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The Great Stormspire Scavenger Hunt: Final Word (Part 1)

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Its been a while since I wrote the first entry, mainly due to other commitments. No, not diablo 3. For some reason my computer just doesn't want to allow me to play D3, crashing my computer after every 1-2 minutes of play time, so after about an hour or 2 of trying to get it to work and not succeeding, I gave up on it. The reason I have had limited time is due to my personal life having too much happening at the moment... but no one wants to hear about that so on with the blog!

My last post I discussed flipping some items to grow my starting capital and at the point of the last thread I was up to around 600g, with around 100g worth of bids out waiting for the auctions to finish. I thought I would just clarify a little about how I was able to get there and how I was able to continue to develop wealth, through very little time investment.

I started my DK (giving the advantage of starting from level 55) and got straight into questing through the DK starting zone. I personally hate this zone and find it really tedious to complete, but it only took about an hour or so to get through it all and I was in Orgrimmar. I usually play Alliance toons, in fact all of my toons, apart from 2 that I have for the explicit purpose of faction trading, are on Alliance. So hoping for something a bit different I decided to play my DK as horde. Thinking back at the decision, I should have done a little bit of research on the server economy before deciding which faction to start my toon on, but in the end I dont think it really would have mattered too much. So after completing the DK starting zone and hitting Orgrimmar the first thing I did was check the AH randomly for the items on the Scavenger List. Straight away I realised this wasn't going to work and setup a TSM shopping list of all the specific items on the list and decided that I would then just do a search using the normal AH interface and setting the "Quality" to epic to see if any of the other patterns had appeared. This showed that there were already a few patterns that I needed available and for realatively cheap prices, but nothing that I could afford with my measly 30ish gold.

This is when I decided that I would try some dungeons out as I should be able to get into a queue nice and quick being either Tank or DPS at level 58. I ran 2 quick dungeons and came out with not much more gold, a total of just under 50g, 2 BoE greens, one that I thought I might be able to get around 1k for (based on my main server's prices) and the other wasn't anything special, as well as about 2 stacks of cloth. I did also get a few blue items that I was able to vendor to continue adding to the small pile of gold I was beginning to accumulate. After vendoring all the junk grey and white items I picked up, along with the few blues that I couldn't equip, I was sitting at just over 50g.

I was comfortable with having this much gold and decided that I should start listing items and looking for items to snatch. Firstly I listed the cloth and saw that there were a few random # stacks for cheap, compared to the first stack of 20 that was listed, so I promptly picked up those and listed the now 6 complete stacks of cloth, just undercutting the cheapest stack on the AH. I then listed the BoE green that would be worth about 1k on my server (based on TUJ add-on data), it was a eye patch, cant remember the exact name at the moment, anyway I listed it for 1.3k on the AH and then barked in trade that I wanted to sell it hoping to get a descent offer. I went onto listing the other green for about 20g and got a whisper from someone offering 100g for the eye patch. I was hoping for much more than that but was also midfull that I could use the gold faster rather than waiting for the item to maybe sell at the higher price. I replied and said that I would take 250g for it. I got an "lol" back and was told that I was dreaming. Nice introduction to the community on this server. That ended the negotiation and I was back to the AH.

Next I decided to start looking for items with really low bids and just using the normal AH interface, searched for everything and sorted by price. Now having limited knowledge of this server's economy made this a little difficult, but I was lucky enough to find a lot of items that were well below thier expected value, I bid on about 10 stacks of 20 bolts of linen cloth that I ended up winning for around 1s each, a few non-even stacks of peacebloom that were again really cheap and about 20 various glyphs that someone had listed with a 1s bid and high buy out. I spent about 15mins just searching page by page of these low bid items. After spending about 20g on item bids I logged off for the night.

I logged on the next morning and was happy to see I had won several of these low bid auctions and had a nice little group of items to start flipping, glyphs, bolts of linen cloth, herbs and a few random BoE greens. I hadn't spent any more than 1g on any of the individual items I had picked up so I was confident I could flip them nice and easy for profit, my stacks of cloth had sold as well, but the 2 original BoE greens that I had were still unsold, but not undercut, so I left them as they were. I got to listing all of these items that I had picked up, and with the cloth selling, I now had almost 100g. As it had been so successful, I went back to looking for low bid items, but there wasn't much available in this so I decided to have a look and see what else I could flip, I looked through gems, consumables, gear and evertually decided that patterns/reciepes would be the best bet, as there were quite a few there were for under 5g that should sell for 50g+ or even hundreds (based on TUJ prices). I started picking these up, looking for a maximum cost of 5g and a minimum mean sell price of 50g. I was able to pickup about 10 items, always making sure that there was only 1 listed, as I didnt want to have to purchase 2 of the same pattern if I could avoid it, again not being confident of the server economy. I listed all of the patterns at around 120% ea of the mean price from TUJ and did another quick search to see if I had overlooked anything. After finishing my search I had about 70g left and decided that I would pick up the first item towards the Scavenger hunt, a Leatherworking pattern for 50g, which i felt was a really good deal, this left me with not much gold, but confident I would win a few auctions and hopeful that some of the patterns would sell.

I then didn't login until a little while before I posted the first blog entry. Amazingly several of the recipe/patterns had sold and I was swimming in gold, well I now had almost 1k. I bought 2 more of the patterns needed for the Scavenger hunt, with a total cost of 250g (for 5 patterns, 2 I needed for the Scavenger List and the other 3 were duplicates of what I already had, but was planning on flipping or trading them) and sent them off to get some points on the board. Although I was well behind on the scoreboard, I felt elated that my strategy had paid off so far and that I had turned basically nothing into 1k within 2 days and about 2.5hours total of "work". I thought about flipping pets or going to farm for the mechanical chicken, or even going to farm for the macaw and first mate hat, but decided that I would stick to just flipping AH items. I decided to limit myself to this as I wanted to prove to myself that I could continue to make a profit with no profession, no farming and minimal time investment.

So I continued to look for low bid items and patterns to flip. Once I hit 3k, I started to think that I needed to start maximising my profit ratios and started looking for more high profit items, instead of just cheap patterns (at this stage I had increase my maximum buy to 20g and with a minimum of 200% profit), I went onto more high end patterns, removing my personal limit on buyout and just looking for profit makers. I also expanded my search range to relook at the other categories, but found there wasn't as many opportunites in the other areas, especially transmorg, which seems to be extremely slow on this server, having barked the eye patch every time I was online and not having a single other offer, I guess the guy that whispered me on the first day might have been right.

So after spending a total of maybe another 2-3hours over the course of 2 and a half weeks (from my first blog post), flipping mainly patterns, but keeping my eye out for anything else to flip, I accumulated 2 more items from the Scavenger List, costing me a total of around 500g and am now sitting 5k liquid gold. This is when I decided that I need to join the other faction as the items were simply not appearing on Horde side for me to pick up and with the Hunt coming to a close soon I wanted to pick up as many as possible before phase 1 finished.

This is where it got interesting. Maybe. Probably not....