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GSSH - Wanamaker Recap

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This was longer but there is a 10,000 character limit in Blog posts

TLDR: I achieved some goals with my flawed strategy and learned some things in the process. Thanks to everyone involved. Multi-boxers rule.

My Thanks!
First, I would like to thank @Sterling @Sinshroud @calianna @Kathroman for putting this contest together. It was well thought out and administered efficiently.

Second, I'd like to thank @Natas @theatermusic87 @Acry @PhatLewts @beachshrink @Ibrandul @xazark for actively doing this thing with me. I talked with many of you during the event and enjoyed the conversations and friendly yet stiff competition.

Finally, I would like to thank Pozytecznosc and his 9 merry DKs on Magtheridon for not only helping me get many a rare recipe, but also for putting up with my endless questions about multi-boxing, his computer setup, and if he was going to run Sunwell one more time .

My Goals
I set a few goals for myself at the beginning, some of which were realized and others that just crashed and burned.
  1. Win. This was my top goal.
  2. Have fun. If itís not fun, do something else.
  3. Limit the time invested. My home server shouldnít suffer.

So did I accomplish my goals? Yes, Kind of, and No. Yes, I won phase 1 of the competition. Kind of, because I did some things that weren't fun. No, I ignored my home server quite a bit. What happened? Goal 1 trumped goals 2&3.

My Strategy
So how did I manage to only fully achieve 1 of my 3 goals? It was my strategy. Yes, my strategy did not align with my goals exactly. Business 101 anyone? So what was my strategy?

Vendor Items, Flipping, & Farming
To start, I thought I would have everything planned out before the competition started, my TUJ alerts setup and ready for importing, what class I would level, how I would get my starting gold. However, before I knew it the competition had started. So for the lack of a better plan I decided to create a DK and start farming herbs and ore to get some starting gold. That changed quickly as life got busy, so I switched to two low-required-game-time investments.
  1. I started selling cross-server faction pets for 99g each, and I sold a lot of them. I had very little competition.
  2. I used my NpcScan trick to AFK snag a bunch of and from the two robot vendors in Desolace and sold them at 499g. Basically, I parked one DK at each vendor spot while I was working in the evenings.

After selling a few pets and recipes, I had around 4000g and began flipping recipes and gear. I had some decent flips on rare recipes and items. Sadly I lost all of my TSM data after the first 3 weeks due to a computer crash.

This is a small snapshot of those first 3 weeks though:

The last piece of my strategy was to farm items that I thought may never show up ever on the AH. Yes I farmed. Iím not proud of it. However, we had a set timeline and Iíve gone months without seeing some items on my AH. Combine that with the low active-player numbers and I figured items like the and may be key to winning. So how did it go?
  • I started with farming the and since they drop off the same mobs. On my 120th kill I got the Macaw.  Thereís only a 1.2% chance of it happening that quickly. I boasted about it immediately in my blog and managed to jinx the hell out myself. I bought the a few days later on the AH for 5K.
  • Fresh off my amazing luck with the Macaw, I decided to push it by farming the , but after 4000 kills I was a bit burnt out. Goal 2 was not being met. RNG was starting to show its ugly head. After 4000 kills there was a 33% chance that I should have gotten it by then. I wound up buying this off the AH for 10K.
  • I moved onto the since they are ďpretty easyĒ to get. With a 1:10 chance of getting a and a 1:85 chance of the bag including the Oozeling, I figured a few hours max and I would have it. Well, this is where my jinx from bragging really bit me. I was unlucky enough to have to open 500 , or about 5000 kills, to get it. This little ##$@!* killed goal 2 & 3. The odds of not getting one in that many bags is about 0.3%. RNG sucks. I should have stopped being stubborn and just bought it.
  • So in the end, I had one great RNG, one crappy RNG and all the items wound up multiple times on the AH at some point during the competition. Bad logic and bad strategy. Well maybe not bad logic exactly. The was the deciding factor in me winning phase 1.

Denying the Competition
At the same time my strategy was to buy all the recipes I could, even multiples to keep them out of my competitorís hands or resell at a much higher amount. That wasnít successful for the following reasons:
  1. The recipes like SSC are very plentiful, and I could have waited to buy them much cheaper
  2. I wound up with tons of duplicate recipes that nobody else needed really. For example I had 6 Ulduar Leatherworking recipes, and some of them I spent quite a bit of gold on. I did manage to flip 2 competition recipes for 8000g each, but that was about it. I may have broken even with this strategy at best and I didnít stop anyone from getting any recipes.
  3. I was spending gold on things not helping me in the competition and not making me gold

The Game Changer
One day I bought some Ulduar recipes from a guy off the AH and mailed him to let him know I would buy others at the 500g. Turns out this guy was a multi-boxer named Pozytecznosc and he cleared many raids weekly. Pozyís main setup is a Holy Pally and 9 DKs. He can blow up 25 man ToC with ease and can clear all the Sunwell trash to the first boss in 8 minutes. He can also shut down the Stormwind AH's for hours :P He also has 10 Shamans, 10 Rogues, 10 Mages, 8 Hunters w/ 2 healers, and 5 Druid teams. Other contestants figured this out as well, but I wouldn't have won phase 1 without him. He farmed that last Sunwell Tailoring recipe for me endlessly the last day. Thanks again Pozy!

My Lessons Learned
There were many lessons learned for me in this competition. Some I knew before but forgot and some were totally new for me.

All servers are not created equal
I understand markets differ between large, medium and small servers. However, my home server and Magtheridon are fairly similar in size and faction ratio. So I expected the markets to be similar as well. This just wasn't the case. First, this server didn't seem to put much value in rare recipes, pets, twink gear, or transmogging. When we joined the server there was tons of good stuff just sitting on the AH . I interpreted this as:
  1. There arenít many goblins on the server (TRUE)
  2. People don't want this stuff even at bargain prices (FALSE)

Nest eggs can be created quickly
Making my first 20K in WoW took forever for me. However, on Magtheridon even without professions it only took maybe a week, and that was with spending gold on recipes. If I was able to reinvest all my gold, I think gold cap within a month is very doable even without professions.

Liquid gold is king
Inventory is great for growing gold, but having gold on hand is very important to being able to take advantage of opportunities. When the following item showed up on the AH, I had 3K gold. Opportunity missed.

Also, your expected flip time drives the price you will pay for items dramatically when you have limited gold. There were items I would have loved to buy but either I couldnít tie the gold up for that long or I didnít feel I had enough time to flip it. Iím so used to buying whatever I want that I forgot all about this feeling.

Selling transmog pays well
When the competition started there were a lot of xmog items on the AH. Of course none of us had the gold to buy them all I haven't done much with xmog on my home server so I missed this boat. I think a lot of gold was made this way in the competition. Iíve set this up on my server since with good results and limited time.

Death Knights are fun!
I never jumped on the Death Knight bandwagon when they came out. I only leveled one in dungeons to 75 to prospect my ore. Well this competition made me realize they are super fun in BGs, especially from 57-60. I immediately started a new DK on my server and love her.

Multiboxing can be a crazy gold maker
The flexibility of having a good 5 man or 10 man multi-boxing team really opens up a bunch of gold making opportunities that are not available to your normal player. Not to mention how much ore can be shuffled per hour! I plan on trying my hand at multi-boxing with my 2 accounts here soon.

After the competition I plan on helping Pozy with his gold making setup. I don't think 30K an hour is unreasonable goal. That crushes his 3K an hour he got before we appeared.

Thanks again all,

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  1. PhatLewts's Avatar
    I have to agree, although this contest was a lot of fun, my home server basically died while I was doing it. Especially with leveling to 85 and all, but regardless, even without that gold making is pretty time consuming! I loved all your blog posts, and I think it's needless to say you're the overall champion here. Gratz on doing so well in the contest, and I look forward to facing you in future challenges!
  2. Kathroman's Avatar
    Nice recap. One of my favourite parts about this has been seeing all of the "transformations" in everyone. How much you've all learned, what you're taking back with you to your home servers, etc.