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Tea with Tang

On General Musings

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::You are walking down an ornate hallway, following a well dressed gnome. He opens the door to a study and ushers you in, closes the door behind you and returning to some unknown task. The study is quite large, with bookshelves lining the walls. In front of you are two chairs next to a crackling fire. In one sits a unremarkable looking tree. The difference being, this one is looking at you. It seems to have grown in such a way, that the bark covering the bulge toward the top has contorted itself into a rough visage of a face. Perhaps something one wouldn't look twice at, except for the strange fact that this particular tree has a gold monocle over one (what you assume is its) eye and is smoking a pipe in one branch. It gestures to the other chair, after you have seated yourself, the tree finally speaks::

Hello there. I am Tangster. Welcome to my humble study. It is within these walls i sit and reflect on a great many things. Some important, most not so much. Regardless i am grateful to have an audience. A tree musing by himself is certainly an absurd thing. ::The tree emits a noise that sounds like two branches scraping together, he appears to be chuckling::
I'm not saying you will learn anything here. My hope is only that you will find my company, at the very least, entertaining. I cannot promise that i will stick to any subject in particular, a tree as old as myself cannot be expected to stay on topic for very long.

But since you are kind enough to sit and listen to this pile of ancient timber, i shall do my very best to keep things relevant. I shall call upon you again shortly. I must step out briefly as Gladstone here needs walking. ::He pats a shrub at his feet. The shrub has a brown leather collar on. It also appears completely inanimate.::
Saxobeat shall see you out, until next time!


  1. Stede's Avatar
    Looking forward to it
  2. Gissa's Avatar
    Love it!