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The Great Stormspire Scavenger Hunt: Entry 1

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Due to personal and other commitments I have entered the game a little late, and with @Acry already on 17 points I feel very much behind the rest of the pack.

I started up my DK and rushed through the starting area to get some minimal gold and gear, my talents and mount and off to Origrimmar to start making some gold and hopefully catch a few deals along the way. I ran a few dungeons, mainly to try to pick up a few items especially along the lines of cloth and such that could easily sell on the AH and give me the gold to start flipping some low value items.

This has been fairly successful and after running 2 dungeons & flipping some items over 2 days I'm up to over 600g liquid, with another 100ish of bids on the AH and several items on the AH that im trying to flip hopefully totaling at least a few thousand gold. I was also lucky enough to pick up 3 of the patterns that are needed for the Hunt and I feel like I'm already back in the game. I have also managed to pick up 3 extra patterns that I will look at either flipping or trading for other patterns I need, just waiting to see what the groups and sub-groups are so I can decide which way to go on this.

My next step will be to level my DK up 1 more level to 60 so I can at least fly around, although I'm not really looking forward to having to pay for the privilege. I'm considering starting a 2nd toon on Alliance so that I can make some gold there too, but I'll have to wait and see what sort of time commitment Diablo 3 takes up this weekend..

All in all a good start to the Hunt, even if I am still 14odd points behind the leader..


  1. Kathroman's Avatar
    Sounds like you got a decent push out of the gates, but did D3 win the war in the end it seems?