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Day 27ish-47ish of the Stormspire scavenger hunt

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So what's been happening in the past couple of weeks of the contest you ask?

A brief summary...
I learn that not only am i the only person to get a first mate hate so far... I have gotten 2! Thats right while everyone else is looking for theirs, I've already turned one in and bought and flipped a second one... Pretty spiffy!

I learned the downside of telling people about the contest (or having other contestants explain the contest) because prices rose to crazy heights. Seriously 100k for a TOC tailoring pattern? None of us goblins would've ever thought of trying to flip something for that much...

Both sides of the server are equally productive. I was surprised (since i don't do cross faction trading on my main server) to see that I was just as succesful making gold on both halves of Mag. Different areas were more profitable on each side, but on the whole i made about the same amount of gold long term on both factions. I also found about half of my patterns on one side and half on the other, i figured one side would be much more active than the other....

My brief lead was very unexpected... and very very pleasant, and VERY unexpected...

Got some last minute patterns, and a couple wild cards that hopefully count... And I have WAY more patterns than i ever thought i would have. Kind of exhilerating looking back on it all.


  1. Wanamaker's Avatar
    @theatermusic87 I missed the first pass of that that you snagged for 2g. I went to bed at 4:00 a.m. that night and the thing was on the AH no less than an hour later. The TUJ alert was staring me in te face the next day. However I was happy to see it was still there, even though the price was now 5K. Money well spent.
  2. Kathroman's Avatar
    Yeah, first mate hat might have actually been the item that decided this thing. @Natas ended up 1 away from tying @Wanamaker. He might end up owing you a huge thanks for snatching 2 there
  3. Natas's Avatar
    I'm glad it ended up being so close that a single item was the difference between first and second. Indicated how well setup this phase of the contest was, especially as it literally came down to the wire to get the last few items in. Still...i'm bummed i didn't swipe your second hat before @Wanamaker.