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Day 3 of the Great Stormspire Scavenger Hunt

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Today so far is going well, some poor unsuspecting soul bought some of my stuff in the night so i could actually have some gold.

Took the day off from work since it was raining (no need to barbeque myself around the power lines), and of course all of my servers were down for maintenance. Interestingly enough the contest server came up before any of the other servers i play on... hmmm i think you folks at the consortium must have some sway over at blizzard

Farming is progressing, though somewhat slowly, I'm developing a bit of an inventory, starting to find items to flip and such. Learning my way around the alliance side is a bit different, but i'm managing.

Scored my first couple pieces today! YAY ME! Got myself , and , and while none of them were terribly great steals, none of them set me back enough to really worry about. I am tempted to buy the ones that are left on the AH and try and flip them to my competitors... I'm nasty like that

Now all i need to do is finish up my snatch lists with the raid drop patterns, and develop some buying power on horde side... shouldn't be too hard if i hijack my g/f's account to transfer stuff through the neutral AH (a first for me)

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  1. Kathroman's Avatar
    In Consortium, Blizzard staff works for YOU! I think a few people thought about doing the same thing - hording the patterns and leveraging them against the other competitors, but if you were like me, so probably ended up pretty surprised at just how common a lot of the SSC and Mt Hyjal ones really were. This was a new market for me as well...