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Side Project - ZNC IRC Bouncer Setup

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First of all, what is an IRC bouncer (aka a BNC)? Put simply, it's a middle-man type program that goes between you and the IRC server (in this case, Quakenet). It keeps you always logged into IRC and when you connect with an IRC client to the BNC, it'll "playback" everything that you missed while you weren't logged in.

I've been using a free online BNC service for a while now, but it was the case of you get what you pay for. It was often unreliable and annoying. This (and nearly all) BNC services use a program called ZNC which is free, open source, and very easy to setup and use. So, I grabbed one of my Raspberry Pi boards ($35 linux computer) I had laying around, got it all setup with Raspian (their custom Debian-based OS).

I then installed ZNC using apt-get (standard way to install stuff on debian-based linux) and ran it as directed on the ZNC website. The first time I ran ZNC, it guided me through a bunch of configuration things such as what IRC network to connect to (Quakenet), what I want my username to be (Sapu), what channels I want to join, etc. Once I went through all this and fixed a config issue with my host address (had to Google this one), everything worked great. Having uses BNCs before, I had a pretty good idea how I wanted it setup. However, ZNC allows you to configure it by editting the config file, through IRC directly, or even through a web interface. Needless to say, it's easy to tweak things if I ever need to do so.

So, I now have a credit-card sized computer that's sitting under my desk keeping me connected to IRC 24/7. The one limitation of my setup is that I don't have easy access to configuring port forwarding on my edge router, so I can only connect to the BNC on my home network, but this isn't an issue for me.


  1. Furyio's Avatar
    A good read.

    I did something similar with my RASPI. But then Amazon Web Cloud went free to use for small usage, so I moved my IRC hosting over to a free Amazon environment. I have screen and weechat running their 24/7 and just log in using putty.

    My Raspberry Pi just sits idle now, I'd originally planned to use as a download manager, but the read/write speeds are terrible for this

    Been looking into developing my own Java based web interface, that basically is just an account record of all my wow sales, with data exported from wow, then written to my Raspi

    Looking into it, again the read/write speeds leave alot to be desired, but its a possible use for what is a relatively unused piece of kit at present. The benefits being I can provide a private link to people, who can view my sale figues and give me some tips etc.
  2. Sinshroud's Avatar
    That's pretty smart

    I also use a BNC and I must say they are VERY handy. KuRIoS from OwnedCore bought it for me a while ago and it works excellently.