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The Great Stormspire Scavenger Hunt: Final Word (Part 2)

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Continued from Part 1

Anyway... I started a level 1 Human Priest Alliance toon on another account and started to make my way to booty bay, while I also started a 2nd Horde toon to take down to booty bay as well. My alliance toon got killed almost immediately after running into a wolf and coming off 2nd best, but I figured that I remember reading somewhere the easiest way to get to booty bay as a level 1 is to die and run down as a ghost, so I wasn't too concerned. My Horde toon got to Orgrimmar and got on the zepplins no problem. By the time my horde toon took off, I was at the Spirit Healer on my Alliance toon just outside the cave entrance into Booty Bay, I clicked the Spirit healer and without reading what it said, clicked accept. I was then teleported back to the Spirit Healer closest to my corpse... I sat there shocked for a second and not wanting to get teleported back to my starting point again, started the long walk back to Booty Bay. Attempting to avoid mobs along the way, although this provided extremely difficult and resulted in me dying about 27million times before I finally reached booty bay. My Horde toon had a similar trip after getting off the zepplin in Northern STV, stepping just about anywhere resulted in deaths and then an extra 35yards and death and then another 35 yards and death, repeat until i get into a clearing and hopefully a hidden panther doesn't eat me.

So after finally getting both of my toons to the Booty Bay AH (I got my horde toon into booty bay, fell into the water and got killed just to add to the painfulness of the whole ordeal). I realised that I didn't have any gold to actually post anything on the AH, so off came the clothes and vendored those so I could transfer some gold across to Alliance.

After waiting the hour for the gold to come through I transferred it to another Alliance toon that I had sitting in Stormwind that had been checking the AH once in a while to see which patterns were available over on this faction. Upon recieving the gold on this toon, there were 4 patterns I had originally planned on buying, but by the time I finally had the gold, there were only 2 left. Super disapointed I bought the two patterns and this is where my interest declined.

I pretty much stopped making gold from this point on, did a few searches here and there, but the patterns and items I was after just never appeared, and looking back at the leaderboard I started to feel out of the running too heavily, especially considering I had limited myself to not farming for items. I did reconsider this and thought about levelling my DK further but wanting to stick to my orginal goal, decided against it, it didnt help that my motivation levels had dropped significantly due to the knowing that I would have to level (which I hate doing) and THEN farm the patterns I just couldn't get myself back on the horse as they say.

I continued to check every few days for items, but I only picked up another 2 items total I think and am left with around 3k gold on each faction. I was looking forward to what was going to happen with phase 2 but as it turns out it got cancelled, I was actually really hoping that was going to bring me back in and get my keen again, but not to be.

Overall I really enjoyed the challenge and defintely would change how I approached things if I had my time over. Pushing through and levelling my toon straight to 85 would have been the smartest way to go for me as an individual and then focus on running the raids whenever I could as well as continuing to build my bank roll through flipping items and such. I think the most important thing I have learnt is that I CAN make gold from nothing on a fresh server and being a mount collector, being able to make money on a server that is selling Heroic DS + Mount type runs is something I have been thinking about for a while now and need to look at starting to make it a reality.

I know this is a bit late, as with pretty much the whole challenge always behind the 8 ball, and if it doesn't count towards the final result, its all good as I have enjoyed the whole experience and really look forward to the next challenge, hopefully not starting too far behind next time


  1. Kathroman's Avatar
    I posted a reply on somebody else's blog about having a similar experience myself. Knowing exactly where I would eventually fall short in a contest like this (getting lazy/losing motivation), I'd have made a measured effort to try and counter that heavily. I hate leveling as much as the next guy, so while getting to 85 and farming myself (which I also hate) would have probably been an effective strategy, I doubt I could have been able to keep it up. If you could go back and design a "lazy man's" strategy for being competitive in the competition, what do you think that would look like? I'm curious
  2. xazark's Avatar
    It would depend on time commitment I think, if I was willing to and motivated enough I would quit playing all of my other toons and focus on playing this one solely with the AH in mind. Once I would have got a large enough backing, say around 50-100k just start spamming trade to buy farmers or advertise that I would be willing to pay large amounts of gold at severely overpriced values for the items I needed.

    If I didn't have the time commitment piece available, I think the only thing I would have done differently is get started straight away, and continue to check in as a priority, as my main toons on my main server took priority with preparation for MoP (stockpiling, continuing to build a large gold pool to leverage off etc...). But if I had of stuck to the small time commitment, just more regular, I could have achieved a much better result I believe, even with a similar time commitment overall, just by logging on more regularly. Some really good learnings from this and I am so glad that I took part in it