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Tea with Tang

On Second Guessing

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::Tangster settles down into his usual chair and looks up at you::
Forgive me for calling you here in such a rush. Typically I will call upon you but once a week, however I felt this needed to be said. This conversation is as much for my own benefit as it is for yours. For I also am in need of this warning.

As of late Iíve found myself musing more and more over my strategies for this new continent we are about to explore. And, as with anything I am given too much time to think about, I find myself second guessing even my own strategy. Surely if I am prone to it, others must be as well? So let me issue a warning to all goblins, ethereals, trees and others.

We are but a month from Pandaria fully revealing itself. In less than 8 days we will see great change throughout the Azeroth we already know.
Now is not the time to second guess well laid plans

When a logical mind is given too much time to consider one task before it acts, the mind will naturally try to optimize. Recall exams from your schooling years. Double checking an answer you werenít sure about in the first place, causes you to rethink the entire problem, searching for something you missed. In most cases you didnít miss anything at all, but you are convinced you did. You find a mistake that isnít there, and your marks suffer for it.

Do not repeat this mistake. We are quickly running out of time. It is easy to second guess stockpile decisions, profession setups, even life choices. If you have committed to the ways of the druid, now is not the time to begin considering instead the ways of the shaman. Planning on the grounds Ďround the Stormspire has been going on for months.
What makes you think the strategy you create in a week is better than the one you have been formulating for the last 4+ months?

It would be very easy to start from scratch and reformulate a strategy. It takes a much more disciplined mind to sit and wait. You will be glad you did.

Updated August 20th, 2012 at 09:57 AM by Tangster

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