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GSSH - #17 - Knowledge and Leverage

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Knowledge is a very powerful thing in goblineering. It could easily be argued it's the most powerful, but right behind it would be leverage. If you have knowledge and leverage you can make crazy gold.

And right now I am having both of these used against me and all the other contestants in quite a powerful way. You see I recruited those multiboxers @Acry mentioned at the beginning of the contest (The Zerg) to farm recipes for me. One guy, blowing everything up with 9DKs and a Holy Paladin and getting all the drops. The thing is I'm not the only contestant that figured this out. He knows about the contest and he is using this knowledge against us. His leverage is that he's about the only one that runs these raids.

He used to sell recipes for 100g before we came. I was buying them for 500g until another contestant whispered him as well. The price went to 3000g. I happily still bought them, and so did the other contestant. The offers kept going up and up. I offered him all my gold at the end of the contest, the other guy did as well. When phase 2 changed, I offered him all the recipes back. The other guy did as well. This is what leverage can do. This is the only guy with something we want and he's making the most of it.

Last week he changed tactics. He put ToC recipes up for 10K on the AH. They sold. Well last night I whispered him I need a ToC Tailoring. It's up for 50K on the AH right now. It's because the contest is almost over and he has probably been whispered by a couple of us for the same recipe. I don't think he's going to sell to me anymore. He's just going to gouge us on the AH.

Personally, I think what he is doing is awesome. AWESOME. I would get every last gold piece from us as well. But being in this position is going to help my goblineering, and maybe even change how I sell really rare items. Why put stuff up on the AH with a buyout price? I'm thinking either give rare items a bid price equal to the buyout you really want and hope people bid it up higher, or negoiate these things in whispers after posting them in trade or the forums.

Updated June 22nd, 2012 at 05:06 PM by Wanamaker

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  1. Acry's Avatar
    You pretty much summed up all my thoughts. It seemed he did not want to help us anymore, rather gouge the hell out of us right at the end.
  2. theatermusic87's Avatar
    It was a great idea to recruit him... too bad we all had the same great idea... Just imagine if we were in his shoes with the knowledge we have about rares and drop rates and our current inventory and the contest happened on our home server... think of the killing we could've made...

    I wouldn't be too terribly surprised if he made well over 500k just from us...
  3. Kathroman's Avatar
    What surprises me is that he seemingly never approached all of you, collectively. I guess there are opportunists and then there are Goblins. I personally would have gouged you harder than that. Knowing how much gold you all are capable of making if you really throw yourselves into it, he might have missed an opportunity of a lifetime. Especially with the stragglers who never really got off the ground - he could have been their golden ticket to get back into the mix.