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Derpy Hooves' 2 Bits.

>This blog will include videos, personal posts, and feedback in the form of quoted entries and member replies.
>The aim of this blog is to cover 3 main areas of interest.

>The first is to provide a source of information on gold making strategies as I perform them in the upcoming expansion. This is a perfect ground for new and inspiring content, guides, tips, and tricks.
>The second is to provide a source of information for the pet battle system. I see the pet battle system as not only an opportunity to put my cold calculative skills to use, but a great way to make gold. For making gold, simple pet collection is also considered.
>The third is to provide a method for me to post personal every day strategies, personal agendas and methods, and personally developed and discussed theories.

>All 3 points will also be tied directly into posts on this website. The method will be to reply to existing topics with examples from my personal strategies and experience, and provide blog links (especially videos) when appropriate.
>It will be a great way for me to organize and self reflect on my personal strategies and endeavors in the WoW economy. , while keeping my information public and available for others to review, give feedback on, and improve, without taking away from the normal stormspire traffic I contribute.

  1. The blog is now open!

    Well, here it is. I have begun my blog. I hope to be getting around to add new and juicy content soon. Likely I will be starting with a peek into the beta's pet battle and trading system. This will of course coincide with updating my PokeMoP strategy guide!