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Day 10-27ish of the Stormspire scavenger hunt

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Well the hunt is going well, been a while since I've updated as I've gotten into a routine and haven't made huge earth shattering progress. But i figure it's time to update the masses

By now I've snagged 13 items, no groups complete unfortunately. For quite some time there have been only 2 items left that i haven't yet gotten, the Parrot Cage (Hyacinth Macaw)] and the [Cat Carrier (Black Tabby)]. Neither of those really interesting me atm, as my competition already seems to have them, the price point is high enough to discourage everyone else, so I'm keeping myself liquid for a while longer and spreading out my investments.

I think now would be a good time to describe my routine for the contest.
6am- wake up and get ready for work, scan the AH quickly for anything interesting before leaving, don't bother posting.
7-3pm- The day job, trimming trees along power lines... fun, but doesn't pay nearly well enough.
4pm- come home, reset auctions, scan again make some investments, research some new markets, done by 6ish, mainly cause I'm researching while posting... not too efficient honestly
NOW- as I'm writing this, preparing dinner for my lovely wow playing girlfriend, then watching jeopardy/wheel of fortune (I know it makes me sound old!)
8-9pm- sign on again do quick scans, repost expired auctions, done for the day

Some basic facts about me as a contestant and my auctioning-
1) 25 years old, employed full time, play wow as a hobby for "fun"
2) been playing wow on and off for 5+ years, raided pvped in all brackets, and semi recently got into gold making in the last year or so
3) I only have 1 account, while i borrowed my g/f's for cross faction trading for the contest, I firmly believe in 1 faction per server. While i acknowledge this limits me in some ways, it hails back to the days when you COULDN'T have both factions on one account. Call me a purist but that's how i feel.
4) I don't pay for any non wow account services, i.e no remote auction house, TUJ notifications, bots,etc. Its a game made of pixels, paying real world money for something extra is a bit absurd to me. My g/f also feels the same way and pays for her own account.
5) Addons i use, TSM mainly for posting (only discovered it in the past couple months) Auctioneer for searching, snatching etc... been using it for years and it's what i';'m comfortable with and what i trust. NPCscan + NPCscan auto add + silverdragon... rare mobs are great for extra loots and i stumble into them all the time. Routes + Gathermate 2 data, tracks all know treasure chests and plots them out for easy flight between them, mainly used while leveling because the xp is good, and the loots are fantastic for gold.
6) I am very heavily dependent on my professions for making gold, it's how i got my start way back in early early wow, and it's what I've stuck with, this contest is making me look at gold making in a whole new way

Stay tuned for more info on why I'm participating in the contest!


  1. Kathroman's Avatar
    Yeah, we specifically went with a non-profession based contest this time around since the last was largely professions, and MOST of the guides/strategies around the forums end up revolving around professions. It's been good to see some new ideas come forward because of this. Win-win for me!