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Why Gold Making?

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I've been playing WoW for about 5 1/2 years and been on this site for under a month. So this isn't just an introduction but an answer to why am I here?

Poor Beginnings

For most of my Wow career I've been very good at saving gold; which is different than making it. I learned to be thrifty and incrementally stock up on gold when I hit lvl 40 on my first toon and lacked the gold to train riding (90g at the time). Somehow gold had never been a problem up to then, so that was when I decided I would never be caught short-changed the next time I had to buy something major.

The next obvious milestone was Journeyman Riding at lvl 60 (700g at the time); I had 20 levels to reach it and 100g for the faster mount.

At this time I was getting into PvP; so I made a concentrated effort to hit Exalted with Frostwolves at lvl 59 just so I could 'save' 100g on the swift mount. If I remember right, I barely made it at lvl 60 with the gold for Journeyman riding (700g at the time). So like I said; good at saving money, not so much at making it.


I continued like this for a while, I did a lot of dungeon, pvp-ed some more and explored through Outland; all the while slowly saving up gold. When I hit lvl 70 I actually had more than enough for flying and epic flying. Self-sufficiency accomplished!

WotLK came and went and my gold steadily went up and I saw no reason to worry about making gold. Cold Weather Flying and a new DK didn't slow me down gold wise. I was raiding, keeping my gear gemmed, enchanted and repaired wasn't putting a dent into my gold supply either. I even bought a nice BoE shield for 20k at one point just because I had 40k on my banker and 60k on my main so why not?

Cata was more of the same, except this time I messed around a little with the early expansion gold rush and got a third toon up to around 50k gold just prospecting ore for a few days. I didn't stick with it because, while seeing lots of gold coming in was fun, actually prospecting it was boring and stockpiling gold was pointless to me. This was actually a recurring theme for me.

A few times I looked up how to get Auctioneer (or maybe it was Auctionator) set up, but never did due to the complexity and my not seeing the point to more gold. Gold was naturally coming in and there was nothing for me to do with it. I was even buying the 5k vanity / faction mounts (but not the 20k ones even though I had the gold for them).


So what changed? MoP even made it even easier than ever to make gold with generous bonuses to LFG and a continent teeming with resources everywhere, so my gold was still going up just by 'playing the game'. But this happened:

Pet Battles

Pet Battles are fun and addicting and like Pokemon I just have to "Catch 'em all!". That means buying those TCG pets which can read the 100's of thousands. There was never anything that expensive that I wanted before, so I always felt rich, but suddenly I felt very poor and had to change that!

I even re-rolled on Kil'Jaeden because a guild there was opening up recruitment *solely* for pet collectors to get the Thunder Serpent Hatchling (required Guild: Challenge Gold). This meant stating on a new server and not only grinding out guild reputation, but also enough gold to buy everything in a short amount of time (my home guild hadn't unlocked any guild pets... so I ended up needing gold for a lot more than just the Serpent)!

That's the motivation, quite simply to Catch them all. Gold is a means to an end and I've got my destination plotted out, now it's time for the journey.


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