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GSSH - #20 - Watching your competition (continued)

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Another competitor I have my eyes on is PhatLewts. He's been farming Sunwell and by watching his character's armory page I see he has 2 Sunwell Tailoring recipes. I'm hoping I can do a trade here. He's keeping his progress tight to his chest, but I have a sneaky suspicion that he's very close to having them all.

Edit: It has definitely crossed my mind that PhatLewts is Kyoukai and Yoinker, but I'm not sure.

Edit #2: Just realized these 2 patterns are BOP. That makes me happy and sad at the same time.

Updated June 22nd, 2012 at 05:09 PM by Wanamaker

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  1. PhatLewts's Avatar
    I'm honored that you were stalking me so closely! I managed to be able to turn in the one in because I just had to prove that I obtained it not actually physically mail it, but I did in fact think I had a tradable one which would have given me a nice upper hand on basically everyone lol. I think my downfall was that I focused way too much on farming the Sunwell patterns and not camping the AH like a bat out of hell.
  2. theatermusic87's Avatar
    What a brilliant idea! I am so wishing I'd thought of that!
  3. Acry's Avatar
    I was watching everyone at the start, specifically Neverfiend but it turns out he didn't end up doing anything.. He had tons of high end tranmog the first week with tons of estimated sales on TUJ.
  4. Kathroman's Avatar
    There were actually a few people who dropped off after not too long. Seems this ended up being more of a marathon than a sprint.