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The Great Stormspire Scavenger Hunt Methodologies

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The Plan- Get as many patterns as possibe! Ok seriously though there was a bit of a plan.
edit: Turns out i wrote a WALL of text, so be sure to read it all as there are some good and unexpected nuggets of wisdom in there!

The original plan:

1) Practice on a new server- friends from my main server were returning to their home server and i roled a new toon there, with the intent of using it to practice for the scavenger hunt. I got bit distracted practicing and actually missed the start of the competition... OOPS!

2) Use fishing at the DMF for some easy start up gold- This worked fantastically! Only things to improve upon would be having water walking potions, and not being 58 and easily ganked. Competition was usually fairly light and the return esp from embersilk and savage leather was FANTASTIC!

3) Farm herbs and ores- Planned on leveling a DK with herbing/mining to farm for gold, as well as use the xp to level. I only made it into the 200's for each profession. Farming never really was my thing, however I did realize that there weren't a whole lot of farmers of low level herbs on the server and i could use that to my advantage (see below)

4) Farm rare spawns and treasure chests- This worked fairly well, came up with all manner of gear and items. Fortunately I already had a decent number of routes (use the routes addon and gatherermate2 info) that i already had paths configured on. Was really convenient to farm the and pick herbs and mine along the route. Towards the end I was mainly farming blasted lands and swamp of sorrows.

5) Rare item flips- Didn't actually find much here. Probably because my competition scooped it all up from me . However did have a couple patterns sell well. The most consistant one was usualy giving me 1-200g profit per flip.

6) No transmog- I tried doing it on my main server and it just never took off and was more of a money pit than anything. So i planned on not wasting my money with it. Running around the server over time I realized transmog is much bigger on Magtheridon than on my home server and i decided towards the end to start picking stuff up on my main server. While it hasn't taken off incredibly, the market at least isn't as dead as i had originally thought.

7) Cross faction sales- Mainly limited supply cooking recipes and things i could find that were flippable. I ended up neglecting this due in large part to the time it took me to move stuff cross faction (2hrs minimum) because of the way i had my toons arranged between accounts, there was no rapid way of moving items... Major mentions here include H->A usually netted me 200g+ profit, A->H would need me 3-400g profit when the alliance side was cheap, and H->A not the fastest mover, but when selling them netted me double my investment, I can't complain.

7.2) A note on my cross faction trading. I learned it is imperative for toons to be grouped on each account based on faction, otherwise mail takes FOREVER! Also I learned that moving gold is a bad idea, however fast selling valuable items is a much better idea, I only figured this out after loosing ~10k to AH cuts...

What Actually Transpired-

Most of the above held true, though towards the end of the contest I didn't spend nearly as much time farming as i had originally planned on doing. Below are some additional things of note.

1) Trade good flipping turned out to be huge! Not sure exactly how i stumbled across this, perhaps it was an extension of flipping choke point items, I'm not really sure, but the wholesale flipping of herbs and cloth and ore/bars turned out to be huge! While it wasn't my best money maker, it still brought in a sizeable revenue. This took direct advantage of the economy of scale, buy out everything cheap (talking hundreds of items) repackage, and resell for a profit, most items were making between .5g and 1.5g per item per flip. However most of the items were fast selling and didn't sit in my bags more than a day or 2. I used a auctioneer general search of trade goods, and bought everything (After weeding out the useless crap) under 76% and then had TSM configured to relist it all with the bottom threshold of 75%.

1.2) Noteable items, while these weren't all i flipped, they were among the highest returns, and I sold hundreds of these items. , , , and were returning almost 7g profit PER; were returning 40g per (esp when coupled with frozen orbs) , and were returning ~4g per profit, and bringing in 18g profit per.

2) Flipping rare crafting items, items such as , and turned out to be exremely lucrative (talking 50-250g+) IF the items could be found. This list is a work in progress and once i get future along I'll probably post it up somewhere on the forums as a snatch list.

3) a rather unexpected find... I bought ~4 stacks of these for about 4k, and turned them in. I didn't have any real goals when i bought these, but i was playing a hunch. Turns out that the items from these, while slow selling, EASILY made up for the cost of buying them. Just in transmog items alone. Then there was the that I got, which while going unsold, could've easily payed for the whole lot by itself. Lesson learned look out for these items on the AH for relatively low prices or pay someone to farm them for you and you can make some serious cash. (I would assume the related would have similar results but a lower return)

4) 77-84 armor/weapons flipping- I originally started flipping only 77-80 gear for entry level cata dungeons, however expanding it out toward 84, proved to be entirely feasible and profitable. Very hard to argue with profits of as much as 20x what you invested. While slowerish moving than some things, someone was always buying something providing a nice steady supply of cash.

5) Low bid items- Something to watch out for, though I have yet to find a good way of reliably tracking them, though TUJ deals page helps alot. However finding the right item can net you 1000's in return. Like the i nabbed for 87g...

6) A side note.. I used only 16 slot bags... Something to keep note of for mists, it's really all you need (looks at embersilk/frostweave bags)

Closing Thoughts
For the most part I was successful in making enough gold to fun my pattern buying habits (which in some 20k each instances were rather expensive). All told i sold just under 300k worth of items, and bought somewhere in the vicinity 150k worth of items for the contest. All in all not a bad return. Gold wasn't really a limiting factor for me as there was only 1 or 2 items i had to let by because i was short, and usually it was only short on one side of the server or the other. I certainly didn't plan out my purchases effectively, having the urge to buy things without negotiation simply so i could have it and not potentially lose it to someone else. It came down to the wire and i only missed out on tying for second place by 3k... Thats all i needed for the final sunwell BS pattern (seriously i was almost but no quite begging in trade for a 3k loan hehe). The ulduar tailoring pattern i never saw, and looking at TUJ, wanamaker was EXTREMELY lucky to get the one he did (not that i'm complaining or anything... grats to him for it).

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  1. Wanamaker's Avatar
    Nice write up. I avoided reading it until I posted mine. What I like is that you did a bunch of stuff that I didn't do. I was thinking about this the other day on my home server. How there just isn't enough time to exploit all the gold making opportunities, and if you don't like competing in one market that there are 50 more to move into.

    I can't remember where I got that Ulduar Tailoring recipe, but odds are it was Pozy :P What I did realize from the competition is that Tailoring recipes are hell to get from Ulduar, ToC and Sunwell. What's up with that?
  2. Kathroman's Avatar
    Old-world crafting mat flipping is actually a favourite niche market of mine. I have some 150+ TSM groups/sub-groups setup to handle it near-seamlessly. You're exactly right - people throw that stuff up there without even thinking, but it has such a high turnover rate.

    I'm actually in the same boat with transmog. I've never gotten into it, but have always wondered whether or not to take a poke at it on my server. A detailed transmog guide/strategy would definitely be well-received
  3. theatermusic87's Avatar
    While the contest is officially closed, i remember 2 additional things i was doing for starting gold that stopped relatively early into the competition. Vendor scans, i.e. scan the ah for things to sell to a vendor for profit (guaranteed gold at that point was fantastic even if it was only a few silver at a time). The other thing was the fishing and cooking dailies in SW, they netted a couple gold per on my DK, so it was a fast easy way of getting some additional starting gold.