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A week and a half ago, I did an AMA over at the /r/woweconomy subreddit. There were a ton of awesome questions, and I had a great time answering them all. Below, I've compiled a sample of some of the questions and answers from the AMA.

You can read the full thing here:

What's the process you and Bart use to decide which of the many great suggestions you implement in game?
There is no prescriptive process really, but there are many things that we take into consideration like: How much development time will it take? Will it add feature creep / bloat to the addon? Will it add confusion to the addon? We usually don't implement exactly what people are suggesting. Instead, we look at what the common workflow they are trying to execute is, and how we can best support that workflow. This often means that things which may look simple on the surface become much bigger features.

How do you pronounce your name- Say-Poo, Sah-poo, or sap-ooo?
None of the above. It's sap-you.

What do you feel is the most underutilized feature? I feel like I am barely scratching the surface of TSM's features and it wouldn't surprise me if I wasn't the only one.
Most of the stuff in TSM_Shopping. Also, a lot of people don't have TSM_Additions which has a bunch of quality of life things in it.

Will there be more complex features added (like the "Custom Price Sources") in the future? I would love to see things like if-statements and other features for power users.
It's a constant struggle between adding more powerful functionality and keeping feature creep in-check. There are pros and cons to every feature which are thoroughly considered before implementation.
Let me take conditional statements as an example since you mentioned them. While it'd be relatively simple to implement some functions to do conditional logic, we'd have to allow the use of FAR more things in custom prices to make them usable, like inventory data. Having non-price things like this in custom prices makes it very easy for somebody to shoot themselves in the foot, and right now I'm not convinced this is worth the added functionality for the small number of people that'd take advantage of it.

You're obviously a professional software developer. What made you invest a large portion of time in building up a project like this one? Specifically, I'm asking why did you want to invest your professional talents in a game?
I started writing addons before I started programming for a living, but it really started out as an addon that I wanted to make for my own personal use, then I decided to share that, and the rest is history I suppose.

If there was ONE thing you could to to expand the existing Blizzard API right now that introduces a limitation, what would it be?
Make scans faster of course . Honestly, if Blizzard would just fix all the things that are broken with the APIs, that'd be much preferred over any new API they could add.

How difficult is to start making addons for WoW? Complex ones like TSM
I never set out to make TSM in its current form. It's the result of of years of constant iteration and improvement. It's fairly easy to make a small addon, or make some change to an existing addon though. My advice is to always start small and never bite off more than you can chew.