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Tea with Tang

On Gold per Hour

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::The tiny gnome butler Saxobeat answers your knock and bows, gesturing for you to enter. You head straight to Tangsterís study, more familiar with your surroundings this time.::

Ah! Hello again. Glad to see you came back after your last visit! I was worried I bored you to tears. Anyway, on to business.

::Tangster takes a moment to settle himself back in his chair and light his pipe. You barely have time to wonder at the hazards of a creature made of wood inhaling smoke and fire before he begins talking::

With Pandaria quickly becoming visible both the Horde and the Alliance will be fighting for control over this new continent. That is really none of my concern, what IS my concern is the vast amount of new market opportunities that will arise. Most smart goblins are ready for this, and the ethereal are more than prepared. So then, if we are sufficiently stocked on both gold and any useful materials what becomes the limiting factor?

Time. Time will be the most valuable resource in Pandaria. Unfortunately for goblins everywhere, time cannot be stockpiled or saved. (Trust an old oak on this one). So since we only have a finite amount of time, our job then is to use it optimally. Let me skip to the point

Gold per Hour is both a metric to gauge the efficiency of a strategy and a metric to gauge the efficiency of ones own gold making process.

Most of you are no strangers to GPH. But perhaps youíve never thought of it as a way to gauge how efficient your overall process is. When I stepped back and took a look at my own GPH, I was shocked. I was pulling anywhere from 5-10k GPH for ~4 hours of work a day. When the time I was able to spend in Azeroth was abruptly cut to an hour and a half a day, I was forced to adapt and change my process. Now I pull ~20k GPH for 20 minutes of work (for the slower dwarves out there, thatís ~7k a day). A far cry from what I was making, but far far more efficient.

This concept can be directly applied to all strategies in Pandaria. Our time will most likely be much more limited then it is now. Maybe because of a need to explore a new world or maybe outside forces limit our time with the auctioneers. Let me cut some of the more superfluous parts of my lecture and skip again, to the point.

Think carefully about how you will spend your time in the coming months. Even small choices such as who you will send into Pandaria first and with what professions is important. Have a plan. Make sure that plan is efficient and optimal. Or you will be left in the dust while those who prepared take off. Your stockpile is no replacement for a gameplan

::As Tangster says this, you think you hear a faint voice whisper "(dooooooom)" in your ear::

Off with you now, I must rest.
::With that Tangster gets up and goes into the next room. You peak through the door and see him climbing laboriously into a comically oversized flower pot. The old tree showers himself in dirt, and dozes off. Saxobeat shoos you out.::

Updated August 17th, 2012 at 02:20 PM by Tangster

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  1. Nilaus's Avatar
    Nice read

    On the topic of GPH a lot of people have a tendency to only focus on the key part of their idea (farming an instance or specific area for example) and leave out the time spent posting, mailing, reposting etc.
    I measured my GPH every 250k milestone and take the time /played since last benchmark. This shows the opportunity cost of leveling new characters/professions or actually playing the game.
  2. Tangster's Avatar
    Great point Nilaus. I never really thought about checking my GPH while leveling. I'm sure looking closely enough, one could see how much you'd need to make with your 2 new profession slots and how long it would take to make back the gold you "lose" while leveling vs goblin-ing and see if its worth it to you.