling and haven't defeated the Northrend and Cataclysm tamers yet, but I will definitely make use of this guide once I've finished that.

    In regards to wild battles, I find it a fun way to level my pets to 25, as well as getting my weekly 50 charms. Besides this, I use it to level my alts when I'm sick of dungeons/quest.

    I would like to throw in a bit of a specific tip if you want to level low level characters and fight high level pets. While checking the BMAH in the Veiled star. I noticed some wild pets walking around and gave them a try. All of the wild pets were critters, ranging from level 23 to 25. The area I checked had no aggressive mobs so it was save to run around there on my low level toon.
    I obviously used my levelling pet to start with, then switched to I suppose any beast pet will do, but this is the one I had available at level 25. The great thing about this guy is, which Chrominius has as well.

    At level 51 I was getting a little over 200k xp/hour (in Heirlooms, without guild perk if that boosts pet battle XP as well?). The only downside is the low number of wild pets around, so sometimes it takes a while till you find one.
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    This is my favorite kind of guide because it inspires one to try out markets they've never wanted to touch before.

    Very well written and an entertaining read, thanks Valdron!
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