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Profession Kits - An Adventure to Millions, The Last Breath Part 2

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Final Stats:
  • As Namssob may confirm (sent him a message that date), by Feb'27/2014 I had sold 267 kits, starting Sept/2013.
  • Now, I've sold a grand total of 673 kits.
  • My average profit per kit is ~7.460g for a total profit of ~5 million gold.
  • My prices were (mostly steady until a few weeks ago): Inscrip (8k) - Alch (10k) - JC Engi (15k) - Ench (16k) - BS (18k) - Tailor LW (19k)

For the more skeptic ones with the numbers, you may see my very outdated forum post which contained more than 160 replies, from which most are positive feedback, and many of them bought more than once.

Profession Kits - The Last Breath

Although many say they are dead and not to invest anymore, as of Oct'13/2014, Profession Kits are rocking the charts right now!
I'm making more profit than I was before!

And how might you ask? Apparently the changes coming are scaring so many players, botters and goblins alike, that they are dumping everything in the auction house, and almost no one is being. So, our typical high supply low demand situation happen. This translates into, simply put, cheap kits.

Right now, today, I am able to craft Inscription or Alchemy kits for not more than 1k gold, and I sell them at 6-8k gold. Seems like my normal profit would it not be for the fact that my expensive kits are in the same situation. Just yesterday, when I was clearing out my final kit someone made me an engineering kit request. I thought of saying no but well, one last kit for the sake of nostalgia.

So there I went to the AH, running my lists only to be shocked. I managed to make one engineering kit for not even 3k gold. Ore was cheaper than water, was at 3g per piece. was at 10g/stack. So, out of 3k investment, I managed to sell it at 14k. That's 11k profit right there. The same is happening with the rest. Take tailoring, where the same happened and I crafted one for 5k gold and sold it for 16k.

This will only last until WoD release day but until then, my advice to you is to continue crafting however you should not stock kits, but simply craft them on demand. Players are leveling alts and they want to be ready for the expansion, and most of them are ignorant to the new Profession Catch-ups to be implemented in WoD, and since they have no where to spend their gold on, they don't mind buying profession kits.

The End

Well that's about it. I've lost many screenshots in the last format of my PC as well as TSM data, but I can still go and take a few screenies of my excel sheet if someone would like to see it.

Once again I'd like to thank @Namssob for allowing me to have one heck of an adventure in WoW. I'm forever grateful, and so are all my characters with their Spectral Tiger mounts and pets!

@TheExile since I know you were also playing this game, maybe you'd like to take a read. (How are ya? Been awhile)

Thanks for reading and, it was a fun ride.


  1. TheExile's Avatar
    @tedj Great read! I know some have said that sales have tipped off, but I'm very glad you touched on the drop of crafting costs. For me, the difference in cost in the last months vs. last year more than makes up for the slack in sales. It appears this same ideal has applied to you as well. I have been very careful in not overstocking now, seeing as we still aren't 100% sure what the preferred method for leveling WoD Professions will be. Better to err on the side of caution, no?

    [It certainly has been awhile! I'm alright man, in remission and getting better (hopefully, we'll find out after January surgery). Hopefully you've been alright as well?]
  2. Namssob's Avatar
    Wow - great blog entry and explanation, @Tedj! To be honest, it looks like you grabbed hold of the ideas, and MADE THEM BETTER!
  3. tedj's Avatar
    @TheExile I so much regret I haven't stockpilled heavy into kit mats. I get kit requests *every single freaking day* through battle net, but the low mat price is just too high for it to be worth it. Had I only delved into that low level market and stocked my banks, I'd have made a million more, easily.
  4. TheExile's Avatar
    @tedj Ha! I eventually decided "eff it" and stocked up about half a dozen kits when the prices were still super cheap. It paid off, I managed to clear them all out in just two weeks (without me advertising at all.) Definitely was worth it, but now I'm in the same boat as you. I still manage to work the occasional deal selling at high prices though, so put my spreadsheet to some use slacker! :P

    >Realizes I still haven't updated it for WoD even though I sell kits still
    >Man I'm a lazy PoS