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Tea with Tang

Casual ramblings of a refined tree, ranging on subjects from PvP to goldmaking to why gnomes should be able to ride druids in bear form.

  1. On A Brave New World

    Well I promised you a write up of my Realm First mining, but since we’re almost a week past it and both KaliopeLlane (aka Kaliope) and Elen pretty much summed up everything I wanted to say. So here is the abridged version.
    • I got Realm First Mining (the “first” RF on my realm)
    • I made 24k selling the ore
    • Next time I need to be ready to take advantage of more RFs
    • Let’s move on.

    We’re one reset away from being completely submerged in the new world of Pandaria. Arena is ...
    Tags: goldmaking, pvp
  2. On Apathy

    :: You find Tangster in his usual chair; he is not wearing his usual monocle or sporting a cup of tea. You’re surprised at how…disinterested he looks::

    Ah, hello again. I’ve called you here this week not because I have something terribly important to say, but because I want to do my best to stay on something of a regular schedule with our visits.

    Now that we have spotted the content of Pandaria all that is left is to bide our time until it floats into range of the ...
  3. On Arena Season 12

    When I first called you here, I promised to keep you entertained at the very least. However, I never said I would stick to one topic in particular (although after awhile I’m sure you will begin to notice a trend). Today is one of those days were I feel the need to go off topic (at least with regard to our current…surroundings) but only to quash some doom that appears to be popping up in other areas in which I have interest. I may surprise you to know that making gold is NOT my one true ...

    Updated August 27th, 2012 at 10:35 AM by Tangster

    Tags: mop, pvp
    Mists of Pandaria , World of Warcraft
  4. On Second Guessing

    ::Tangster settles down into his usual chair and looks up at you::
    Forgive me for calling you here in such a rush. Typically I will call upon you but once a week, however I felt this needed to be said. This conversation is as much for my own benefit as it is for yours. For I also am in need of this warning.

    As of late I’ve found myself musing more and more over my strategies for this new continent we are about to explore. And, as with anything I am given too much time to think ...

    Updated August 20th, 2012 at 09:57 AM by Tangster

    Mists of Pandaria , World of Warcraft
  5. On Gold per Hour

    ::The tiny gnome butler Saxobeat answers your knock and bows, gesturing for you to enter. You head straight to Tangster’s study, more familiar with your surroundings this time.::

    Ah! Hello again. Glad to see you came back after your last visit! I was worried I bored you to tears. Anyway, on to business.

    ::Tangster takes a moment to settle himself back in his chair and light his pipe. You barely have time to wonder at the hazards of a creature made of wood inhaling smoke ...

    Updated August 17th, 2012 at 02:20 PM by Tangster

    Mists of Pandaria , World of Warcraft
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