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Tea with Tang

On Apathy

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:: You find Tangster in his usual chair; he is not wearing his usual monocle or sporting a cup of tea. You’re surprised at how…disinterested he looks::

Ah, hello again. I’ve called you here this week not because I have something terribly important to say, but because I want to do my best to stay on something of a regular schedule with our visits.

Now that we have spotted the content of Pandaria all that is left is to bide our time until it floats into range of the Skybreaker so we can explore it fully. Biding time may actually be the most difficult part of the entire process!

It certainly has been taxing on me. I find myself venturing out of the house and into Azeroth less and less as the days pass. I certainly will be one of the first on Pandaria, but until them I am struck by an overwhelming sense of apathy.
In any case I have taken this time to catch up on any books I have missed as well as read about this forgotten land of Tyria I hear so much about. It seems lackluster by comparison but is a great way to bide my time.

In conclusion, there is no conclusion. Begone with you; leave me to my apathetic ways. Next week I will have a topic of conversation with a bit more substance.


  1. Gissa's Avatar
    Carry on old chap! /adjust monocle