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GSSH - #10 - One step back, two steps forward

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So I mistakenly stuck the I snagged for 75g in my TSM group I'm selling greens for 49g. Sold it very quickly. Pretty sure it was to another contestant too.

But, I flipped my that I bought for 50g. Cheaper than I would sell it on my server, but I priced it to move.

Other than that I've been farming the black kitty cat a bit while I queue for dungeons. 3000+ dead later and no luck yet. Guess my luck didn't carry over.

As far as the rest of my time, I've pretty much used cross faction pets for most of my gold along with some vendor recipes. It's perfect for the limited play time I've had. Luckily people don't really undercut much.

Alliance Sales:

Horde Sales:

I see a lot of others contestants have turned in their recipes. I'm holding onto mine for now in hopes that I can trade some for the ones I really want. How many do I have? Lets just say I'm competitive.

Updated June 22nd, 2012 at 04:58 PM by Wanamaker

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  1. Kathroman's Avatar
    You and Phatlewts were actually the only 2 contestants to adopt this strategy (waiting until the end to turn them in). If it weren't for the fact that I could see ALL the blog posts to know you were active, you would have totally come out of nowhere in the end.