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Great Stormspire Scavenger Hunt

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WELL it appears i missed the start of the contest, not sure exactly HOW i managed to think it started in June but that's what my head was thinking... Oh well...

So since my head was a month behind, i decided i was going to start a practice run on a random server (well not random i have friends there but no toons) you know to get the hang of making gold from scratch, get some snatch lists setup, since the ones i have are INCREDIBLY cluttered, and all that jazz... Well step one is complete, I've made enough gold to start playing casually in the market, and part 2 isn't coming along...

I just wish the gods of RNG had smiled on me and choosen that server... As I'd already have had 2 of the leatherworking patterns from sunwell... On the flip side, i'll have some excess gold to play around with when i start leveling over there in earnest...

Now to go start on the real server, can only hope my names madcausebad and madcausecute aren't taken already... kind of partial to them for my bank alts

Oh and I HATE Death Knights!!!


  1. Kathroman's Avatar
    That actually WOULD have been a decent plan.