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The Real Stormspire Scavenger Hunt Winner

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Little AH tips.-pozytecznosc-jpg
POZYTECZNOSC a 10 boxer from The Zerg

While i'm sure if I'd thought about it long and hard at the beginning of the contest, someone was going to do very well off of us if they got wise to the contest. But this guy... he CLEANED HOUSE! The sheer number of patterns he was able to farm up and sell to us at ridiculous prices is insane. He definitely is the real long term winner, no holds barred.


  1. Acry's Avatar
    I asked this guy for an interview but he never actually got back to me abouti t
  2. Wanamaker's Avatar
    I've asked him like 20 interviews worth of questions He's very open to sharing info. He said he made about 150-200K off us in recipes. I thought it would have been more but hey. I do know I told him to sell that ToC tailoring recipe for 100K. I knew @Acry and @Natas both needed it and were in 1st & 2nd. I figured one of you would pay it, or better yet neither of you would
  3. theatermusic87's Avatar
    Yeah i talked him into 10k for the tailoring pattern as the contest was getting close to being done, he'd reduced the price to 35k on the AH though by that point
  4. Kathroman's Avatar
    I actually had no idea this was a huge multi-boxing community when I was choosing realms for the contest, but I think this actually ended up being an incredibly fun dynamic. I'd love to take credit for it, but it was sheer coincidence.