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Mop cooking prep

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So I've been thinking about what the changes to the cooking profession coming in mists will mean for opportunity to make gold in the next expansion. They are as follows,
1) cooking looks like it will be much more interesting for people to have, so there are likely to be a lot of people leveling it for the first time
2) cooking has always been a long, relatively tedious grind to level outside of pilgrims week, simply because not a lot of mats are found on the AH
3) monks may want to pick up cooking as they level, esp if they want to experience all that the new content has to offer.

What this means for gold making

1) opportunity to stock up on mats now so you have them available for sale at release
2) advertise now and get people leveling cooking early (again with your mats)
3) mat costs now are relatively low, so the risk/reward isn't all that bad if you have storage space)
4) mats for leveling cooking will be in demand later into the expansion once word spreads about how much it's not sucking

Possible issues
1) at some levels vendor bought mats are the cheapest fastest way to go (1-40, 375-400, and 413-430)
2) Pilgrims Bounty can make leveling 1-350 extremely painless and inexpensive, but only happens for a short duration, if it however falls at release time for MOP, half of your stock may be worthless
3) Blizzard stands cooking completely on it's head and changes what patterns are available when and from where, changing the level of demand for some mats, this is likely not going to be a huge issue as the raw materials aren't likely going to change, just what spells use them. As it looks currently, there are only a handful of new patterns being added, over shortish leveling ranges, all of which will require new cata mats anyways.

How to make gold
1) Search the AH for cheap meats. Sounds simple but you can't just start buying up every single cheap meat out there, as not all of them are useful. (TSM Shopping list included at the bottom!)
2) Store in the bank, mail, guild bank where ever
3) Re list for profit in mists, and if you're server has a particularly small supply, flip them now as well. Might as well make some gold while waiting right?

Of interesting note!
Currently between levels 285 and 320 and AGAIN between levels 345 and 350 there are currently no trainer purchased recipes that are yellow. Which will likely force your buyers to the AH to buy patterns for that skill up. Even more intersting is that from 295-320 YOU CAN NOT LEVEL WITH OUT PATTERNS; so keeping some patterns on hand to fill this need is probably a good idea as well!

Relevant patterns 285-320- (level learned - turns green)

Relevant Patterns 345-350-
(level learned - turns green)

How did I arrived at this list? Firstly I took all the required mats from and and added them to the list to cover people that are going to level with a guide. (Personally I didn't include any of the "buy this pattern" patterns, for 2 reasons, people will find their own as they are easy to get, and there is already a healthy competition on most servers for cooking patterns.) Secondly, i took a look at the cooking profession at wowhead, and included all of the trainer learned recipes and added those mats to the list. Covering those people that aren't going to look for patterns, and just want to power level through cooking (this is where i discovered the gaps in the trainer patterns). Lastly I added all the mats required for the patterns listed above, to cover them too.

s1@43011,27674,53064,27678,53072,27682,3731,35562, 27438,6289,41805,5465,6291,5468,43012,41802,41806, 41810,27516,8365,3712,20424,43009,3173,12184,27671 ,27677,27425,4603,27429,27435,27437,41803,3685,627 78,12205,12207,2672,5503,5504,2673,2674,53067,2751 5,13889,6308,41813,41809,27681,13755,67229,41812,4 3010,13758,13759,13760,13888,62791,24477,2677,3473 6,13893,41808,43013,36782,27422$@


  1. jouissance's Avatar
    Just a warning: the Ironpaw Panda lady that starts you off on "Way of..." cooking quests specializations currently (on beta) offers complete cooking leveling experience from 1 to 525 - with 90% mats that you can buy off her + some kind of fish (judging by the fact that it is the most common fish on the AH, I would guess it is the most easily caught kind, or what in earlier expansions would have been a trash-fish - but I am still not 100% sure )

    Though many people might not be informed about this option, I would take it slowly regarding the meat-"packing" in advance. Of course your audience might still be leveling characters - remains I try to bring a lvl 1 character to her and see if she will offer to teach me (need guildies to summon me there).
  2. theatermusic87's Avatar
    Glad that you brought that up before i filled anymore of my guild bank with a stock pile... Gonna have to watch the beta a bit more closely to see how things go