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Day 4-7 of the Great Stormspire Scavenger Hunt

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Made quite a decent profit farming fish at the DMF, didn't feel i had enough AH data to flip any of the faire items, however i still made more than enough to get me started. Found myself another couple patterns, IDR which exactly but they've been removed from my snatch list so i don't find them again, hopefully. Moved some gold A->H and have been trying to build a bit of a market base over there, but it seems like nothing is selling all that quickly. As i was making the move I happened to catch someone mid transfer, and snagged a couple stacks of elementium ore for a few copper. My first snipe ever, i think i might be hooked.

In the middle of the week, my g/f i met through wow and i celebrated our 1 year anniversary together. Everything is still going strong and convincing her to move from Oklahoma to New York to be with me is probably the best deal i will ever make in wow. We went and saw the avengers movie (going to see it a second time tonight in fact) and without giving anything away, the hulk/iron man/ thor rivalry is HYSTERICAL seriously go see the movie just for the comedic aspect.

Last note, all of the items I'm getting close to being able to afford on the AH all mysteriously disappear before i can scrape together enough gold to buy them... I'm thinking it's my competitions fault. Though some of the more expensive patterns haven't showed up lately, and I'm hoping it's because they're not being re-listed, not gone. If that's the case i don't stand a chance, no way can i keep up with someone that's already got 60k worth of recipes.

EDIT: Forgot to note that after 5 years of using auctioneer i finally figured out how to do a real time scan of the AH, got TSM working with percents of market price, and am redisovering old trade skill items i used to flip that i considered too low profit. Also on a non contest related note, i'm within a few thousand gold of 500k on my main server, kind of exciting to know pooling my cross server worth i'm halfway to gold cap!

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  1. Kathroman's Avatar
    Wow, big few days for you there, across the board. Grats!

    Interesting to see how many of you took to fishing the DMF. Perhaps I should get around to maxing my fishing one of these days...